Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy Little Girl

Madalyn is a very busy little girl and faster than lightning at getting into things.  She hasn't been feeling too well today.  I think she has a stomach bug, and hopefully it will be cleared up by tomorrow.  This evening, I was in the den and Madalyn was playing in the kitchen, and I heard something making a "clink, clink" sound. I looked to see what she was doing and she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table, playing with these apples that I have, taking them out of this glass they are in.  I didn't say anything to her, because I didn't want to scare her to cause her to fall, just calmly took a picture of her and then got her down.  Then later tonight, I was making her some sweet tea to help calm her tummy troubles down and when the tea was boiling, I walked into the kitchen to take it off the eye.  I came back in the den to check on Madalyn and she was sitting in the floor with the fire poker in her mouth! Oh my goodness! Once again I kept my cool and didn't scream, just walked over to her and got it. That was very upsetting to see her with it, just thinking about all the possibilities of what could have happened. How in the world did she get it? I don't know. Last winter when Madalyn started to crawl and walk, we moved the fire place tools to a closet. Apparently, some how the poker got left behind and we have the fire place covered with blankets and pillows, and I guess it was under there, I really don't know.  But I am so thankful to God, that nothing happened to her more than her hands and mouth having soot on them.  OH boy! She's always into something.  (The other night she had gone into the trash can and pulled out a chicken finger she didn't eat from dinner and came through the den eating it....yuck!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sneak Peek-18 Month Pics

Madalyn had her 18 month pictures made this evening and here's a sneak peek.  Gotta love her expressions! And no, I don't remember why she made this face or what she was looking at. I think I was telling her to sit down and be careful...my little dare devil!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game On!

So, apparently, MeMe, Madalyn, and Hunter decided to make a trip to Colubia Friday and swing by the Gamecock stadium.  I just found out by running across this picture of Madalyn and Hunter in front of a Cockaboose that was posted on facebook.  Kevin said he knew about. So I guess this was Kevin's way of getting back at me for the Clemson pics I took of Madalyn.  Ok, two can play this game....we will see which team in November she will pull for.....Bring It On!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Harper Update

I just wanted to let you know the latest on Little Harper.  She has doubled her birth weight (3.13 lbs.)! And last week she drank out of a bottle for the first time.  This evening she was moved out of the NICU to a regular nursery.  She has really improved so quickly the last few weeks.  God is amazing and is working in this little girl.  Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for Harper and her family.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spider Web

I hate spiders...really hate spiders.  I am scared of them and they creep me out completely.  I was bitten by one when I was 5 years old on my neck and it got infected and I had a major reaction to it.  Since then I 've been scared of them. Since being an adult I have been bitten 3 more times, all 3 times I had major reactions to the bits.  However, as much as I hate spiders, I have to admire how amazing it is that God gave them the ability to spin webs.  This web is connect from a tree in my back yard to the steps on my back porch.  It makes a triangle with the main part of the web in the center.  Funny, the ungliest spiders, can make the most beautiful webs.

My Little Tiger

Did you really think that I wouldn't sneak in some orange? So, here's Madalyn showing support to my team.  This was a fun photo shoot, mainly because I knew it would bug her daddy! :0)



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Rough Day for Madalyn

Poor Madalyn she had a bad day today. She was huggin on some friends at preschool, two boys, and ended up putting them in a head lock this morning. She was leaving preschool and holding on to her Aunt Tori's hand, when she decided to pull away and Tori held on to keep her from falling on the concert, when Tori heard a "pop" and then Madalyn started crying.  She had nurses' elbow again. So Mrs. Katie called Kevin and he tried to reset it but it didn't work. So she called the doctor and drove to Aiken for them to reset her elbow.  I'm not sure who was more upset, Madalyn, Tori, or Mrs. Katie.  The doctor checked her ears and said the infection was gone, but she still had fluid built up behind her ears.  She said that if she didn't start on another antiobotic, then it would cause another ear infection.  We played outside this afternoon when I got home, and right before we were coming in, Madalyn feel in the grass. I picked her up and she was kindof whinning, then she bit my shoulder. I was telling her "no, do not bit me", when I realized her hands were coverd in ants. She had fallen in an ant bed. She had them on her hands, feet, and legs (a total of 16 ant bits, unless I missed any). So I got them off as quickly as I could, then we ran into the house.  I striped her down to her diaper in the kitchen to check to make sure all the ants were gone, gave her some benadryl, and put her in the bath tub.  Then put a paste of baking soda and water on the bits, then cleaned that off, and put hydrocortisone cream on, held her and rocked her to sleep tonight. Whew! What a day for Madalyn! I hope that tomorrow will be less eventually. (By the way, she had not climbed out of her crib since Friday evening, so far, so good...)

After the morning and before the ant bits, here is our little cheerleader.  Now, these pics are just for her Daddy and the rest of the family who are Gamecock fans.  Her MeMe bought her this outfit after her teeth accident.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh My Goodness!

Oh my goodness! Things are changing so fast around our household...Madalyn, last weekend climbed out of her pack and play two times.  Yes, we still use a pack and play, mainly, when we go on vacation or go see my parents during the summer at the lake. But we have also used it for Madalyn to play in when I have to do something like: bring in groceries, cook dinner,etc. or when I need a place for a few minutes to contain her.  But now, she can get out. (I have had many comments made to me from other moms that their child didn't like the pack and play and would just cry. Well, not to step on toes, but duh! Madalyn cries too for a few minutes (sometimes not always) but then she gets over it and plays with her toys.  You know, sometimes it's okay for your child to cry. If I know that there is nothing that could be wrong with Madalyn like she's not hurt, not hungry, etc., then sometimes she will cry it out in the pack and play or her crib for like five minutes. 

Anyway, my "oh my goodness" again came tonight.  I got home and Mrs. Katie called me to ask if I could burn two CD's for a nurse at the hospital that has been helping Tara and Dave.  The nurse is pregnant and loves the CD's I burned for Tara and Dave and wanted a copy if possible. (They are Christian worship songs, music only, in a lullaby form; they are very relaxing to me). Dave was getting ready to go to the hospital tonight and wanted to be able to take them with him. So, while I was doing this I put Madalyn in her crib.  She was talking and playing in her crib.  Well, I looked up and I could see a small shadow in the hallway (I was using the computer in our guest bed room, which is right next to Madalyn's room), and I was thinking "Surely not, surely that's not Madalyn....YEP! My baby girl had climbed out of her crib! Oh my! And she did it 3 more times. What? you say? I put her back in the crib to see if she would do it again and wanted to see how she did it. She can get down without any trouble. She goes to the corner and puts one leg over, and swings her body around and comes down backwards. Now what do we do? I hope that after a few times, she will get tired of this and stop for awhile. Madalyn's crib is the convertible kind, so we can change it to a toddler bed, but we are not ready to do that yet. So, if any mom's out there have any crib climbing stories or advice, please share.  I was not expecting this. Also, Madalyn sometimes goes to bed wonderfully, without a peep if she's really tired.  If not, then she was cry, talk, roll around in the crib until she falls asleep. I'm afraid with those times, she might now decide to climb out of the crib. So far tonight, she went to sleep without a peep and has stayed down. So let's hope she will sleep all night in her crib. If not, I'm sure I'll hear, but there's no telling what she will get into.

Also, another first that I do have a picture of....her first set of pigtails!  She's so cute with her pigtails in her sheep PJ's! And I'm so proud that her hair is finally long enough for pigtails.


Update on Harper

I wanted to share with you that Little Miss Harper is doing so well and so is her mom, Tara.  Thank you for their prayers and please continue to pray for Harper to gain weight and continue to do well.  They still have a long way to go. As of right now, they are expecting Harper to come home the first of October.

Harper and mom, Tara
This was one of the first timesTara got to hold Harper.

Current picture of Harper, weighing 3.1 lbs. posted yesterday.
She's so cute! Even though she's little, she has this little grin, like one day soon, I'll be getting into everything like my cousin Madalyn.

I borrowed these pictures from Tara's facebook page.  So, I hope they don't mind, but I wanted to share those of you who read my blog and are praying for this family, Harper's precious picture.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Madalyn 17 1/2 Months

I know I am late with her 17 month pictures. She turned 17 months at the start of school and I haven't had a chance to slow down enough to take her picture. Plus she's been sick for the past two weeks. Anyway, here are her 17 1/2 month pictures.

Our Little Farm Girl

Madalyn loves to stand on her head. She thinks it's so funny! This is also after I gave her the cough medicine for the night; it makes her very hyper!

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend, Kevin, Madalyn, and I went to see my parents for the weekend.  On Saturday my mom and I went shopping and my dad and Kevin had Madalyn.  They rode up to the mountains and found a lake with some ducks.  A Madalyn Funny: Kevin gave her the bread to give to the ducks and she ate it instead! They decided that it was time for some lunch for them and not the ducks.

Poor Kevin and Madalyn have been sick for two weeks now.  Madalyn has had a bad cough and congestion.  Then that lead to an ear infection.  Saturday night, we took Madalyn to see my old pediatrician doctor (my mom worked for him for 12 years, so she called in a favor). We got her started on an antibiotic.  Then Kevin was just as sick on Sunday as he was last week. So I called his doctor and she called in something else for him.  Yesterday, Kevin went back to the doctor and to the hospital to have chest x-rays and blood work done. All everything shows is that he has a bad sinus infection.  I think he is finally starting to feel better.  He's been taking it easy this week, but he gets weak real easy still.  Thankfully, there's no chickens right now, but they come back next week.

Our Sweet Baby Girl