Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Play Doh

This weekend Madalyn and I had to make a run to the Dollar General to pick up just a few items.  While we were there I bought Madalyn some Play Doh.  She hasn't played with it before and I thought it would be fun to introduce her to it.  My first mission was to teach her that you don't eat it or lick it.  (I have a 22 month old and she still puts things in her mouth like she did when she was a baby.  I know kids go through different stages and since she was about 19 months old she started putting everything in her mouth again.)  Then I tried to show her how to roll the Play Doh, pressed it flat on the table, and how to make things.  She did press it down and mostly she tore it up, but she had fun playing with it.  So now we have a new rainy day or cold day inside activity to play with.

No, we don't eat the Play Doh.

Play Doh is so much FUN!
And no Madalyn didn't make this I did, which I'm sure you could guess that. :0)

The New Building at Work

Saturday was the first day of many that the new building was put into use.  Humble Acres had to bag 20 pallets (which is 1,280 bags of compost) to be hauled to Tennessee.  They also bagged 2 more pallets (which is 128 bags) to go to Sumter, SC. 

Here is another new addition to the farm that was bought this week.  We needed a truck to haul the compost; so my brother-in-law, Ryan and Mr. Tim (my father-in-law) went truck shopping this week.
Big Daddy (Ryan's grandfather) is going to be the truck driver for the farm.  He's checking the tires to make sure all is working fine for his first run on Tuesday morning.

Houston (my nephew), Kevin, Mr. Tim, and a friend of Ryan's working on the compost.  They have to bag it, seal it, stack it, wrap it in plastic, then load it on the truck.


Monday, January 21, 2013

In Memory of Buck Guess

At 2:45 am this morning, Kevin's Uncle Buck went to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Kevin's mom called us at 2:55 this morning to tell us he had passed.  Uncle Buck went into the hospital at Thanksgiving and found out he had cancer from his lungs down.  He thought he was just there because he had pneumonia.  He came home with hospice care.  It has been a roller coaster ride for Uncle Buck and his wife Arie.  Not to mention the family who has been caring for them.  Kevin's mom, Mrs. Katie has been one of the main care givers during this time.  She and Kevin's dad has spent many nights and days at their house. Uncle Buck was in such suffering and pain.  This past week it had really increased.  And unfortunately his death was very painful.  But what joy we have in knowing that he is with God in heaven.  The last words that Uncle Buck spoke was "Oh Lord."  We know he was in pain, but what a testimony too, for his last words to be calling the name of the one who is the ultimate Healer and is the ultimate Peace-Giver.  And now we rejoice with Uncle Buck in that he is out of pain and suffering and is at peace with his Lord.  However, he will be missed here on Earth by his family and friends.

This is a picture of Uncle Buck during the blessing at Grandma Thelma's birthday party a year ago.  I just thought it was a fitting picture of how he lived his life.  He lived is life to give all the glory to God.  And now he is receiving the prize for running the race of faith, eternity with God in heaven. 

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day." 2 Timothy 4:7-8

A Charleston Get Away

This weekend, my parents came down on Friday and sent me and Kevin to Charleston on Saturday.  We spent the day Saturday in Charleston and stayed the night and we came home yesterday about lunch time.  It was a nice break for us.  It had been a year since we had a night away from Madalyn and we love her dearly, but every now and then as parents, you need a break to refresh.  It was cooler than last weekend, but it was still nice weather to walk around. And walk we did, we got to Charleston around lunch time and we walked for the next four hours all around Charleston.  Then we checked into our hotel and then decided where to eat for dinner.  Sunday, we slept in and then ate breakfast at our hotel and headed home.  The location of our hotel was perfect!  It was close to all kinds of shops and places to eat.  What else made it nice was that we parked at our hotel and didn't move the car until we headed home.  Thank you Nana and G-dad for holding down the fort while we were gone and thank you for some time away.

We stayed at the Francis Marion Hotel on King Street, in the heart of downtown Charleston.

The Lobby

Our Room

The View from our room

I love this house!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year, A New Building, New Growth

With a new year, brings, growth and new changes.  One new change that has been in the works now, is a direction for the farm.  With that new direction is a new building to have a place to work and store a new product.  Here is what the building looks like so far.  It's suppose to be finished Tuesday afternoon, so once it's completed I will post updated pictures.  The building was a lot bigger and taller than I had expected it to be.  Kevin and his dad built the floor and did the lay out of the building.

When the building is finished, it will be completely closed in.

The loading dock area.

Update on Us...

Well, here's an update on what's going on with us.  Finally, keeping our fingers crossed, everyone is finally well. So stay away sickness, please! However, with this weather of going back and forth like it is, so wonder we stay sick.  I did go to the doctor about my ankle, and thankfully it wasn't sprained.  I had actually busted a blood vessal, which was why my ankle was swollen and purple.  The reason I couldn't walk on it or put pressure on my foot was due to when the blood vessal busted it created a blood clot, and that was weighing on the nerves, etc. But that is all healed now and so hopefully all will get good for awhile.

Kevin's grandmas are doing much better.  His uncle Buck however, isn't which being in hospice care we know what the out come will be.  However, we had not expected him to be here Christmas and so far he's still with us. Kevin's uncle is famous for his old cars that he repairs and fixes up.  He has one project that he had not finished and that was a toolbox for the back of a car that there are only four in the world like it.  Kevin worked to get it finished and finished it last week.  This was one of his last wishes to see it finished.  He was so excited.  Here are a few pictures of the toolbox, Kevin, and uncle Buck.

My baby girl is growing up so fast!  Some days I just can' believe all that she can do and how much she has changed and grown.  Over Christmas break I had a chance to get to know my child again, and she just amazes me.  (I know that may seem strange about me getting to know my child, but honestly, the weeks are so busy, that by the time we get home it's basically, get something for dinner, bath time, and then bed time and that's all.  So, I always enjoy the few times I do get some extra time off to spend with Madalyn.)

Such as big girl! Just laying on the couch by herself, watching "Sofia the First" on Disney Junior.

Since the first part of January, Madalyn has been waking up during the night or early in the morning and whining or crying just a little for like 1-2 minutes and then she goes back to sleep.  I haven't been able to figure out why, but I had thought that she was dreaming or that she was laying on her arm, hand, foot, etc. wrong and she tried to turn over.  Tonight, I just have checked on her and this was how I found her.  So I think this would explain it, her feet are out of the bars, and when she tries to turn over she's stuck.  I did move her tonight.  Which I don't think there's much I can do about preventing this from happening, she moves all over the bed when she sleeps. But I thought it was pretty funny to see her like this. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

4 days into the New Year...

Well, 4 days into the new year...
Madalyn is finally well and I am almost well until...my husband came and picked me and Madalyn up for a ride on our golf cart when I came to pick her up from her Meme's house on Friday. Kevin dropped me off back at my car and I jumped off the golf cart and landed wrong on my right foot. Nothing popped, but it hurt enough to cause me to stop for a few minutes. I drove home and got out of the car and was fine. Until 11:00 Friday night, I was watching a movie on TV, Kevin and Madalyn were in bed. I got up from the couch, checked on Madalyn, went to the bathroom and as I was coming out, my ankle was really hurting, so much so that I ended having to crawl from the kitchen to my bedroom because I couldn't put any weight on my foot. I woke Kevin up and my ankle (I had not noticed it before now) was swollen twice the size it's suppose to be and was purple.  I just took some Advil and went to bed. Twice I woke up during the night and had to use the bathroom and I had to crawl there and back.  Saturday morning I was able to put the ball of my foot down and hobble along.  I wrapped my ankle up but the swelling had gone down and the color was almost back to normal.  It only hurt if I put pressure on it.  So for the weekend I have kept some Advil handy, soaked my foot with Epsom salt, kept it wrapped, and tried to stay off of it as much as I could.  I haven't been to get it checked out because it seemed to be getting better. We will see how I do tomorrow having to stand all day at school.  I guess I must have a minor sprain I don't know, but I was like what a great way to start the new year.  Hope this week will be better! :0)

Waking up to a happy girl can make all things better.