Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Thankfully, it didn't rain like it was suppose to this morning and after church the sun came out and we got a few pictures of Madalyn in her Easter dress.  Of course I had more pictures of her from behind, because Kevin or I spent most of the time chasing her.  It's so hard to get her still and smiling for a good picture.

I would love to know what she's thinking here.

She's getting ready to go...
And she's off!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pink Easter Eggs and Pink Eye

What a combination we had today at our house...pink Easter Eggs we dyed and Pink Eyes.  No, Madalyn doesn't have pink eye, but I do..in both eyes! I noticed Wednesday that my eyes were really red when I woke up and at the same time I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to them, but they have stayed that way. This morning when I woke up, my right eye was matted shut and it was draining and my left eye I could open to a slit, it was matted as well.  I used a warm wash cloth to unstick my eyes, and started texting to find out who I could find to call in some drops for me.  I haven't had Pink Eye since I was a little girl. I have no idea where it came from, but with all the kids I come in contact with through the day, there's no telling.  I took a picture of my eye and sent it to my mom and she said yep, that's Pink Eye. So she got the doctor she works with to call in some drops for me. I also had talked to Kevin's mom, and she got the doctor we see here to call in some drops too. So we have a back up in case someone else gets it.  I am wearing my glasses instead of contacts until this clears up and doing my best not to touch my eyes.  They don't really itch a lot, but they burn and feel really dry.  Wearing my glasses doesn't help either, because I'm not use to wearing them all day, and that causes my eyes to bother me as well.  So, Madalyn is finally better from her sickness, so hopefully once I get over this, we will have a sick-free spring break. 

This morning we dyed Easter Eggs and decorated them with our Mickey Mouse egg kit.  Madalyn has loved playing with the eggs.  However, she likes to tap them on the floor and peel off the shell.

Our Easter Eggs drying

Our Easter Eggs Decorated
Madalyn loved her eggs!
The great thing about these since they are boiled, when they rolled off the counter, they didn't crack open.
Look, I have two eggs; blue and pink!
She preferred the stickers on her hands instead of on the eggs.
And of course, one stick wasn't enough, she had to have some for the other hand too.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 3 of Sickness

Today is Day 3 of Madalyn's stomach virus.  Wednesday as I had posted earlier, she didn't have any more problems..however, at 12:30 am, she woke up screaming and crying, I went in there and she had thrown up and it was everywhere..all over her, the crib, the floor, sheets, blanket, etc. So I had to call for back up on this one. I cleaned her up, with her screaming (it had scared her to throw up and then she didn't want it to touch her) while Kevin striped the bed, etc. She went back to sleep pretty easy and did sleep for the rest of the night. Thursday, she had more bad diapers until lunch time. Then she was good until bed time and had one more bad diaper. She slept until around 5:30 am that night. This morning, she threw up once and so far since then she's been okay. She hasn't eaten much at all, some yogurt and Cheese-Its and that's all.  I hope that it will be out of her system by now. This is the first time she's been sick like this, unfortunately I could only take off Wednesday. I had to be a school Thursday because it was the last day before the kids got out for spring break, it was awards day and I had parent/teacher conferences until 7:00 pm last night. Then it was  a teacher workday today with more parent/teacher conferences, but we were able to leave at 12:00 today. So once I got home, Madalyn went down for a nap and so did I. We both slept for 3 hours; it was much needed. Things have been so busy this past month. So, now I am ready to enjoy my Spring Break..I know it will go by too fast. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Madalyn's 2 Year Check Up

Madalyn woke up a littler earlier than normal this morning...5:30 am she was awake (normally we wake her up around 6:30). She first cried out, then she was just talking, and then she continued to cry. So Kevin got up to check on it, while I stayed in bed. (I know I was being lazy this morning, but hey he owes me quite a few late nights and middle of the nights me being up with her, when he was sleeping away. :0) At 6:00am I was just about to fall asleep, when they both come crawling into bed with me. And that was the end of sleep time. (Which my alarm clock was already going off any way.) Kevin told me that Madalyn had thrown up and that's why she was up; she had it all over her and the sheets too. He had cleaned it up by himself..yea for Kevin!  Then we were getting ready to walk out of the house to go our separate ways, and Madalyn had another accident, this time it was smelly, bad diaper at 6:30am. Kevin changed that as well and I headed to school.  I called Kevin's mom and told her what was going on and told her I would check on Madalyn during my planning time.  When I called at 8:45 am, she had thrown up a total of 4 times and had bad diapers 5 times, so I decided that it was best for me to find a Sub and come get her.  She hasn't had any sickness since I got her at 10:00 this morning. (go figure! I guess she just needed a "Mommy and Me" day.)

This afternoon Madalyn had a doctor's appointment for her 2 year old "well" visit, so I didn't call to try and get her an appointment or to be seen any earlier.  Her doctor said that she probably had a virus, but must have gotten it out of her system already; however she could continue with some bad diapers later on. But Madalyn also has been very stuffy; so she has a lot of drainage, and in the past she had gotten sick due to the drainage. Her doctor also said that she had one of her top molars coming in, so that could be another reason for the sickness.  (We just have one more molar to go and we will have all the teeth in, thank goodness.) And we discovered that Madalyn's right ear was infected. (Didn't we just get over an ear infection like last week? Yep, we did, this time it's in the other ear.) 

Other than that, she was doing great and had a great check up. When you first get there, they ask you all these questions (and at each visit they repeat the same 10 questions).  One question they always ask is "how many hours of sleep does she get each night?" Well today Madalyn answered before I could with a simple "none".  The nurse and I both laughed and I said, yes sometimes it seems that way. She didn't cry one bit when the nurse stuck her finger. Since she doesn't eat any vegetables right now or much of anything right now I was a little concerned as to if her blood work would be ok, but it was better than great, so that was good.

Madalyn's Stats:
weight: 28 lbs. 75 %
height: 36 inches- off the charts for her age

A Madalyn Funny:
A few weeks ago, Madalyn was eating some chicken nuggets for dinner.  She was in the den eating at her little table.  She came and asked me for a cookie. I told her she had to finish her chicken first. So she went back to her bowl of chicken, picked it up and went on the other side of her table, and dumped her chicken on the floor. (she thought I didn't see her do this.) She brought the empty bowl to me, smiled and said "cookie".  I went over to the chicken, picked it up and put it back in the bowl (and yes it was on the carpet and yes I gave it back to her to eat; there wasn't anything wrong with it). I told her she could have a cookie when she ate all of her chicken. This time she did eat it all, and then she got her cookie.

Funny #2: We were eating at Red Lobster a month ago, and every time the waiter came to fill up Kevin's tea glass, Madalyn would tell the waiter "thank you".

Funny #3: We were eating at Chilli's about a month ago as well, and the waiter was filling up Kevin's tea glass and spilt some tea on the floor. He walked away with cleaning it up. Well, this did not set well with Madalyn. She kept on pointing to the tea on the floor and looking in the direction the waiter went it and was just a fussing at him in her own language to come back and clean this mess up.

Two years have gone by in a hurry.  It's amazing to see how much she has grown and what all she can do now.  Sometimes she does things that are just so funny, you have to laugh even if you want to fuss at her for doing them (because she's made a mess or something).  Her newest thing is that she has to now sleep with one of her stuffed animals every night and that stuffed animal normally goes with her to Meme's for the day.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Madalyn's 2 Year Birthday Party in Blackville

This afternoon Madalyn celebrate her fourth 2 year old birthday party.  She celebrated with my family, with her friends at preschool, with Kevin and I, and now it was Kevin's side of the family's turn to celebrate.  (A plus for Madalyn for having family that lives a few hours away, she gets multiple parties.)  It was a cold and rainy day, I was so thankful the party was planned for inside and thanks to Grandma Kitty for letting us use her cook house.  Madalyn didn't cry this time when we all sang "Happy Birthday" so that was an improvement from her last party. I guess by the 4th party, she's getting use to it.  I am sure Madalyn enjoyed her party and we appreciate all who came to celebrate with us.  Here are some pictures from the party today.

Opening Presents-one funny thing about presents, after Madalyn opened a few, she started to share her presents with her cousins. She would take them one instead of opening it herself. They gave it back to her and she would take it to someone else.
SHOES! Madalyn loves shoes! These were Disney Princess Dress-Up Shoes!
A Minnie Mouse book-as you can see she was excited about it.
She also loved her stuffed Lambie too!
Here she is trying to share his presents.
and she got Stuffy too!
A cute picture...sigh...if only there was a smile, but the camera just didn't capture it in time.
Mommy, Madalyn (with Lamie), and Daddy
Madalyn's Gifts-thank you everyone!
Madalyn loves her new tent!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Madalyn!

I can't believe that my baby is 2 years old today.  As of 5:19 pm, she was officially 2! She took some cupcakes to preschool today to share with her class. However, she had an "early" dismissal due to a bad upset tummy.  At least she had a chance to have her "party" at school before she had to come home.  When Kevin and I got home from work today, we did a party, just the 3 of us.  Madalyn has the present thing figured out I think. She sat in the floor and opened her gifts, without any help from us.  (She wasn't that interested in opening gifts at her party this past weekend, but tonight she was tearing into them).  She was pretty excited about her gifts, but she could care less about her card...and it even had "pup-pups" on it. (puppies). Oh, well, that doesn't matter.  Happy Birthday to our precious little girl! We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as our daughter.

Opening Presents

Oh boy! Doc McStuffins' doctor kit

A travel Magic Doodle for the car

My presents from Mommy and Daddy
A Minnie Mouse fleece blanket
A country girl needs her Pick-Up Truck, so why not a lavender and pink Pick-Up.
It was too cold and windy for her to get this outside, but once it warms up I'm sure the dust will be flying!
She loved it!

So cute!

Minnie is going for a ride in the tail gate-Doc McCormick is ready for work
The horn is her favorite part I think.
Watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" eating Lucky Charms, sitting in her Pick-Up Truck with Minnie Mouse, what could be better?