Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Thanksgiving Day, Kevin and I headed to Greer; we drove separately because Kevin was coming home Friday afternoon and I was staying to Saturday afternoon. We ate lunch with my family, which was very good. However, I was getting sick and things didn't taste the same. We spent all afternoon with my family. They surprised me with some gifts for Madalyn.

Friday, we went shopping, my mom wanted to shop for Kevin and so he went with us for a little bit. Then we continued to do a little more shopping. Friday night, we met my dad's side of the family, Susan, Dan, Tim and Amanda in Anderson to eat. Saturday, my mom and I went to do a little shopping for me some maternity clothes. I did find some jeans, black pants, khaki pants, and a black dress that I could wear to church or a few up coming weddings we have after the first of the year. I got to feeling so bad after that we headed home so I could get pack and drive home. I felt so bad, was coughing and everything. It was a long drive home. I called my doctor Saturday and Kevin went Sunday to Wal-Mart to pick up some medicine. My throat hurt so bad Sunday morning, that I just wrote notes to Kevin and didn't say anything until lunch time. I called in sick yesterday and Kevin's mom rode with me to the doctor. I got some more medicine and was going to go to school today. I had a bad night with coughing and at 4:30 this morning I couldn't control my coughing and ended up making myself sick. So, Kevin said I didn't need to go to school today, so I called in sick again. It has been 3 years since I have called in sick for work and I have never missed 2 days in a row. However, I was reminded that I have never been sick and pregnant before and my body needed more time to heal. I hate having to take all this medic ine because it worries me with Madalyn, but I can not, not take something that would be worse for us I think. And I just have to trust my doctor that he would give me something safe and pray that God helps my body to heal soon and take care of Madalyn's little body and protect her from all this medicine and my sickness. She has been moving a lot more lately. I go back to the doctor for another ultrasound next Tuesday. I'm excited to see her again. I did get to hear her heartbeat yesterday, such a wonderful sound to hear. 157 beats a minute. I am planning on going back to school tomorrow. Not that it's my favorite thing in the world to do, but being home sick like this, school is a little more fun. Not looking at the sickness, we had a nice time with my family.


Wanda said...

I hope you feel better real soon. So sorry you are sick and not feeling well. I know Kevin is taking real good care of you!

Love - Aunt Wanda

Wanda said...

PS - I got Madalyn's CHRISTmas present yesterday! So cute!!

Jill P. McCormick said...

Yes, I have to say that Kevin has been really sweet to me. We are looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday.