Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Geoffery's Birthday

Kevin and I gave Geoffery his birthday present tonight. Geoffery loves, loves cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, any kind of automobile that makes noise. He is always playing with them. So Kevin and I gave him a Thomas the Train DVD, an outift with race cars on it, and a hummer (that makes noise) pulling a trailer with a tractor on the back. (Hint: if you have a boy, and you get a two part toy, like a truck pulling something,if you don't take off the twisty tie that holds the truck and trailer together you want have to spend the whole time putting it back together. We learned that at Christmastime with Geoffery).

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Pool Party

Tonight, we went over to Mrs. Katie and Mr. Tim's house to celebrate the April birthdays in the family. Kevin-15th, Heather-18th, and Geoffery-19th. The grandkids decided that it was warm enough (which it was) to go swimming. Which I personally didn't think the water was warm enough for me, but they had a great time.

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Joy Ride

Kevin and Abby riding on the 4-wheeler

Bird Watching

This morning, we were all sitting on the back porch admiring our hard work from yesterday. It was so peaceful out there. Then we started to notice that we were not alone. All these different kinds of birds were coming to feed. I don't have the time to just sit and observe my backyard often, and there were some really pretty and different birds. I was able to get a picture of 2 of them.

Planting Flowers

My parents came down this weekend. My mom had bought flowers for me to start landscaping our yard. The whole back of her trailblazer was full. But then yesterday morning, we headed off to Wal-Mart to buy some more. After leaving Wal-Mart, we went to another place to look for a birdbath. We didn't find one, but we did find some pretty roses. My mom picked up this one azalea bush, and it ended up being covered with fire ants. She didn't know it. She was carrying it and then all of a sudden, they started biting her. So, needless to say, we didn't buy that plant. When we got back home, I put on my gloves to start planting and when I put my hand into my left glove, there was a wasp in there, which I didn't know at the time, and I got stung on my hand. But after that, we didn't have any more insect-related incidents. We worked all day in the yard. My dad worked on cleaning and washing our house while we were planting. We have tan siding, but it was looking rather green. So, he got this stuff that you mix Clorox and water together and with a broom and some elbow grease, the green is gone and I don't think our house ever sparkled this much. He did a great job! This week, Kevin and I will add in some mulch and finish making the beds look nice. After we do that, I'll put some pictures on the blog. I must say, it made a big improvement to add flowers and bushes. It actually looks like someone lives here now and cares about the yard.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 5 Years!

Today is Kevin and my 5 year anniversary of being a couple. 5 years ago, Kevin took me to Edisto Beach for the day. I had finally passed all my tests that I had to take to be able to student teach and get a teaching certificate, and he wanted to do something special for me. Which just going to the beach in a day was very special, since it normally took 4-5 hrs. at least. This was about the 3rd date that we had had. We had a great day, both of us got very sunburned. But we became an "official" couple on April 24, 2004. It's hard to believe that we have been together for 5 years already. Soon we will get to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. The year has gone by so fast. (Just 26 more days left of school until summer vacation!!!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Garden

This week Kevin and I planted a vegetable garden. Kevin had one last year and it was so nice to have the veggies right at your finger tips. I am so looking forward to when they will be ready to pick. I love vegetables! My mouth was watering while Kevin was tilling the land just thinking about it. We planted squash-love it fried, grilled, in a casserole, cucumbers, tomatoes-my very favorite, love them just by them self or in a tomato sandwich-just mayo and tomato, okra-love, love it fried, and silver queen sweet corn-love it on the cob, I can make a meal just eating corn and some butter, yum, yum! We still have to get a fence to put around it to keep out any little bunnies that might want to sample some and to help Abby learn to go around it, not through it. Kevin and I had a fun time doing this little project. Abby watched or she waited patiently for us to throw the ball to her. We finished most of the garden Monday night. Then Tuesday, we added the mulch and the orka and corn seeds. I will of course keep you updated when our little plants start growing and producing some delicious veggies. But I know it will be several months probably.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Play Date

Saturday, Abby had a play date with her aunt Daisy. Anytime Kevin and I go out of town, his parents are so good about keeping Abby for us. They went out of town Thursday and will return sometime today. Anyway, I have been looking after Daisy. I take Abby and we go over and spend about an hour with Daisy and let her outside to run around. Since it was such a nice day yesterday, I went over and got Daisy and brought her back to my house to play. They had the best time. They would run around the yard, Abby in front and Daisy behind. They went exploring. But, if I tried to share Abby's ball with Daisy or paid some attention to Daisy, like pet her, oh no, Miss Abby got very jealous. She would take the ball away from Daisy or if I was petting Daisy, she would put her body in between my hand and Daisy. She will have to learn to share. But I know that at least Daisy had a great time exploring and running in our backyard.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Happy 28th Birthday!

Today is Kevin's birthday and he is 28 years old! He is now older than me, but it will only last for about 3 months, then I will catch back up with him. He is just 2 years now away from 30! Wow! We meet when we were both 23 years old. Time flies. It's so funny to look back at pictures of when we first started dating-how young we look! Anyway, I am going to take Kevin out to eat for dinner whereever he would like to go. Then it's present time! I always wrap his birthday presents in Gamecock paper. Yes, I know, he is very spoiled,but I love him!

Happy 12th Birthday!
It is also my cousin Emily's birthday today! She is 12. Next year she will be a teenager! Can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is becoming a young lady. But she is also 12 going on 20 too! She is all into fashion and the lastest styles.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This afternoon when I came home, I saw a very pretty bird on my bird feeder that I have not seen in person before. It was an Oreole. As soon as I saw it, I thought of Erin Freeman. Her favorite baseball player is Cal Ripken who played for the Baltimore Oreoles. I also thought, I got to run in and get my camera before it flies away.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!
Friday night, my Papa wanted to take the birthday people out to eat. My uncle Keith's birthday was the 10th and my cousin Emily and Kevin's birthday is the 15th. Friday night, we had a wild, and wicked storm. Thankfully no damage around our area, but man, it was very severe and bad. The lightning was crazy as we were eating. But we just took our time eating, then everyone came back to my parent's house for parents. Saturday, Kevin, my mom, and I went table shopping. I had thought I had found one when I was in Greer on Monday. But after measuring our space at home, then measuring the tables, one was too big and the other one was too small. So we went a few more places (only 4 in all, which is very good I think) and the 4th place we found a kitchen table. Yea!!! We had to order it, couldn't take it with us then, so in about 2-4 weeks we should have a kitchen table. I also found kitchen curtains too! It was a very successful trip. Then that afternoon we headed to the lake. Today we went to church and then had lunch at my great-aunt and uncle's house with my mom's side of the family like we have done for as long as I can remember. Lots of good food. And yes, Kevin and I were a few of the lucky ones that got to fix a plate to have to eat for dinner tomorrow night. I love home cooked leftovers! Not only is it so easy to come in and just heat it up, but they just seem to taste better the next day. So, it was a busy weekend but a nice one. And now my spring break is over and school starts again tomorrow. But my next big break will be summer. The kids' last day is June 3rd (1/2 day) and my last day is June 4th. I think that is about 7-8 more weeks left. It's coming to an end fast. Well, hope you all had a blessed Easter Sunday and it's back to work for me but I got a lot of things accomplished this week.

The Lake

On Saturday afternoon, my parents and Kevin and I headed down to the Lake. There is a restaurant there called The Galley...I love to eat there! It's right at the marina and it's so pretty and very good. My parents were going to take Kevin out for his birthday (April 15th, Wednesday he will be 28 years old). (Kevin loves strawberry shortcake...well anything strawberry just about, and if it's your birthday you get a free big piece of strawberry cake). And we were surprised by the water level. When we were down at Thanksgiving time, the water level was about 22-23 feet down. This time, with all the rain, it was only 7 feet down. The part of the dock that is suppose to float, was floating!

This was taken from the front porch.

This was taken from the edge of the grass at
the bottom of the hill.

This was taken off the dock. Such a much
prettier view with water in the lake!

We had a little furry friend that lives at the lake. Her actually name is China but we just call her "Lake Kitty". Her owner used to live at the lake, but left and left her down there. Our neighbors that live there all the time take care of her and feed her. But every time we are down there as soon as we pull up, she comes running. She loves to have her head rubbed!

She followed us down to the dock.

A Little Green Friend

On the way up to Greer on Friday, Kevin and I were about to leave Columbia, when we noticed that we had a little green friend that was riding with us. He stayed with us until we got to 385, then the rain came and he got his tail caught in the wipers, Kevin stopped to free him. Then he tried to climb back onto the wipers and a big gust of wind came and he went sailing into the air and unfortunately Kevin also saw him bounce on the road. But he did provide some entertainment along the way.

First he was green.....

Then he was brown....
Then he pooped on the windshield, yes we saw a lizard
poop on our windshield. Never had experienced that
one before.

Spring Break Project

As I had mentioned earlier that my major project for spring break was to paint our master bathroom. And I did! Wednesday, Kevin helped me put on the first coat of Klitz, then Thursday I added the second coat. ( did it in the same amount of time that it took Kevin and I both to do the first.) Then off to Lowe's to pick out the perfect shade of green.....When I returned it took me an hour to tape up the bathroom. I started at 6:00 pm. Then I painted green and kept painting until 12:30 am. Yep, just me, myself, and I. Kevin had worked and had some other things he had to work on, then he had to get up the next morning at 4, so he went to bed and I continued to paint. I was determine to get the project done. And I am so pleased with the final result. However, my taping job wasn't the best, so this week Kevin is going to re tape around the top and work on painting a little bit closer and a straighter line, but all in all, I was pleased. Even though I had to soak in the tub and take some Advil to help with my aching shoulders and my hand that would hardly close afterwards....but it's done!

Here's some BEFORE pictures: now I will admit that the bathroom was this bare, these were taken when Kevin just lived here, but I couldn't find any other pictures of the before color.

And now here's the AFTER pictures.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Photos

Any one who has kids always takes spring or Easter photos....since I don't have kids yet, I took spring pictures of Abby. Which I am sure those with kids understand that they won't do what you want them to do. I had a hard time getting the right pictures because Abby wouldn't stay still. She was wanting to chase the ball. So inbetween pictures, I had to throw the ball. But I ended up with some good ones I think. And yes, in case you are wondering she is smiling for the camera.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He's Alive

Around Easter time I always think of this song "He's Alive" by Dolly Parton. (My other favorite song is "The Glory of the Blood" by Avalon). I found it on you tube and wanted to share the video with you. This song tells the story of that blessed morning when Mary went to the tomb to find that Jesus wasn't there, He had RISEN!!! As Christians, we celebrate Christmas as a blessed event, because God sent his son, Jesus to be born. But Easter, is the celebration that sometimes I think gets over looked. We should celebrate this Easter that not only was Jesus born, but He lived, then died, then was raised from the dead 3 days later. The RISEN Savior is what gives us Christians the hope and comfort that we too, will one day be raised from the dead to live with Christ in Heaven. The fact that Jesus died for all our sins, no matter how small or big you may think your sins are, He died...He took our place, my place. Because of that great sacrifice, our sins can be washed away and thought of no more. But then, God raised Him from the dead! He's Alive. I serve a RISEN Savior. You can go and visit the tomb, but He's not there! Praise the Lord! No other religious figure in the history of the world has been risen from the dead except for Christ. If you go visit their tombs or place of rest, they are still there. What awesome and mighty power God has! And we can have that same power in us by the Holy Spirit. (Not to raise people from the dead, but the courage and faith that God is in control, no matter what our circumstances may be, He knows all, Sees all, and He is still on the throne and will always be. What an awesome sense of peace and encouragement that that gives us. He is Alive! We pray and talk with a God that is living. Celebrate and rejoice that God loves us that much. This Easter take time to praise God and to thank Him.

He's Alive by Dolly Parton

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

Friday, at 5:00 pm, my Spring Break began. Yea!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to get a week off. Last night, Kevin and I went over to Heather and Michael's new house. Kevin had to help movie the china cabinet, dinning room table and chairs, and the couch. We got to see the finished project of the new house. It was beautiful! Kevin and I last saw it with the roof and studs, so it was a major transformation, but it was a very nice house. I know they are going to enjoy living there. Heather and I went on to the house after the items were loaded and Kayla and Geoffery played in the yard. After we ate dinner, Kayla wanted to have a dance party with Uncle Kevin. Her song choice "Come on ride that train". I made a few movies of it, but they were on Heather's camera. But we had a good time. Today, I am going to Greer and will come back on Tuesday. I am going up to do some spring shopping and other stuff. Then Wednesday, Abby and I both go to the beauty shop to get our hair done. Friday, Kevin and I will head back up to Greer for the Easter weekend, and then my spring break will be over. It goes by fast.

Movie Review

Friday night Kevin and I rented some movies. Whenever we go to the movie place we always try to get something that we would both enjoy watching, then I get a "chick-flick" and Kevin gets an action packed "guy's movie". We rented the movie Australia. It is soooo good! It's a 3 hour movie, but then again all the best and great movies are. This movie has something for everyone. I highly recommend it. I rented High School Musical 3: Senior Year for me to watch. (Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but I love musicals and I had seen the first 2). This one was the best out of the 3. It was a really good movie, I thought. On Saturday, my favorite series of tv movies were on the Hallmark channel. There is a Christian author named Janette Oke. And she wrote lots of different series of books, but one of her series, they made into movies. The are called "The Love Sega". They are set in a western time, and they are Christian romance movies. They are soooo good! A new one came on last night and another new one comes on next Saturday night.

The titles are:
1st movie: Love Comes Softly
2nd movie: Love's Enduring Promise
3rd movie:Love's Long Journey
4th movie: Love's Abiding Joy
5th movie: Love's Unending Legacy
6th movie: Love's Unfolding Dream

and the 7th movie which is the newest one is called: Love Takes Wing and the 8th movie that comes on next Saturday is called: Love Finds a Home


These movies are about love, family, and faith in God. They are feel good movies and if you have never seen them, you need to watch one, and you will be hooked. Of course, they are more of a girl's movie, Kevin has watched a few of them with me, but they don't have enough action for him.

Special Project

I had mentioned that I was working on a special project. Well, the project is finished enough for viewing now. I was working on a website for Humble Acres Organics and our bagged compost Bloomin EZ. You will have to check it out and let me know what you think. There is more that can and will be added to it, but our new bags that are being sold, have the web address on them and it needed to get up.

The website: www.humbleacresorganics.com