Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Holidays

So, I realized this afternoon that I had not taken a picture of the girls in their Christmas dresses....so, when Alexis got up from her nap today, I put their Christmas dresses on and took a few pictures.

Ok, here's a story behind the next few pictures...I was trying to get a picture of the two of them together. So I bent down to take their picture and lost my balance...I didn't realize I had captured the moment until I was looking through the pictures on the computer tonight...You can see my feet in the picture and the girls thought it was so funny...

They were still laughing as you can see...

However, then I ended up with this great picture :0) So, sometimes you just never know and always have to have the camera ready.

Here's a look back...Wow! 
Has my first baby grown up and changed so much.  This the same fence and funny their outfits are similar. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Pics 2

We also had family pictures made with Kevin's family.  Here are the highlights...

Here's the whole lot of us...
McCormicks, Peters, Townes, Delks, and Davis Family

Meme and Pop with all their grandchildren

Meme and Pop with Alexis and Madalyn

Here's individual family pictures.

The Towne Family
Darren, Tori, Houston, Jared, Lily Kate, and Luke

The Davis Family
Nick, Tracey, and Carleigh

The Peters Family
Michael, Heather, Kayla, and Geoffrey

The Delk Family
Ryan, Katelyn, Hunter, and Kinsely

The McCormick Family
Kevin, Jill, Madalyn, and Alexis

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to all! Madalyn was so excited yesterday, she kept asking when it was time to go to bed. Then when it was time, she couldn't go to sleep. We were up before 7 this morning seeing what Santa brought.

Yesterday afternoon, Madalyn and I made some gingerbread cookies for Santa. 

Madalyn's Christmas from Santa

Alexis Christmas from Santa

The first thing Alexis went to was her Cabbage Patch doll.

The first thing Madalyn went for was her stocking, because all she wanted for Christmas was a baby zebra.

Alexis is patiently waiting for Kevin to get her doll out of the box. They make it so difficult to get toys out. 

Alexis ate her squeeze fruit and all her Hershey kisses while waiting on her presents to be out of the box.  I think she enjoyed her stocking more than anything because she could eat things. :0)

Unicorn bedroom slippers that light up for Madalyn.

Minnie Mouse bedroom slippers for Alexis.

Favorite Toys: baby zebra and hedgehog

Cabbage Patch Kid

Pink Zoomer Kitty, Bella

Fisher Price Camper and camping set for Alexis

Legos for Madalyn

 Unicorn for Alexis

Merry Christmas!

our Christmas tree


Here are some random Christmas pictures...

We were out doing some Christmas shopping...sure is hard work ;0)

Papa and Madalyn

Papa and Alexis

Papa and his two great-granddaughters

Alexis got an Ariel dress for Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Family Pics 1

Merry Christmas Eve! A few weekends ago, we had family pictures made with my parents.