Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I know I'm a few days late, like I have said many times, it's a whirlwind around her for some reason. But one nice thing is that Madalyn and I are on spring break this week and we have a special family trip planned that starts tomorrow. So, it's nice to have some time off finally. :0)

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came for a visit.

for Madalyn

for Alexis

Alexis loves Doc McStuffins! That is all she wants to watch on TV right now.

Madalyn got a new game to go with her tablet she got for her birthday.

Alexis LOVES babies! Oh my, does she love them. She got a Cabbage Patch Cuties Farm baby that is dressed up like a lamb.

Madalyn got a bird that chirps and you can record for it to repeat what you say. 

No More Cactus!

Saturday around lunch, the girls and I were outside.  The tree that fell on the house really opened up a flower that I have in the backyard, so I was going to start planting some flowers.  Alexis comes to me holding her hands out and crying. I look at her hands, but I didn't see anything. She continues to walk around the yard, crying and holding her hands out. I look at them again in the sun and then I see. Both her hands were full of tiny, hair like needles. She had obviously gotten into a cactus. So I got my tweezers but the tweezers wouldn't pull them out and there were so many. I called Kevin's mom and took her to her house. We looked up on google to see what to do. The first thing it said to do was to use white, liquid glue, and put it all over her hands, let it dry and then peel it off. We did that, it didn't work. We tried about 5 things before finding the one that did work...Gorilla tape! So between gorilla tape and tweezers we were able to get them all out. It took us over an hour to fix her little hands. The thing that made it so difficult was because you couldn't see them but could feel them. The larger needles you could see if the sun hit her hands right. Poor baby! It was quit the ordeal for her and me. So FYI: if that happens to anyone you know, try gorilla tape first.

This was the cactus she tried to pick up; which I did not see her.

This was our first attempt with the glue that didn't work.

Hair Cut for Madalyn

Lots has been going on lately, as it has been full throttle...Madalyn finally got her hair cut last week. She was a month over due, on the account she was sick with a stomach virus when her appointment was originally scheduled. We cut about 3 inches off. She looks so much older with her new hair cut!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Pictures

Last weekend, our church was having a fundraiser to help our youth that are going on a mission trip to Scotland this summer. Our former youth minister's wife was down from Ohio taking pictures. So I signed the girls up to get their picture made.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Madalyn's Birthday Party

We had Madalyn's birthday party this afternoon since she had the flu for the first time we had scheduled her party. It was a nice, warm sunny day, actually the first time she's had a sunny, warm day for a party since her 1st birthday. We had some minor bumps in the road with getting the party going, but thanks to Kevin for helping set up, watching the girls, and clean up. You sure can't do birthday parties by yourself. One of the bumps was not funny at the time it happened, but I have to tell you about....Alexis sat on the cake! We had gotten to church (where her party was going to be). I put the cake on the sidewalk in the shade to keep it cool because we were waiting on the keys to open the church and the next thing I know Kevin was saying, "no Alexis" and grabbing her because she had sat on the cake. Thankfully he grabbed her before too much happen. You wouldn't know it looking at the cake but one side was pushed and mashed in a little. Why birthday parties have to be so hard and stressful on us moms, I don't know. But we do it for our kids and all those bumps go un-noticed by most. Madalyn had a fun afternoon. :0)

Birthday Girl

Alexis is wearing one of Madalyn's outfits :0)

I didn't redo the invite with today's date, but this was the original invitation that was sent out.

Funfetti dip with animal crackers

Party Favor: Lion Guard coloring book, box of crayons, zebra (HUGS) kisses

Time to open presents
Pink and brown boots

Pin the Tail on the Zebra game

Time for Cake and Ice Cream

Now out to play for awhile

Madalyn and Brinkley (they see each other at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning)