Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that 2010 is coming to an end. There are so many changes coming in 2011. We will begin our year with a wedding and then continue with baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, the arrival of our baby; along with the arrival of friends and family members' babies, more wedding showers, baby showers, and weddings. Lots of new changes ahead. The farm had many changes last year and hopefully new, good changes and growth are ahead for us. Kevin and I both are excited about what this new year will bring. We pray that God will continue to bless us and that we will continue to seek Him and His will for ourselves individually, as a couple and as a little family, in our work and jobs, and the farm. We both feel so blessed and He has given us beyond what we deserve. I hope that you and your family are able to take a few moments to focus on the blessings God has given you this past year and even the trials and struggles that He led you through. A new year means a new beginning. However, being a Christian, we get to have that feeling of a new beginning every morning that we are blessed to be awaken. I hope everyone has a happy new year and enjoys celebrating 2010 ending and welcoming in 2011. Be safe if you are traveling; we will spend our evening watching ball games. Well, until 2011...God Bless!

Sugar Test

This morning I had to go to the doctor for my one hour sugar test. My sugar level was good before I drank the stuff, and it had to be 140 or below to not have to come back and do the three hour test. My level was 144, four points over what it should be. So...that means that next week I have to go and have the three hour test done. The drink itself wasn't bad at all, just like drinking orange crush soda and I didn't even feel bad at all with it. My mom said that only being 4 points over wasn't anything to worry about. We both have figured out that from Sunday afternoon to yesterday, I had over indulged in my sweets, probably mostly due to the grieving of losing Roxy (I'm a stress eater). I have really watched my sweets and what I ate until the past couple of days. So, next Friday I'm going back to the doctor for my test and I plan to cut out my sugars and things for the next week. The nurse told me that I had to come back next week because the drink stays in your system for 72 hours. Everything else was good, my measurements and her heartbeat was 157. He also told me that I had only gained one pound from the last time I was there so I could treat myself to Dairy Queen for a treat. However, after my sugar test, I decided that wasn't the best idea. My sister-in-law, Heather, said I could treat myself with a big salad and just go over a bit with the dressing. I ended up treating myself to a bowl of cereal for a mid-afternoon snack instead. So, hopefully, next Friday, things will be normal and I just know that I have to continue to watch my sweets and control them a bit better than I did the past few days.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Good-Bye Roxy

Roxy-September -December 2010 aka "Foxy Roxy"

When we left Thursday to head to Greer both Abby and Roxy were outside. We left at 2:45 that afternoon. When Mrs. Katie came to feed them at 5:00, she couldn't find Roxy. Until we got home Sunday after Christmas at Mrs. Katie's house, Roxy had not been seen. So as soon as I got out of the truck I started calling her, just knowing that she would up come. Kevin said that he didn't hear anything in the backyard and for me to check the front. I walked out on the front porch and called her. I looked over the railing of the porch and found her. Well, of course I just started crying; I wanted to find Roxy so bad, but not this way. She was half way buried under the leaves, and our sad news was that she was dead. Thankfully, she was all in one piece and we found her body to be able to bury her and know for sure that she was gone, and we wouldn't have to not know. We don't know if another animal got her or Kevin had put out rat poison under the house, if she was able to get to that. We will just never know. But we are also sure that it happened the day we left, maybe even before we left, which is why Mrs. Katie could never find her; she was hidden good. Abby also didn't know where she was or she would have of shown Mrs. Katie.

As you can imagine it was a very sad ending to Christmas. I have blamed myself for letting her out. She was inside with me in the house until lunch time and then she wanted to go outside. But I don't there was anything anyone could do for her. And those of you that have lost a pet and have lost one suddenly you know what it's like to deal with. Kevin took her off somewhere to bury her. I just feel so bad for her because she was so little, I just hope she didn't have to suffer long.

And poor Abby,she knows what has happened. She was playing with her toy that she got for Christmas, and went outside with Kevin to get wood to build a fire, and Kevin said she was sniffing around where Roxy was. For the rest of the night, Abby didn't play with her toy, she was just laying around. Kevin said, "I think she is grieving for Roxy". Which of course, animals grieve too, just like people. Even though Roxy would bother her, I know she misses her.

A few of Roxy's favorite things to do:
-She loved the hall bathroom. She would play in the trash, hop in the tub and try to catch the water drops as they would roll down. Her favorite toy was the stopper for the tub.
-She loved to jump and flip over the bars under the chairs in the kitchen and run and slide.
-Every time she would drink water, she would put one paw in the water, and then once she was done, she would bring her paw out and lick it clean.
-She had this one blanket that she loved; it had tassels and she would not play with them, but would suck on them; like it was her pacey or something.
-She loved to sneak up and jump on Abby when Abby wasn't looking.
-Her and Abby would have the best time playing and wrestling.
-When you would pet her, she would have the loudest motor and was so sweet.
-She loved to be outside playing under the deck and running around.
-She loved to sit in front of the fire.
-She loved to jump inside any box or bag.
-And of course she loved to get in the Christmas tree

It was a very quiet, calm, and subdued in the McCormick household last night. I wasn't able to sleep much last night. Every time I would try to lay down, I would start thinking about Roxy. I think I ended up going to bed around 11:30 but I was back up at 4:30 this morning. However, about 7:00 I laid back down and slept to about 10. She was a sweet little kitten, and so full of life. She did some funny things. We took care of her the best we could in the short time we had her. We don't know why God chose this time to bring her to kitty heaven, but He had some reason we don't know. But we won't be getting another kitten for awhile. They take a lot of work and with Madalyn coming in a few months, things will get busy again. But I think even Kevin will miss having little Roxy around to some degree.
A little background on Roxy: she was born under Mrs. Katie's back porch. We took her to the vet and found out she had kitty aids (which had been passed on to her by her mom; meaning the other 3 kittens had it to. Which my niece Kayla, has one of the other kittens and the other 2 are still with their mom under Mrs. Katie's porch). Which just like human aids, effects her immune system. A cat with this can live a very healthy life up to 5 years. She was only a danger if she bit another cat, which we didn't have one, so that didn't matter. So, since she wasn't a danger to Abby or me, we decided to keep her. We would take care of her and do the best we could. We didn't know how long she would live before getting sick, but we decided for now we would keep her. We just didn't know that we would only have her for a very short time period. However, I don't regret not getting her, even though it's very hard to loose her, she had a very good life and was well loved and taken care of for the 3 months she lived.

This was the first day I brought Roxy home. Oct.31st

She loved to play with string or anything she could find.

She loved playing with the tassles on Kevin's sleep bag.

At first, this was her favorite spot to nap.

She discovered the fan this night. She would take her paw and try to touch it.

She gave up trying to touch it, but was still amazed by it.

She loved, loved to go round and round on her scratching post.

Our Christmas Card this year; how quickly things can change.

A Snowy Ride Home

We left Greer yesterday about 10:00 to head home. From Greer to 9 miles outside of Blackville, it was snowing and there was snow on the ground, covering most of what you could see. When we got 9 miles out of Blackville, the snow was still coming, but it wasn't sticking at all. We were disappointed that it was sticking.

These are a few pictures of the drive home and they are not in black and white, just the sky was so cloudy.

However, around 7:00 last night (still snowing; had been all day) it finally started to stick. Kevin's lived in this house for 4 years and since he has lived here, it has snowed every year. I was hoping that the snow would continue to fall, but it didn't.

This morning, I walked outside with Abby to let her use the bathroom and we walked around to the back of the house and I was surprised to see it still covered in snow. It's melted a good bit, but it's still in the yard. Maybe we will get some more later on this winter and it will stick better.
But it sure is pretty coming down.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A White Christmas

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...."

In my 29 years, it has never, ever snowed on Christmas before. I have always wanted to wake up to see it snowing Christmas morning. It started snowing about 2:00 this afternoon. For the first little bit it wasn't sticking, but then it started. We had to go over to my aunt Ann's at 4:00 to eat this evening and had to leave early to come home because the snow was starting to stick on the roads and it was going to get bad the later it got. We hated to cut our time short. Tomorrow we are going home and have Christmas with Kevin's family at lunch time. However, we will do our best to get come in time, but no telling what the roads and weather will be like tomorrow. We called Kevin's mom this evening and she said it was snowing just a little in Blackville. I love the snow; it's so pretty to watch it come down. The best thing about this snow is that it's just snow, no rain or ice. Thank you Santa for finally making my Christmas wish some true...a White Christmas.

It's starting to snow; caught a few snowflakes.

The snow is coming down good now.

Snow pictures in Ann's backyard. This is Madalyn's first snow; even though she doesn't know it. And just let me tell you, Kevin threw a snowball at me and hit her. (It wasn't hard though) And of course I had to throw one back.

I love the snowflakes showing up in the pictures.

Kevin, Emily, and Jill

Miss Snow Diva

I took a few pictures of the snow at night. This was the reflection of my parents' Christmas tree looking into the backyard.

If I used the flash on my camera, the snowflakes would look more like flakes than rain.

Looking out their front door. The snow looks like glitter.

Chrismas 2010

Kevin and I headed to Greer Thursday afternoon to spend Christmas with my side of the family. Thursday evening we had dinner and Christmas with my aunt Susan, Dan, Tim, and Amanda. Then opened presents.

Amanda gave me this sign to hang in Madalyn's nursery. She had it painted and got it from Green Pearl Paintshop (they have a facebook page). She knows the girl personally who paints all these signs. I thought it was precious the saying and can't wait to hang it in her nursery.

Susan gave Madalyn a doll and outfit. She gave Kevin the gamecock bib for Madalyn to wear.
Friday, Christmas Eve: we celebrated Christmas for lunch with Papa, Keith, Felicia, and Emily. Madalyn received some more gifts: blanket, outfits, gamecock sippy cup, and teddy bear blanket.

Saturday, Christmas Morning: Madalyn got a pair of pjs, a blanket, monkey, and wash rags.
Kevin wanted this Tap and Dye set from Northern Tools. It's something to do with if screws and things don't work right this will help-something for the farm. Anyway, my dad ordered online (found it a little bit cheaper than in the store or catalog) and had it shipped to their house. It was so heavy, so I just left it at their house. This morning I sent Kevin a few places over the house to find it. He was very surprised. He thought he would just get some gift cards and then go buy it. He was very excited but didn't want me to have to spend that much on him.

My big gift came from my parents; a lap top. I have been wanting one for awhile (I just had the one big computer that is in one of our guest bedrooms) and so I thought I was getting one, but wasn't 100 percent sure. I was excited and have already greatly enjoyed using it. I also got a Vera Bradley lap top case to go with it. Now, Kevin said, I can do my school work and be in the same room now.

These are our stockings at my parents' house: Roxy has the little one with the paws, Madalyn's is the little one with the 'M' (those were new this year), then Kevin's is the snowman, and I have Santa Clause, and Abby's is the last one.
Christmas is special this year, looking forward to the birth of our daughter.

Saturday, December 25, 2010-26 weeks

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from the McCormicks

Merry Christmas from the McCormicks!

I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas. I hope that if you are traveling; safe travels to and from your destination. I hope that you are able to spend time with family and friends. Remember, that we each have been given the greatest gift of all...Jesus Christ...if we choose to accept Him and make Him Lord of our life. I hope you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. May God reveal Himself to you in a new way this year at Christmas and you see Christmas in a new light. Or find your way back to Him if you have gone astray.

I do have one wish for Christmas: they are calling for snow flurries on Saturday in Greenville and Sunday in Blackville. It would be so cool to see them! However, that's never happened in my 29 years that we get snow on Christmas. Our snows normally come in January-March. So, if not it will be okay, but I am hoping for another snow like we had last year or at least something close to it again in the winter months of 2011. But, we will see what Santa has up his sleeve this year. You just never know....

Babies, Babies, and more Babies

You know how like once you have something, or do something it seems like everyone is. Well, that's not the case here. I know about 20 people that have just had a baby or are pregnant and will be having one in the next 6 months. Crazy right?! Well, just so you believe me, I came up with my list. I think that for most of these people they are around my age and it's just that time. Like when I graduated college, it was weddings every time you turned around. However, there wasn't but one other wedding that I remember that went on at the time I was getting married, most of my friends had already married or where not even close to that yet. OH, and I have to add, looking at my baby ticker....only 100 days left!!! I know that may seem like a lot, but it's not. We have to go to school for 180, so from day 1, we start our count down. And once you make it to that 100th day, we celebrate, because there are only 80 days left and they go by so fast. Our last day of 2010 we were at 83 days, so by the end of January or before then we will reach the 100th day. Madalyn is going to be here in 100 days...3 short little months....there is so much after the first of the year that we have to get started on to prepare for her arrival. She will be here before we know it.

Okay, here's my list:

1. Me! (of course have to put me first (1st baby) Due in April
2. Lindsey (my best friend from high school; 1st baby) Due in May
3. Mandy (my suite mate from college and cousin by marriage, pregnant with her 2nd) Due in May
4. Kristen ( a 3rd grade teacher I work with); 1st baby) Due in June
5. Emily ( a NP that my mom works with at her office; 1st baby) Due in June
6. Katelyn (sister-in-law; had Hunter in September; 1st baby)
7. Roxanne (Sunday School-had her baby last Sunday; 2nd baby)
8. Bayne (Sunday School-is due to have her baby next week; 2nd baby)
9. Casey (Sunday School-is due to have her baby sometime this summer; 2nd baby)
10. Laura (Sunday School-had her baby in September; 2nd baby)
11. Summer (cousin; 2nd baby) Due in February
12. Bonnie Lynn (cousin-Summer's sister-2nd baby) Due in April
13. Jan (childhood friend; 1st baby) Due in June
14. Kindergarten Teacher's daughter (at school is due sometime soon)
15. Noelle's sister-in-law (1st baby) Due this summer
16. Noelle's niece (1st baby) Due this summer
17. Jeffery's Wife ( a guy that does some trucking for Kevin; 1st baby) Due in January
18. Travis's Wife ( Kevin's current service man; 1st baby) Due this summer or early Fall
19. Cal's Wife (Kevin's old service man; 1st baby) Due this summer or early Fall
20. A customer of Katelyn's -Grey-(this is her 4th baby) Due in March

And let's not forget to add those adopting:
21. Katie (friend from college) adopted her little boy in August
22. Brantley (Kevin's cousin) waiting to get a call about their precious one

And speaking of babies; to see few pictures of my nephew, Hunter, from his photo session with Brantley. (to see more photos to go her website: http://www.alldressedupphotography.com/blog/, click on Client Galleries, password: 11weeks)

See I'm not crazy! I don't know what it is, but like it's not just a few people that I know that are pregnant. It's a lot of people from all over that are. Half are expecting their first and the other half their second.

Who do you know that is pregnant that can be added to this list?

Play Time

Since I have been home, Roxy has gotten a lot of play time outside and in the house. Before, she had to stay in her cage during the day and then she was so bad when she got out, that I didn't have a lot of time that I could spend with her just playing with her. She loves to be outside and run. However, if you put her out the front door, she will stay under the front porch, not going anywhere else. If you put her out the back door, she will stay under the back porch. (She was born under Mrs. Katie's porch, so I guess it's a comfort to her being under there). However, she did come out last night, when it was time for her to come in (I bring her in at dark) and climbed a tree. I was happy to see that. If you don't have an outside cat, you probably don't understand why I was happy to see her climb a tree, but it's very important, because if she needed to get away from something, that is a good defense. Of course, in less that something can climb the tree as well. When she is inside, her favorite toy is her scratching post. I have tied some ribbons to the post (she already tore off the little toy that came on it). She has the best time going around and around the post. When you pull up the pictures, you will notice a black dot on the corner of her right ear (is the left one to you) inside. There was a disaster Friday morning of my last day of school. I was awaken at 5:30 to Kevin yelling and then heard glass crashing and breaking. I got up and Roxy had gotten on the kitchen table and knocked off a Christmas plate and glass and both broke. I was not at all upset about the plate or glass, I had more. But when I looked at Roxy and I noticed that there was blood drops on the floor and realized she was bleeding. I'm guessing the glass, sliced her ear as it fell. It took awhile to get the bleeding to stop. That was not a good morning at all in the McCormick household. However, since Roxy has been outside now during the day, things have been a lot calmer around here and we are all much, much happier.

Ok, I have to post this just now, I turned around and I noticed I was hearing something but wasn't sure what Roxy was up to....Roxy was under the comforter of the bed, crawling around. All you could see was this bump moving under the covers. It was funny.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Little Holiday Cheer

I went to office max Elf Yourself again and made a new video. It wouldn't post to my blog, so you have to view it at this address: http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/GYhDAr6VzuspCzpi

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break

Yesterday, at 11:15 am was the beginning of my Christmas break. We had a pretty good, short day. The first graders performed a play called "Melton, The Warm-Hearted Snowman". It was about this snowman that this good little girl gave him her heart so he would be kind. Melton's parents were concerned about a snowman having a warm heart that he would melt soon. At the end of the play, Melton ends up giving his warm heart away to a little girl who is mean and she becomes nice. It was a cute play and they did a great job. When they would sing, Madalyn would start moving around. Being in the gym the music was loud and she probably could feel the vibrations. Then by the time the play was done I just had the kids for about an hour and a half. We had our class Christmas party and cleaned up and they left. Then I headed off to get my hair cut and some low lights put in. I had not gotten my hair cut since June or had anything at all done to it in a long time. So, I thought it was time to do something. My major job today is to start wrapping presents, I have only wrapped the ones that I have already given away. It's rainy and cold, so it's the perfect day to stay in and not do a whole lot. We got chickens back this past Wednesday and Thursday. They are doing well, so things are almost back to normal with the farm.

25 Weeks:
Madalyn is moving around more and more. Kevin was able to feel her first for the first time last week. He made me hold my breath because he couldn't tell if it was her moving or me breathing. He thought that was the coolest thing. We are trying to read to her each night before we go to bed. I have this Precious Moments Bible Story Book from when I was a little girl and I read a story each night and Kevin talks to her. That night he felt her move for the first time, after he was talking to her he said "and Madalyn, I love you." I thought that was so sweet. We are ready to meet her, but don't want her to come anytime soon;that would not be a good thing. We pray that she is growing healthy and strong. However, at times her movements are getting stronger.

I'm feeling pretty good, no major complaints. I think my biggest challenge over Christmas break will be to watch what I eat. With the goodies that I got yesterday at school and the candy...it is very hard to resist without adding being pregnant on top of it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This weekend was a busy Friday night and Saturday. Kevin and I went out to eat Friday at a Mexican Restaurant in Barnwell. I had just read in my book that if you eat spicy food the baby will either kick or hiccup. After 3 chips and salsa, Madalyn starting kicking. She calmed down once I had some cheese dip to go along with it. I thought that was funny. Kevin and I got our tree. I think this tree is pretty than the one we got last year. However, There are no ornaments near the bottom, due to Roxy. The ones that were close to the bottom-she has knocked off, she had taken the lights off, climbed the tree, drank the water for the tree, etc. You name it, she has done it. She is driving Kevin and me crazy! She either has to be outside, in her cage, or in the guest bedroom with me and the door closed. I don't if once I get presents wrapped, if I'll be able to put them under the tree for her she will probably either tear the paper or bows. Anyway, Saturday, I met my friend Noelle, her daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband Dee for lunch (at Chilli's) in Columbia for our yearly Christmas meeting. It's normally just us girls, but Dee came this time. We ate and caught up. Then we exchanged gifts. I had gotten Elizabeth (who will be 4 in February) a Sea World Trainer Barbie. (She went to Sea World in September). Let's just say the Barbie was a huge hit. She loved it! Then once I got home, I graped Kevin and we hopped in the car to head to Crackerbarrel for our nephew Jared, birthday dinner. I was still full from lunch, but I did manage to eat some cinnamon french toast and some hot chocolate. I think Crackerbarrel has the BEST hot chocolate! On on way home (the Crackerbarrel is in Orangeburg-which is 30 minutes from our house) and they have a memorial garden there and every Christmas they decorate it with lights. So, Kevin and I rode through to look at the lights before coming home. Today, I have washed, folder, put away clothes, cooked breakfast and lunch, cleaned the kitchen (well Kevin did that part), dusted, graded papers, done lesson plans, and other school stuff. I was so woren out Saturday night, I had been either driving or riding all day it felt like in a car. We lost power for about 20-30 minutes this evening due to the wind blowing so hard; it must have of knocked down a tree or limb. Thankfully, it came on soon. This is my last week before we get out for Christmas break. We have 4 full days (Monday-Thursday) and then Friday is a half day. The kids leave by 11:30 am. I am ready for this break and so are the kids. I am heading out just as soon as I can that day. Roxy goes to the vet to get her last set of shots Tuesday and Friday as soon as I leave school, going to see my sister-in-law and get my hair cut and colored. Then I will be able to enjoy my break. Kevin gets chickens back Wednesday and Thursday of this week. So things will soon be back to normal for him. Hope all of you are staying warm, but I am enjoying this cold weather. It doesn't seem like Christmas to me if it's not cold. The only part I don't like about it, is having to leave at 6:30 in morning when it's like 20 degrees. However, poor Kevin leaves at that time and he has to work outside all day long.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

23 Week Check Up

I am 23 weeks and beginning my 6th month. This is the last month for the second trimester. Hard to believe that come January, I will just have three months left and Miss Madalyn will be here and our lives will be changed completely, but for the better. We are getting very excited. Tuesday, December 7th, I went to the doctor for my 23 week check up. We got another ultrasound. They wanted to check out the heart and other major organs. Everything looked good. She is measuring where she should and so am I. Madalyn weighed 1.4 pounds, which is normal according to my book I have "What to Expect When you are Expecting". However, 4 weeks ago she was 11 oz. and has gained 9 oz. My doctor laughed at me, and told me not to worry about that and focus on how much she was gaining. She was doing what she should. My book also says that she will really start to gain weight faster now. This time our DVD worked and so we can watch the ultrasound session on the computer or TV, which is cool. Madalyn was moving around just a little more than last time. She was moving her mouth and her hands. And once, both hands were in a fist and her right fist, she held up her first finger as if to say, "I'm number one". It was cute. I actually missed it in the doctor's office, Kevin, Mrs. Katie (Mrs. Katie wanted to come with us the last time when we found out it was a girl, but she was out of town with Mr. Tim doing a compost convention. So she came this time), and the ultrasound lady saw it, but I didn't see it until I watched the DVD later. My next visit will be Dec.29th. I have to do the sugar test then. Since I can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight, I have to come in for an early appointment. My doctor said that so I didn't have to take off work, I could schedule my appointment for a week earlier when I'm on Christmas break. I thought that was nice of him. I'm trying not to take any days off unless needed because I know that I'll need them in the spring.

Changes that have happened lately:

*The past few weeks my lower back has really been aching (which due to the growing Madalyn is doing and my body stretching out).
*My belly has really grown and I look pregnant now, not just a little pudgy around the middle.
*I can still wear my regular clothes, however, maternity pants are so much more comfortable.
*I have gained 2 pounds now. (Trying not to worry about that :0)
*I am really feeling Madalyn move around more.

23 Weeks: Saturday, Dec.4th

Madalyn: Dec.7th (she has both of her fist at her mouth)

Remember, any of my pictures on my blog you can click on to make them bigger.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at Grandma Thelma's

This Saturday, we met at Kevin's grandmother's house; Grandma Thelma; which is his mom's mom. There were about 30 of us there. It was nice to see some of Kevin's family that we don't get to see too often. We had plenty of good fun, the kids enjoyed playing football outside with the bigger kids, and plenty of presents to unwrap. Brantley took a family picture as you see below. Not everyone was in the picture, just Grandma Thelma's two children (Katie and Wanda) and their families. (I thought that all in all this was a pretty good picture of everyone. Some of the kids needed to smile, but hey when you have that many kids, you are lucky to get a picture with all of them at least looking in the right direction and not crying. Which after this picture was taken, there was some crying because they didn't want to take another.)

Back Row: Grandma Thelma, Mr. Tim (Kevin's dad), Mrs. Katie (Kevin's mom) Katelyn (Kevin's sister), Hunter, Ryan, Houston, Aunt Wanda (Mrs. Katie's sister), Uncle Jim

Front Row: Heather (Kevin's sister), Michael, Kayla, Geoffrey, Eric, Evan, Nicole (Brantley's sister), Georgia, Tori (Kevin's sister), Jared, Lily Kate, Kevin, Jill, (and Madalyn as you can see is really showing off now)

Very first row in the middle: Richard and Brantley (Nicole's sister)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


For the most part Madalyn moves around in the afternoon and late evening; however this morning either she was awake or annoyed. We went to church and were sitting with Kevin's parents, and my sister-in-law, Katelyn, Ryan, and Hunter. I was holding Hunter during the first couple of songs that we were singing; which were Christmas songs. As soon as I gave Hunter back to Katelyn, Madalyn started to really move around. Then during the time where they collect the offering, the praise band played this really jazzy Christmas song, and as soon as the music started, Madalyn started moving around again. I hope she was enjoying the music, but it also could have been that she was trying to sleep and the music was keeping her awake.

As we are coming into the Christmas season, we focus on the birth of Jesus. This morning the pastor talked about how Jesus's birth was prophesied many, many years before He was born. In Isaiah 9:1-7 is Isaiah prophesying about the coming birth of our Lord and Savior. I wanted to share with you part of those verses.

"(2) The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of shadow of death a light has dawned. (3) You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as men rejoice. (6) For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (7) Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end."
You know I was thinking the other day as I was listening to a Christmas song, being pregnant at Christmas time, I have a different perspective of Mary and what she went through. Last year, I watched this movie about Mary and Joseph and the struggles they had. But I was just thinking about Mary, and wondered what she was thinking about bringing the Lord into the world. As moms, we all know our child or children will be special just simply because they belong to us. But imagine knowing that the child you give birth to is not your own, belongs to God, and will be the Savior for the world. Which I think most of us know that our children really belong to God and it's God who gave us the pleasure of our children in the first place. I have already told God that this little blessing He has given us, belongs to Him and that we will do everything we can to bring Madalyn up in a house that shows God's love and teach her all we know about Him. So that one day we can rejoice in her coming to know Jesus as her Savior. It's such a special time in my life and Kevin's, and we are lucky to get to share this together with family and friends. Looking at Mary's life has been my new prospective this Christmas and the burden of knowing her child was God (imagine that pressure) and the joy of knowing the same thing. Maybe this Christmas you will have a new prospective and have your eyes opened to something different; and really celebrate in the miracle gift that has been given to anyone who wants to receive it. All you have to do is ask. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Matthew 7:7-8

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Thanksgiving Day, Kevin and I headed to Greer; we drove separately because Kevin was coming home Friday afternoon and I was staying to Saturday afternoon. We ate lunch with my family, which was very good. However, I was getting sick and things didn't taste the same. We spent all afternoon with my family. They surprised me with some gifts for Madalyn.

Friday, we went shopping, my mom wanted to shop for Kevin and so he went with us for a little bit. Then we continued to do a little more shopping. Friday night, we met my dad's side of the family, Susan, Dan, Tim and Amanda in Anderson to eat. Saturday, my mom and I went to do a little shopping for me some maternity clothes. I did find some jeans, black pants, khaki pants, and a black dress that I could wear to church or a few up coming weddings we have after the first of the year. I got to feeling so bad after that we headed home so I could get pack and drive home. I felt so bad, was coughing and everything. It was a long drive home. I called my doctor Saturday and Kevin went Sunday to Wal-Mart to pick up some medicine. My throat hurt so bad Sunday morning, that I just wrote notes to Kevin and didn't say anything until lunch time. I called in sick yesterday and Kevin's mom rode with me to the doctor. I got some more medicine and was going to go to school today. I had a bad night with coughing and at 4:30 this morning I couldn't control my coughing and ended up making myself sick. So, Kevin said I didn't need to go to school today, so I called in sick again. It has been 3 years since I have called in sick for work and I have never missed 2 days in a row. However, I was reminded that I have never been sick and pregnant before and my body needed more time to heal. I hate having to take all this medic ine because it worries me with Madalyn, but I can not, not take something that would be worse for us I think. And I just have to trust my doctor that he would give me something safe and pray that God helps my body to heal soon and take care of Madalyn's little body and protect her from all this medicine and my sickness. She has been moving a lot more lately. I go back to the doctor for another ultrasound next Tuesday. I'm excited to see her again. I did get to hear her heartbeat yesterday, such a wonderful sound to hear. 157 beats a minute. I am planning on going back to school tomorrow. Not that it's my favorite thing in the world to do, but being home sick like this, school is a little more fun. Not looking at the sickness, we had a nice time with my family.