Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 28, 2011

Madalyn is 1 Week Old

I cannot believe that Madalyn is already a week old today! The events of last week are a blur to me. It sounds so funny to begin a sentence with..."when I was pregnant"....I can't believe I can say that. Mrs. Katie called me today at 11:30 and asked me if I wanted her to bring me a cheeseburger. Then my mom said at 12:30 that she was getting the phone call "Jill's water just broke and we are on the way to the hospital." It has been a fast week, but things are starting to calm down and we are loving our time with our sweet, precious baby girl. It's also amazing to me the changes that I already see in her and the things she can do. When she is on your shoulder, she can really picked up her head and look around. Normally with her mouth open like a little bird looking for food. Tonight, I took her from Kevin and as soon as I started speaking to her, she turned to me and opened her mouth. My mom said she already knew my voice and knew I was mom the one who feeds her. She also has very strong legs and will just go to town kicking when you change her diaper. She can also move herself from one shoulder to the next.

At Home with Madalyn

Here are a few pictures of Madalyn, Me, Kevin, and Abby. Madalyn and Me Kevin and his two girls: Madalyn and Abby (as you can see his number 1 girl, has now moved to his feet;however she is still there). We were trying to wake her up to eat; that's why one foot is out; we were ticking her. Holding on to Daddy's finger. Madalyn's first bath at home. And no she didn't like it one bit.

Madalyn Meets the Family

Madalyn has had many new faces to meet this week. Friday night, my uncle Keith, Felicia, and Emily came down with my Papa.

This is my Papa. Ray Walker. This is where Madalyn's middle name comes from. Her great grandpa.

Four Generations: Me, Madalyn, Papa, and my Mom

Papa and his grandchildren and his great grandchild: Me, Emily, and Madalyn

My dad finally got to come down Saturday; but he was still feeling poorly and wanted to protect Madalyn. This is her Granddad.

Mrs. Katie (Meme) and Mr. Tim (Pop)

Heather with Madalyn, Geoffery, and Kayla

Jared, Lily Kate with Madalyn, and Tori

Madalyn's Birth Story

Sunday night, March 20th, I was woken up just about every hour from 12:00 to 4:00 with cramps and some really sharp pains. Each time the pain would go away then I would feel Madalyn moving around, so I wasn't too worried about it. I had decided that I would call my doctor the next day during my planning time just to ask about it to make sure things were ok. I was suppose to go to the doctor Tuesday anyway.

Then when I got up Monday morning, I still wasn't feeling well. I told Kevin that I had not slept well at all and I still didn't feel good. I was so glad that it was going to be my last week of school; I didn't know how much longer I could keep on going. So, I left for school and I got to school at 7:00 am. I went about my business getting myself ready to begin the day and a new week; my last week. I went to the teacher's lounge to make some copies and to do some things. A first grade teacher came in and asked how I was doing. (She had just had her first child 2 years ago.) I told her about my night and that I really wasn't feeling too well. She said that I needed to go to see the nurse and get her to check my blood pressure just to be sure things were ok. So I went to see the nurse, but she wasn't there yet. I went into the gym (all the kids meet in the gym in the morning until 7:45, then we go to the classroom). I ate breakfast (we get breakfast at school and one of my kids gets breakfast for me every morning and has it in the gym.) Then I went back to check and see if the nurse was here and she was. She checked my blood pressure and it was up and my pulse was fast and irregular. She told me that I didn't need to be at school today. That was at 7:40am. I went to find my principal and told her what was going on. She told me to go let the secretary know and for her to find a sub for me. Then I went back to her and asked her what she wanted me to do with my kids. She said to bring them to her and she would watch them until the sub go there. So I went back to the gym and got my kids together and told them I was going home and for them to go to the lunch room. I walked them down the hall and then went to my room to get a few things together for the sub and then left. Some of my kids were excited they were going to have a sub today and others were excited because they thought the baby was coming today.

8:00am-I called Kevin and told him that I was coming home and as soon as the doctor's office was opened I would call them and see if they want me to come in. He told me to call his mom to let her know what was going on, so she didn't plan anything else and could ride with me to the doctor because he couldn't go. Then I called my mom at work and told her what was going on. I got home and laid down on my left side (that's what they tell you to do to bring your blood pressure down). Mrs. Katie called and said that she was coming over to help me get Kevin and my bag packed for the hospital. She didn't want Kevin to have to just throw things together. In the mean time I had called the doctor. As soon as we had gotten the bags packed, we left for Augusta to see the doctor. We left the bags at home because we didn't think we would need them and if we did, then Kevin could bring them.

10:20 am-We arrived at the doctor's office. They checked my blood pressure and it was even higher this time. They had me lay down on the table in the room. They checked Madalyn's heart beat and checked my blood pressure again, and it had started to go down. Then they checked me and said I was a half cm dilated. But then my doctor noticed that her head wasn't down. They sent me across the hall to get a sonogram to check for sure, and yep, we found out Madalyn was breech. So, the doctor told me that instead of inducing me next week on Monday, March 28th, they would have to schedule a c-section. I asked if there was a chance that she could flip by next week and he said a slight chance. He said that they would call the hospital and let me know that afternoon what day and time they would do the c-section. He said that due to my swelling and blood pressure that I was on bed rest until then.

11:00 am-Mrs. Katie said that she would take me out to eat for a good last meal to Logan's. Logan's is located on the other side of Augusta to where the doctor's office was. I called Kevin and let him know what the doctor said and I sent my mom a text. I love Logan's rolls and salads; so I had a roll, a salad, a cheeseburger, and fries for lunch. I ate all of it. I was laughing and told Mrs. Katie that I couldn't believe that I ate all this food. Mrs. Katie paid and I told her that I was going to go to the bathroom before we started home. (we had an hour drive home). I got up out of the booth and turned towards the bathroom and my water broke. I turned back around and looked at Mrs. Katie and very calming said, "Mrs. Katie, my water just broke." I don't remember exactly what she said, but she quickly got up and grabbed me by the arm and we went out the door. My pants were completely soaken wet. I said, "I'm calling the doctor". And she called Kevin then she called my mom. She kept saying, "it's ok, it's gonna be ok, we will be fine". I was too shocked to really say anything. (and just in case you are wondering, no, we didn't tell anyone at Logan's what had happened and yes we just left the water on the floor-we didn't think to tell anyone. I know you are thinking oh my gosh, how could you do that? Well, getting to the hospital was what was on our minds at the time.)

12:30pm-We are leaving Logan's and calling and texting people to let me know my water broke. Most of the people didn't believe us at first.

12:45-1:00pm-we pull into the front of the hospital, and Mrs. Katie goes in with me. The women's floor is on the 3rd floor. She gets me into the triage room and my doctor had already called them about me, and they take me a room for me to get dressed in a lovely green hospital gown. Mrs. Katie had to leave to go move her car and park. So, I get dressed and I am still leaking water everywhere. They gave me a towel, which I didn't know I was suppose to sit on it. I used it to dry myself off, then I dropped it on the floor and mopped up the water that was on the floor. The nurse laughed at me when I told her I was still leaking and she asked me if I was sitting on the towel and I told her what I did. So, they got me another towel.

1:30pm-They have hooked me up to things; the heart monitor for Madalyn, got my IV in, etc. They come in a tell me that since I had just eaten such a big lunch, they had to wait to do the c-section. They said it would make me sick if they did it now and it would be 6 or 6:30 before they got to me. Well, Kevin made it to the hospital and we called my mom to tell her it would be later so she should have plenty of time to get to the hospital. Kevin said that as he was leaving Blackville at cop pulled up at him and rolled down his window and asked Kevin where was he going in such a hurry. Kevin told him that his wife is in Augusta and her water just broke and they are doing an emergency c-section. The cop told him to go, but try to keep it close to the speed limit as possible. Kevin was doing about 35 mph over the limit. Since they were not going to do the c-section soon, they moved me to another room, where they could continue to prep me.

2:00pm-Mrs. Katie leaves to go home to get my glasses (they wouldn't let me wear my contacts and I had forgotten to put them in my bag) and she was coming right back with Mr. Tim and they were also going to feed Abby and get her fixed for the night. I talked to my dad (he was at home sick with a fever in the bed; so he wasn't able to come. My cousin ,Mark was driving my mom down. Mark's daughter, my cousin, Brooke, is a student at Lander University. She had locked her keys in the car and Mark was already on his way to go help her in Greenwood when my mom called. So, he came by the house to pick my mom up.)

4:00 pm-My mom and Mark get to the hospital and Mrs. Katie and Mr. Tim get to the hospital.

4:30 pm-My doctor comes in and asks me "what in the world did you eat for lunch?" I told him and he said that he would have to remember that to tell people what to eat to get their water to break. He said that they were getting the OR ready for me and they were going to go ahead and take me. So, Mr. Tim prayed and then a swarm of people came in and started working on me. This part scared me; I started to get upset as they were working on me and taking me to the OR. Kevin couldn't come right then, he had to get dressed in his scrubs and they had to get me ready and do some things before he could come with me. Plus the fact that I couldn't see because my contacts were out then may things worse too. And I was scared of the c-section and what was going to happen. They put me on the table to sit on the edge and they prepared my back for my spinal tab. As soon as I got that, they laid me down and my legs started going numb. They stretched my arms out and strapped me down. I had to get a blanket to cover my arms and chest because I started shaking. They put a big blue sheet in front of my face and put oxygen in my nose and I couldn't see anything but blue. I could feel them doing stuff on my stomach, but didn't know what-not that I would want to know. The nurse asked me if I could feel that and I said yes. She said what does it feel like, and I said someone is tapping me lightly. She said no, they are pinching you very hard. Then a few minutes later, I said, it felt like you drew on me with a pen. They said, we did, but that was a long time ago. Then Kevin came in and he sat near my head, but he could only get so close to me due to all the machines I was hooked up to. I asked Kevin how did he like his outfit and he said he liked it. Then some of the nurses started saying they liked their outfits too. Kevin said that he wished he had watched ER last night so he would know more of what was going on. My doctor said he wished he had too. I told him that I hoped he did more than just watch ER. Kevin watched all that they were doing. Kevin was with me for about 5 minutes it seemed, when they said, here she comes. And the next thing we know we are hearing this baby cry.

5:19 pm-Madalyn Rae McCormick was born. The nurse handed her to Kevin and he showed her to me. And I couldn't see her because they hadn't put my glasses on me. One of the nurses did. My first comment was "she looks like you". Then Kevin went to the other side of the OR room with the nurses and watched them work on Madalyn. He came back and showed her to me one more time and then they left. When they finished getting me all back together, they rolled me into the recovery room. I was there about 1 1/2 hours, could have been longer. No one was allowed to go back there with me.

Madalyn's first picture. She just came out of my belly.

The proud dad.

Dr. M. McDonough and Kevin

The grandparents meeting Madalyn for the first time.

Madalyn Rae McCormick

born: March 21, 2011

time: 5:19 pm

weight: 6 lbs. 3 oz.

length: 19 1/2 inches

7:20 pm-They roll me to the fourth room of the day for me, my final home for the next few days. Mark and Brooke come in to speak to me before they had to leave. Brooke's roommate, had driven her to the hospital. Her roommate's uncle had had a massive heart attack and was at university so she saw him along with Madalyn. Mark had to take Brooke back to school and get her keys out of her car. They bring Madalyn to the room and a nurse goes over all this information; which I'm like not comprehending anything because I'm out of from the c-section and it had been such a whirlwind of a day; plus I'm hurting, etc. I held Madalyn for just a few minutes, then let the others hold her: Kevin, Mrs. Katie, Mr.Tim, Katelyn, Tori, and my mom. I asked them for something for pain and they gave me this shot, that I had a bad reaction too.

2:00 am-I finally get something for my pain that relieves it and I'm able to drift off to sleep.

Thursday, March 24th: we are getting ready to go home with our baby girl. Madalyn is wearing my dress that I came home from the hospital in. We had our first family of 3 picture made, then I grab a quick picture of Madalyn and me before we are wheeled out.

I was sitting in the front seat of the car and Kevin and my mom were having a very hard time getting the car seat to do right. They put Madalyn in the car seat...suddenly her head dropped forward, and then fell to the side and her little body went limp. Kevin and my mom quickly got her out of the car seat, and she wouldn't respond to them. I was already crying by this time and couldn't talk. Kevin grabbed Madalyn and we ran into the hospital and went up the the 3rd floor where the nursery was. We ran to the nursery and the nurses took her back right away. Just as soon as I was sitting down in a chair, they came out to get me and said she had started crying and she was ok. They hooked her to a machine to watch her oxygen levels and they stayed around 100 percent the whole time. After about an hour, we made our way once again out of the hospital and this time made it home. Madalyn never turned blue and we nor they know exactly what happened to her. But when she dropped her head, she had cut her own air way off. I cannot describe or put into words my feelings and emotions of that experience. It was horrible and I never want to repeat that again. Yes, I'm so thankful we were still at the hospital when it happened and we are so lucky those nurses took her back because we had already left the hospital and they didn't have to do that. Needless to say, we have found a new car seat that works much better for her.

This week God showed me that once again He is the one in control and He will take care of things and for me to lean on Him, to trust Him, and to have faith in Him. Many things that I was fearing about delivery and Madalyn all came true this week. I was afraid of when and where my water would break. I was afraid that I would be at school or at home and wouldn't make it to Augusta. (He allowed it to happen in Augusta). I was afraid of having a c-section and didn't want to have one. Apparently that was the safest way to get Madalyn here and he allowed me to come through the surgery just fine. I was nervous about the spinal tab-that didn't hurt at all. The IV was far worse. My last fear was that something would happen to Madalyn during birth; it didn't then but it didn't afterwards, but He allowed us to stil be at the hopsital. I am so thankfully to have a God that is so mighty and powerful and is the one in control. I know that I can lean on my own strength or power. Kevin and I are so blessed to have been given this precious gift. She has already shown us that she has a mind of her own by coming 14 days early and choosing her own birthday. :0)

Drake Scott for President

Along with the events of the wedding the weekend of March 18th-20th, my cousin, Drake, missed the wedding as well. He was in Charleston that weekend campaigning to become the president for the state of South Carolina high school student council. We found out Sunday, March 20th that he had won. I don't know what all his title will allow him to do; however this is a huge honor. Drake will be a senior next year at Wade Hampton High School in Greenville and now the President. I suspect that in the near future Drake will be involved in politics and will be campaigning to run either locally or state wide for some kind of office. He has been gifted in the area of speaking in public eye and he knows how to work a crowd. Congratulations Drake-we are very happy for you!

Taylor and Casey's Wedding

Saturday, March 19th, My cousin Taylor got married. Kevin and I were unable to attend the wedding due to my current condition of being 2 weeks from giving birth (which we had found out she could come March 28th-a week earlier). And all my other aliments that went along with being that far or that close to giving birth. So, I had to visit the wedding through pictures. Here are few highlights from their day. We wish them all the best and are so happy for them. Congratulations!

Taylor and Casey at their rehearsal dinner.

Taylor's family: his dad, Mark, Casey, Taylor, his mom, Beth, and his sister, Brooke

The happy couple: Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Scott

On their way to St. Lucia for a week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Couting Down the Days

I have six more days left to teach....if Madalyn is coming on the 28th of this month; I have 10 more days until she will arrive. My weekend is going to be very busy; my main focus will be on getting my Sub plans together, putting the final touches on Madalyn's room, and getting myself and Kevin packed for the hospital. I know seems like a lot left to do and there is...but it will get done or not get done I guess.

Some of my students have been very consumed with me being pregnant. (They don't know yet that next week will be my last week with them. I will inform them of that news Monday when I send a letter home to let the parents know as well.) They has asked all kinds of question and made all kinds of comments. The comments and questions have come more often in the last month and really in the last few weeks because they know it's getting closer to the baby being here and since my belly is big. Read the comments and let me know which one is your favorite. Now please keep in mind, most of these are made while I'm in the middle of teaching or they are suppose to be working at their seats or walking in line to go somewhere.

1. "It's about time that you have children."

2. "Will you bring the baby to school so we can see her?"

3. "Will the baby go to school here?"

4. "Will you bring a picture to school of the baby?"

5. "Where does the baby go to the bathroom?"

6. "When you go to the bathroom; is that when the baby goes to the bathroom?"

7. "When you eat, the baby gets to eat what you eat."

8. "You are not suppose to eat a lot of sweets or spicy foods when you are pregnant."

9. "You have two hearts inside of you right now."

10. "I just saw the baby move!"

11. (at my baby shower at school) "Mrs. McCormick, how can the baby eat all this food when it's not born yet?"

12. "I can see the baby's nose!" (talking about my belly button-by the way hasn't popped out)

13. "How does the baby wear clothes? Do you swallow the clothes?"

14. (leaving to go this past week for my doctor's appointment...) "Mrs. McCormick, I know what they are going to do. You will lay on the table and they will put this jelly stuff on your belly and you can see the baby on the screen. Will you bring the picture to school?"

15. "Who will our substitute teacher be?"

16. "Can you feel the baby kick or move?"

17. "Are you excited about having a baby?"

18. "I wonder what the baby will look like?"

19. "What do we do if your water breaks in class?"

20. "How do babies get inside moms' bellies?" ( my answer: ask your mom)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

37 Week Check Up

I went to the doctor today for my 37 week check up. Everything was good. My results for the strep test that I had done last week was negative; which was good. We listened to the heartbeat (147) and he measured me. Next week he will check me again. However, we had some surprising news. We had talked about since we live an hour away from the hopsital (my doctor is in Augusta, GA) that I wanted to be induced and possible earlier than my due date; which is April 4th. Last week, he said that he would have some dates for us to look at. However, he told us that he was looking at inducing me on Monday, March 28th. Which totally took me by surprised. I was planning on working that day because it was a teacher workday and that would be another day for me to get my sub plans and things together for school. When I go next week, we will know if that will be the date for sure. Because I said that I didn't want to be induced unless I had started to dilate because that would be a very long day and no point really. He said that he would keep that date for now, and we will look at it next week and change if we need to. Yikes! Madalyn is coming in less than 2 weeks possibly and so much left to do at home and school.....I will probably be going to school this weekend to work some to get things together. After the doctor's appointment, Kevin and I went by the hopsital and I showed him where all to do, since he didn't go with my and Mrs. Katie last week. So....I came home and finished painting some letters that will go over her crib. I figured I better get those ready to be put up this weekend. And the reason they had not been completed before now is because of all the school work I have to do and trying to keep my feet up. Anyway, just keep me, Madalyn, and Kevin in your prayers as we prepare to meet and become a family of three humans and one spoiled rotten poddle. Pray that I get all my school work prepared along with my stuff at home and that I can for the next 8 days with students keep myself sane and not work too much. However, last night it was about 10 before I went to bed because I was up doing school stuff. Also, the 3rd nine weeks is at an end, so I have to get all this stuff graded to get report cards ready to go home. And my list goes on and on...when I'm at home all I can think about is what I need to do for school (and how much I don't want to do it) and when I'm at school; all I think about it what I need to do at home and would like to come home and take a nap. But just 8 more days-3 this week and 5 next week. Oh, I can't believe she will be here soon; it's been so fast; yet this last month has been difficult and gone by slow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Saturday night I had a "Girls' Night Out"....which Mrs. Katie came to pick me up and we went to Belk to get some new pj's for the hospital for me. Then we went to Target, I had a gift card that I wanted to spend. I got some things for Madalyn that I needed and a baby gift for the other 3rd grade teacher that is pregnant. Then we went to eat at Chilli's and headed to Millbrook Church (which is in Aiken). We met up with my sister-in-law, Tori, and many, many other women to enjoy our "Girls' Night Out". Millbrook Baptist was hosting Anita Renfroe and Mandisa. Anita was our comic relief for the evening and Mandisa was our worship leader. It was a fun evening and it was nice to get away and think about something other than the million things that I have to do.

Saturday, March 12: 37 Weeks

I go back to the doctor on Tuesday of this week but they won't check me this time. However, when I got back the next week on Tuesday, they will. Feeling ok, but I'm very tired by the end of the day and especially by the end of the week I am dragging, along with my poor ole' swollen feet and ankles. But I'm hanging in there and just doing the best I can. So, we will take this week one day at a time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

36 Week Check Up

This past Tuesday, I went for my 36 week check up. My doctor said that everything was looking good. He did the strep test, which I won't get my results until sometime next week for that. He also said that Madalyn wouldn't be coming this week. :0) Which he was glad; he said that she needed a little more time to "bake" before being ready. Her heartbeat was 141, which is the lowest it has been yet, but as she gets bigger and doesn't move as much, then her heartbeat slows down. Next week, he won't check me, but each week after that he will. After going to the doctor, we went by and registered at the hospital. I have 2 more weeks to work at school. I have decided that March 28th will be my last day to work. That is a Monday, but it's a teacher work day; so I thought that would be a good time to stop. My Sub will take over that week. I have the time to take off and if Madalyn is coming that week, I thought that I would need that week or a few days to rest up and finish things around the house. There is lots to do as far as school still goes, but things are getting done around the house in preparation for Madalyn's arrival. I'm still dealing with my ankles and feet swelling; so that does prevent me from getting a lot done after I get home from school. But it will get done eventually.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barnwell Baby Shower & Nursery

Saturday, March 5th, I had my baby shower for Kevin's side of the family in Barnwell. The shower was at my sister-in-law, Heather's house. Even though it was raining off and on, we had a nice turn out and Madalyn got so many nice gifts. It was a very nice shower and I greatly appreciate all that my sister-in-laws did to help and anyone else that helped with the shower. We had another car load full to bring home. My nephew, Geoffery, was disappointed in the shower. Heather said that he was so excited about the shower. He thought that Madalyn was actually going to be there (as in, not inside my belly). Heather told him that no, Madalyn was still in Aunt Jill's belly right now. He said, "you mean her big ole' belly?" Then Geoffery thought that having the shower meant, that he would actually get to give Madalyn a bath (with soap and water). And after I wasn't opening the presents fast enough for him, he gave up and went to play with some of the other kids that were there. We did tell Geoffery that once Madalyn did get here, that sometime he could help give her an actual bath.

36 Weeks: Saturday, March 5th

So much delicious food! Heather made the cute diaper cake. She put a lot of time into preparing for this shower.

Here's a few pictues from the shower:

This gift was actually from Abby! Mrs. Katie took her "shopping" one day and Abby got a pack of diapers and an activity mat for her and Madalyn to play on the floor.

Tori, Katelyn, Lynn (my mom), Me, Mrs. Katie, and Heather

Madalyn's gifts

Madalyn's Nursery: This weekend my parents came down to help us get things ready for Madalyn and of course my mom was coming to go to the shower. Saturday, we did things like getting curtains hung up in the den and Madalyn's room, getting things organized in the drawers (after the shower). Then Sunday, we finished getting things hung on the wall. We all worked Saturday and Sunday to get things together. We washed some of Madalyn's clothes. My mom got Madalyn's bag packed for the hopsital and did a lot to get things organized. I had to sit down with my poor swollen feet in a chair in the middle of the nursery, while she worked. There are still a few small things left to be done to add to the nursery, but we were all so pleased how cute it turned out and now Madalyn's room is ready and waiting on her to arrive.

The dresser was in my nursery when I was born and I used it until I was 17 years old in my room at home. The bookcase, as I had mentioned before, was in my nursery and room as well. And the shelf over the bookcase use to be in my room too.

As you can see, Abby had to make her presence known by getting in the picture. She was in the room with us last night while we were organzining everything. She was walking around and sniffing at everything. Which is fine, because she needs to get use to the way a baby will smell and use to these toys and things. She didn't even try to bother anything. The only thing that did get her attention was a pink rubber duck that Madalyn got at the shower yesterday and when my mom made it squeak, she wanted it. But other than that, she was fine.