Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zoo Field Trip

Today, Madalyn's preschool class had a field trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.  I took the day off from school so I could go with her.  We had wonderful weather and we had a lot of FUN!!! Madalyn loves animals and it was fun being with her friends today.  The whole way home she talked about going back sometime.

The Creation Station "Wild Bunch" 

The first stop was to feed and see the giraffes (Madalyn's favorite)

Right after I took this picture, the giraffe nibbled on Madalyn's hair, so she wouldn't get too close after that. Haha!

Next stop was Madalyn's second favorite animal, the Zebras.

Madalyn liked petting the snake.

It was feeding time for the Koalas so they were awake when we saw them today.

Lunch Break

Off to see more animals!

We got to see the diver feed the fish.

 Nap Time

Nap Time for the Kangaroo too!

Fed the birds

Madalyn made her shirt at school.  Each child chose which animal they wanted and they use their hand print to create the body of the shirt.  I thought the shirts were so cute!  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Disney on Ice: Frozen

Last night we took Madalyn to see Disney on Ice: Frozen.  Madalyn loves the movie Frozen.  We first ate a Cook Out downtown Columbia, we enjoyed eating outside because it was such nice weather.  Then we went to Disney on Ice.  Madalyn greatly enjoyed the show and so did we.  Kevin's mom kept Alexis, so it was a special night out for Madalyn.  Disney always does such a fantastic job.  The only thing we would do differently is next time Kevin and I will make sure we take our jackets with us. :0)

Eating at Cook Out- Madalyn had an Oreo Milkshake...yummy!

Madalyn was glued to the show.  She laughed and laughed and sang along.  When the song "Let it Go", came on, she said "oh Mommy, I know that song, and started singing along."  Such a fun time watching her enjoy the show.

Intermission: Madalyn wanted some cotton candy

The end of the show all the characters came back out again.  (We were told not to take pictures during the show, but I took two there at the end.)