Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy 8 Years!

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary! 8 years ago today, was a wonderful, perfect day and I wouldn't change anything!  Lots has changed over these 8 years, but all for the best. Can't wait to celebrate many, many more anniversaries with my best friend.

Happy 8th Anniversary!

8 Years Later….

Monday, June 20, 2016

My Lil Country Girl

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Lil Sweet Pea

She LOVES watermelon..between her and Madalyn, I can't keep it at the house.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lake Weekend

We went to the lake this weekend...what a great time we had! The weather was great and it was so nice to get away and relax.

Madalyn loves the water!

 Alexis thought it was hilarious to throw rocks into the lake...go figure :)

Madalyn likes to drive the boat with G-Dad

Madalyn "Rae" and Papa "Ray"
Madalyn- 5 yrs. and Papa-92 yrs.

Kevin skiing

Friday, June 3, 2016

Madalyn at 5 Years

After I took Alexis' picture yesterday, Madalyn wanted her picture made. The reason was she wanted to climb on the hay bales :0)

Madalyn at 5 Years Old

Favorite Foods: Madalyn doesn't eat much and is on the picky side, but at times she does good; fruit: grapes, watermelon, apples, and bananas/ veggies: green beans, brown rice, corn on the cob, fried squash and okra/ meat: bacon, hamburger and dinosaur chicken nuggets / cheese, yogurt, peanut butter / drink: milk, juice, water, sweet tea / gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, and of course candy.

Favorite Book: Madalyn loves all books, Every night before bed, we have to read at least one story before she goes to sleep.

Favorite TV Show: currently Lion Guard, My Little Pony, Goldie & Bear, PJ Mask, Wallykazam-this always changes but mainly we rotate through Disney Jr. and Nick Jr.

Favorite Movie: Disney-Frozen, 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats and Barbie movies

Favorite Animal: she loves ALL animals! But her favorites are horses, zebras, giraffes, cats, and dogs.

Favorite Toy or Thing to Play: she loves to play with her stuffed animals, Barbie, lion guard, my little pony, Disney Princess Palace Pets, Puzzles, Color, Paint, and any kind of game. She loves to play outside on the swings, with her ball, in the sandbox, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk.

She is very observant and doesn't miss anything! You tell her something or promise her something, you had better follow through because she won't let you forget it.  She gets very excited easily over anything. She loves to go new places and do new things.  She is a very sweet and loving child. She is always telling everyone how much she loves them. She has really learned to care for Alexis and is learning to be a good Big Sister.  She worried about things and gets nervous too, so we have to keep a watch on those things. She is independent and likes to think she's 10 instead of 5, but is tenderhearted. She cares about other people and has great empathy towards them. She's full of energy and is a special little girl. 

She wanted to jump off the hay bale...my little risk taker...

Alexis 17 Months

Monday, June 6th, Alexis will be 17 months old.  I took a few pictures of her yesterday afternoon in the hay field in front of our house.

Alexis at 17 Months

Favorite Foods: fruit: watermelon, apples, raisins, and bananas/veggies: green beans, peas, mashed potatoes, brown rice, fried squash/ drink: white milk, grape juice, water/ RITZ crackers, goldfish crackers, cookie crisp cereal, and ANYthing that is SWEET :0)

Favorite Book: feel and see books, especially ones with animals

Favorite TV show: she doesn't watch much TV yet, but loves to dance to the theme songs; however her favorite theme song is to the Disney Jr. show "Goldie and Bear".

Favorite Animal: she loves all animals; real or stuffed, especially cats and horses (which we have plenty of around here :0)

Favorite Thing to Play: she loves to pretend to cook, read books, baby dolls, and anything that Madalyn is playing with.

Words: she doesn't jabber as much as Madalyn, but she does a lot of squealing when she's happy, sad, or upset.  She says bye-bye, mama, dada, Bella, dog, woof, duck, Meme, Nana, Mad-for Madalyn, uh-oh, and will say other words but those are the most frequent ones.  Her favorite word is bye-bye and when you answer the phone she will start yelling "bye-bye". When it's time to leave someone's house, she makes sure to tell everyone "bye-bye" and waves to them.

She Loves: her bath time and playing in the water, she likes to play outside in the sand and slide, she likes to ride on the golf cart

She understands everything you tell her to do and she minds very well.

She is still a great sleeper and wakes up happy every morning.  

She is a very loving child and loves to gives hugs and kisses. Yesterday, Madalyn was crying and upset about something and Alexis went and got a towel from the bathroom and came over to Madalyn and started to wipe her tears. SO Sweet...melts my heart!

She is very observant and doesn't miss anything! 

Check out our little friend in the picture...I didn't know this was in the picture til I was looking at them on the computer. What a cute find! It was have been perfect if the dragonfly was either on the other side of her or if she was actually looking at it.

Here's a closer look...

Alexis has all these curls at the back of her head..I love how her hair curls up! I hope it will stay. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Weekend

We went to the lake for Memorial Weekend...today is my last day for school! Yea! So, summer is officially here. :0)

Madalyn braved the cold water....she had a blast swimming and playing.

Alexis stayed on the sand

G-Dad and his grandgirls

Kevin, Madalyn, and my dad went fishing...the only fish caught this time was by Kevin.