Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stronger by Mandisa (From the Upcoming Album "What If We Were Real")

Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) - Casting Crowns

We are Hot, Hot Hot!

Yes, the song we are all singing in the McCormick household is that we are "Hot, Hot, Hot!" Two Thursdays ago, April 14th, I came home and it was very hot in our house. I noticed that when I turned on the air it wasn't getting cooler but hotter. It was 74 when I turned on the air and then it got up to 77 degrees in the house. Kevin tried to work with the air, but couldn't get it to come on. We used the natural AC that night, open the windows and turn on the fan. Friday night there were some bad storms that were suppose to come through so we stayed at Kevin's parents' house. Then my parents came down for Kevin's b-day weekend and we had a nice breeze and it wasn't too bad in the house. By Tuesday of last week, the afternoon, it was way too hot for Madalyn, Abby, and I to stay so we loaded up and headed to Mrs. Katie's. And we have been there ever since. The man came to fix the air, but ordered the wrong part and here it is, Monday, April 25th at 10:30 am, and still the air hasn't been fixed. I have come home this morning to wash some clothes, bottles, and do some house work. With the windows and fan it's not too bad in the morning, but I know by the afternoon we will have to leave again. I hope our AC will get fixed today; they say the part hasn't come in yet.

Last Wednesday evening, I started hurting really bad; a bad pain in my side. It continued all night and so I called my doctor Thursday morning and they wanted me to come in. He said that he thought it was a pulled muscle and that I had done more than I should have with bending and lifting things. I mean Wednesday night at 3:30 am I was in tears I was hurting so bad. So, I've had to go back to watching what I'm doing so I can get well. But since I don't hurt all the time, I forget I've had a C-section. I told Mrs. Katie, here it is the 21st of April a month later and we are having some repeat of what we did a month ago; me not feeling good, Mrs. Katie taking me to Augusta to my doctor. I told her that I hoped I wouldn't need her to take me to the doctor next month on the 21st.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Kevin!

Friday, April 15th, my sweet hubby turned the big 3-0! Kevin had originally said (when we thought Madalyn would be coming in April that in April he was going to be a father and leave his 20's, so he guessed he would have to grow up). However, since Madalyn decided to come in March; he now thinks he has a little more time to grow up. Happy Birthday, Kevin! We love you!

Happy April Birthday!

Kevin-April 15th (turned 30)

Heather-April 18th (turning 32)

Geoffrey-April 19th (turning 4) and Geoffrey is Heather's son

We celebrated at Grandma Kitty's cookhouse with the family today.

Katherine Grace and Madalyn are taking a break from all the excitement; while Jared, Geoffrey, and Lily Kate play outside.

Now, how cute is Hunter! Mr. Cool in his shades. (every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh; he's so cute!)

Brantley and Katherine Grace swinging in the shade.

Kevin and Madalyn; his favorite birthday gift of all.

Last Weekend on Saturday, Madalyn had some visitors.

She got to meet her great, great aunt Ann.

She got to meet her cousin, Beth.

Grandma Kitty, cousin Chuck, and Aunt Patty came by to visit and gave Madalyn a blanket that Aunt Wanda had made for her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Madalyn almost 4 weeks old

Monday, April 18th, Madalyn will be 4 weeks old. I can't believe how fast this first month has gone by. I wanted to make some pictures, but Madalyn cannot wear many of her clothes yet, she is still in the newborn size. However, those sleepers are getting shorter and fitting better, so I suspect it won't be long and she will be out of them. I was looking through her closet and found this dress that she got a her Greenville shower from Jodi Harter, and it was newborn size. It was still a little big on her, but it fit pretty well. So I grabbed the basket and white blanket that we used during her photo session that Brantley did and since it was a nice day outside I decided to grab a few pictures on our front porch. However, this photo session took a lot longer than expected, every time I put her in the basket she started to cry. So we had to take a few breaks that included feeding time, 2 diaper changes (which one ended up with something on her dress), and a few other times of me calming her down before I was able to get some pictures before she started getting upset again. Madalyn is a pretty even tempered baby or so she has been so far, but of course, today when I'm trying to make pictures, she didn't want to have her picture taken at first. The glare was also bothering her, because she has really big dark blue eyes. (You can see them best at 3 in the morning. :0). So, anyway, after about 30 minutes, here are some pictures that I think I got some good shots.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Top Pics

These are my favorite pics out of the photo session that Brantley did last week. There were many good pics and it was hard to chose.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Madalyn is 2 Weeks Old

Monday, April 4th, Madalyn was two weeks old and that was my original due date. We began our morning at 6:00 am to get fed, dressed, and ready to go to the doctor. (The Friday after Madalyn came home we went to the doctor for the first time to get her checked out. Then the Tuesday after she came home, we went to get her hips checked out. With Madalyn being a breech baby, they can have lots of problems with their hips. The doctor that checked her in the hospital said that they looked good and her ped. doctor said they looked good, but wanted to get an ultrasound of her hips just to make sure they are in the sockets correctly so they will grow correctly. Everything checked out fine. We got back in 6 months to check again and as long as things are fine then, we don't have to go back any more about her hips.) So, we went to the doctor and Madalyn weighs 7 pounds now! And she was 20 1/2 inches long. So in two weeks she has gained a pound and grew an inch. The doctor said she looked good; so she goes back in 2 months. She had to get her first shot Monday; her first Hep B shot; and she didn't like that one bit. Then Madalyn got to go to Target for the first time and a few other places. She did so well. However, when we got to Target she decided it was time to eat....so....here I am walking around Target feeding her a bottle, and Mrs. Katie is pushing the stroller and pulling the buggy...it was a very picture worthy moment. When we got home, Madalyn got in a short nap before Brantley came over to take her picture. She did so well during her newborn photo session. The only time she got upset was when we were trying to get her picture with Kevin and that was only because she was hungry. Then we had quite a few people come by to visit. So we had begun our day at 6:00 am and we were finally able to rest at 8:30 pm. It was a long day for both Madalyn and me; we were both very tired. Madalyn is resting very well at night and we are having good days. Yesterday, I went by school to show off my baby girl and Madalyn got to go on her first Wal-Mart run. She does very well riding in the car and in stores with her stroller. So far, we have been blessed with a good baby; not a fussy one. Each day we do something new and she is growing and changing. I noticed this morning as I was feeding her that she was looking big to me. How fast they grow! *Here's a sneak peak at Madalyn's photo session. To view more pictures go to: www.alldressedupphotography.com/ click on Client Galleries, password: madalyn. Thanks Brantley; you did a super job!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

13 Days with Madalyn

It's been 13 days since I had Madalyn and time has flown by. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. Having the surprise and shock of my water breaking in Logan's to an emergency c-section, and a baby that came 14 days earlier....etc. I still at times don't realize that she's here and can comprehend all that has happened these last 13 days. I can't speak from experience of having a baby "normally", but having a c-section wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, the recovery process has had it moments of frustration. I moved back to my bed Tuesday night and have been sleeping much better. I'm not allowed to bend down, so anything that gets dropped on the floor, I have to leave it and wait for someone else to pick it up. (My mom has been with me since Madalyn came, so when she left today, she has made sure to leave things I would use all the time where I could get to them). I also have had to get Kevin to help me with a shower because of the bending and getting in and out of the tub shower is difficult. My pain has gone from..it hurts too bad to move, to just being sore. So that part is better. The worse thing I've dealt with from the c-section is the gas pains. I know that sounds funny and maybe more info than you wanted to know, but anyone whose had abdominal surgery will understand where I'm coming from. However, my family and Kevin's family, and Kevin have all been great to help me out. Now, as far our lives go to changing due to Miss Madalyn....lots of changes...I am nursing or trying to. She and I have greatly improved in this area, however it's taking a lot out of me as far as my engery goes. Having to recover from a c-section, taking care of a baby on top of that, I've been so exhausted. We are giving her formula too...we think we have found some that work for her. What we came home with from the hospital did not. Our first Friday night home and our first Monday night home..no one slept. Her tummy was so upset and hurting so bad. We were constantly changing diapers. So, we decided to try her on some formula that my nephew Hunter is on, and so far, fingers crossed it has worked for her. But I'm still nursing and pumping, but I don't have enough to feed her each time, so that's why we are doing formula too. I am also so tired at night that bottles are so much easier whether its a formula bottle or a "mommy" bottle. Kevin loves to say or tell me "go hook up to the diary." She has been doing well during the night with her feeding. She eats about 10:30-11:00, then she's up at 3:00, then 6:00, so we think that's pretty good. It has been very overwhelming to me with how all this got started and happened to us having our little girl. However, I am so thankful for her safe arrival and I'm learning every day to trust in God and He is renewing my faith in Him and making my faith stronger in Him. He's blessed Kevin and I with a precious gift and I had promised Him before she was conceived that she or he would belong to Him. We are trying to savor every moment she's awake and stand over her crib at night to watch her sleep. (Never understood why parents did this until I became one) My mom has told me over and over that being a parent is one of life's greatest joys and most rewarding jobs; and to enjoy every moment.

Nursery Completed

My mom said that I once made the comment that I wasn't worried about the nursery getting done; that it would be done by her due date. Well, Madalyn's due date is tomorrow and this afternoon we completed the nursery. I had bought the letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them white. Then I went back with a color and outlined the letter and then added the dots. Mrs. Katie sprayed a clear coat on them and my dad hung them today. I am so pleased with how they turned out. Then my dad also hung the butterflies, which I think look cute too.

This picture hung in my nursery and my mom had it re framed to hang in Madalyn's nursery. My mom's cousin, Julia, cross stitched this for her. My mom has told me over and over to pay attention to this message because it is very true.

Madalyn's Beds

For right now, Madalyn is sleeping in this bassinet. This belongs to her great Aunt Wanda. Her cousins, Evan and Georgia, and Hunter all used this bassinet. Now, it's Madalyn's turn and she really sleeps well in it. Thank you Aunt Wanda for letting us use it!

Nana brought this swing for Madalyn. It plays all kinds of music and different sounds. It even has a light show of purple stars. Madalyn has been in her swing a few times and seems to enjoy it.

Madalyn really likes her "big" crib; but it's not time yet for her to sleep in it. However, she likes to look and listen to the butterfly mobile.

And of course, we can't forget Madalyn and Daddy time. Kevin is already spoiling her; every chance he gets she is in his arms and his constantly stealing her kisses.

More Family to Meet

This past week and weekend, Madalyn has meet many more family and friends. Our pretty, big, pink bow that Mrs. Katie had on the street sign when we came home from the hospital.

This was the bow and sign on the hospital door; now hanging on our front door.

I found this garden flag the last time I was in Greer. This is in our front yard by the front porch.

Nana, Grand Dad, and Madalyn

Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Dan and Madalyn: They came to visit on Friday.

Thursday, March 31st was Mr. Tim's birthday. We told Pop, that this year his birthday present was Madalyn. So he had to come by that night to see and hold his birthday present.

Aunt Katelyn, Cousin Hunter, Uncle Ryan, and Madalyn

Great Grandma Thelma and Madalyn

Great Grandma Kitty and Madalyn

Mandy, (Noah-who will be making his appearance into the world very soon: May 15th), and Madalyn. Mandy, Brandon, and Nathan came by to visit on Saturday. They brought me this beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses.

Madalyn and her crazy Daddy! Kevin found a new way to use the boppy pillow.