Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break Day 3: Pine Mountain

Madalyn was so excited to get to go stay in a hotel. The last time we stayed in a hotel she was three years old. We have been on vacation and stayed in the camper, condos, and houses, but she had no memory of  a hotel. She really enjoyed it too and didn't want to leave. Which coming in everyday to having your room and bathroom cleaned up for you, I didn't blame her. I wish I could come home every day to that too. :0) Friday, we just explored Pine Mountain some more and found a fun park like place for the girls to play, checked out this placed called Callaway Gardens, and just enjoyed being together. It was nice to get away after all that has happened to us since Jan. 21st. We all needed a break. We came home Saturday afternoon.

So excited to sleep in a big bed!

Watching a movie in their snuggietails enjoying life. :0)

The maid saw us leaving one morning and when we came back she had left a rubber duck for the girls to have. I thought that was thoughtful.

First Stop: Butts Mill Farms Fun Park

Madalyn finally got to play put-put. She asked to play one time when we were at the beach when she was 4 and my mom told her she had to be 6 to play. Well, Madalyn hasn't forgotten that and now that she is 6, she has been asking and asking to play. So she finally got to play but I think she realized it was as easy as she thought it would be.

Kevin was attempting to show Alexis how to play but that was a lost cause at 2 years old!

It was a pretty place.

You could swing with your toes in the water.

We found LOTS of tadpoles. 

They both had a great time playing on this playground.

They got to pan for gemstones and fossils.

Second Stop: Callaway Gardens

They had a butterfly garden and many other gardens to visit.

This was the hatching place for the butterflies.

The butterflies were flying all around and they didn't want to land or be still long. It was hard to get pictures of them.

I really wanted to go inside this chapel because of all the stain glass windows. I saw pictures on the Internet but they were having a wedding and we couldn't go inside.

Spring Break Day 2: Wild Animal Safari Park

Our main reason for going to Georgia over spring break was to see the Wild Animal Safari Park in Pine Mountain, GA. I had heard about this drive thru safari park from a fellow coworker a few years ago and we decided to go check it out. We stayed in LaGrange, GA because there isn't much in Pine Mountain besides the safari park. We all enjoyed our trip to the safari and I honestly think Kevin enjoyed it better than the girls. :0) It was fun to see all the animals and we did a lot of laughing. You have a 3.5 mile loop that you drive thru and can feed the animals. Then you have a place to park where you can walk through a zoo like atmosphere to view more animals. We also ate lunch there and of course there is a gift shop. If you are passing through Georgia sometime, I would encourage you to go.

You can either rent a van to drive through the park or you can drive your own vehicle. We chose to drive our own vehicle because we could drive around as many times as we wanted and we did that 3 times. If you rented a van you could only drive around once. It took about an hour the first time to drive around the loop.

Alexis loved the pigs for some reason. And there were a lot of pigs and baby pigs too.


This animal friend really liked Kevin. He followed us a lot.


Bison: Kevin did get a little nervous about his truck when these guys starting approaching us.

Water Buffalo

The ostrich was fun to watch it prancing down the road.

Camels were in a fence because the sign read "don't feed me because I bite".

Madalyn loves zebras but sometimes she was unsure about it sticking it's head in the car window. :0)

The zebras might look like they are trying to bite, but they aren't, they just want food. 

The lions were also in a cage because their sign read " don't feed, I bite".


 Big Horn Sheep

After driving through the safari, we got out to do the walk thru animal park.

There were many animals to see on the walk thru; however several of my pictures didn't turn out too well because of the sun or them being in cages.

Peacocks were everywhere and boy are they loud.

There was a reptile house with lizards, snakes, a hedgehog, and a sloth in it.


I was amazed at how big the gray wolf was. I had not ever seen one in person.

Alexis loved any of the baby animals, especially this baby goat.

I was also amazed at how big a hyena really is.

The tiger was enjoying his nap.