Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 30, 2015

Clouds are Rolling In

This morning Kevin called me and told me to go look outside at the clouds. He said they looked like ocean waves. I was in the middle of doing something at the time and I couldn't get outside. By the time I did (10 minutes later), the wind was blowing so hard, that I only saw the tale end of what he was talking about. However, some people did capture some amazing pictures of the clouds this morning. They really do look like ocean waves. I have never seen the clouds take this shape before. Like I said I missed the actual event, but I just had to share these pictures. Amazing! ( yes, these are real, actual pictures...nothing has been digitally changed.)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Madalyn's Birthday

Madalyn has had a big birthday weekend. Friday afternoon, she opened two gifts from her aunts from Greenville.

One of Madalyn's favorite gifts she got was a jump rope from her aunt Susan. She also got two outfits, some candy and stickers.

She got this princess craft kit from her aunt Felicia.

Saturday afternoon, Madalyn opened gifts from my parents, Nana and G-Dad. She got two new pairs of pajamas, a jacket, four shirts and 3 pairs of shorts/capris.

And she opened presents from us too.
She got a swing set, two new books "Aqualicious" and "Disney Princess Adventure book", and a soccer outfit and swimsuit for her doll, she got for Christmas.

Skye from Paw Patrol

Her favorite gift: Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship
She has been asking and asking for this for her birthday.

For dinner Saturday night, we went out to eat at McDonalds for Madalyn's special birthday dinner.

She sure loves ice cream.

Sunday, Madalyn's Party

 Today it poured rain, but that was okay because Madalyn's party was inside. We had her party where she goes to preschool. It's a nice space and the kids had plenty of room to run around.

The Birthday Girl

Nana, Madalyn and G-Dad

Alexis slept through some of the party.

Opening presents
Madalyn decided to open presents before eating cake this time.

Madalyn got some nice gifts...Lalaloopsy baby doll, light up Crocs, an outfit, a dress, a Disney Princess musical CD, player, garden shovels and flowers, and some smaller items.

Elsa came to the party...Lily Kate and Evie

Madalyn and Evie

Alexis (11 weeks) and Kinsley (14 weeks)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Madalyn is 4

Happy 4th Birthday, to my oldest baby girl! Today is her birthday and tomorrow we will have a Disney Princess party with extended family and friends.

Madalyn Rae

Favorite Color: PINK 
Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals and little action figures (like 3 in. size dolls, etc.)
Favorite Fruit: Apples and Grapes
Favorite TV show: anything on Disney Jr. or Nick Jr. 
Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Chicken Nuggets with honey mustard
Favorite Outfit: Pajamas because they are cozy 
Favorite Game: I Spy and Hide & Seek
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Animals: Horse, Cat, and Dog 
Favorite Song: All songs
Favorite Book: Any Pinkalicious story 
Best Friend: everyone
Favorite Cereal: Fruit Loops
Favorite thing to do outside: Run and Slide
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Milk
Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Pancakes 
Favorite thing to take to bed with her: as many stuffed animals that she's allowed

That's so Madalyn!
She loves to sing and dance. She likes to color and draw. She likes to play with everybody. She is very sweet and loving. She has a tender heart toward animals and people. She has a very active imagination. She likes to travel and go see new places. She loves the water and reading books. She goes to bed singing and talking and wakes up doing the same. She loves going to preschool and learning new things. She's our little ball of energy.

We love you Madalyn so much! We are so proud of you and the little girl you are. You are so much fun and fill our lives with such joy. Happy Birthday!

Alexis 10 Weeks

Alexis was 10 weeks old Tuesday, March 17th. She is sleeping through the night now. She has her last bottle anywhere from 9-11 at night and will sleep til 7 am. She talks all the time and wakes up so happy. She will be rolling over any day now. She's growing up fast.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Trip to Church for Alexis

This was Alexis first trip to church. Due to her being little, the weather being so cold and yucky and all the sickness going around, she had not been to church before. I had been back 2 different times when my mom was down and she kept Alexis for us. It was nice to go as a complete family this morning. She great in the nursery.

The first thing Madalyn said she woke up this morning was that she wanted to go outside and play. So for lunch, Madalyn and I, had a picnic in her tree house.

Look who joined us for lunch.

There was a circus last week that came to school. We   hosted it to raise money for the March of Dimes. Madalyn got a bubble machines...this was the first day we used it.

.She loves her slide!

Pretty Kitty, Bella

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Madalyn's Swing Set

Next Saturday, Madalyn will be 4 years old. One thing she loves to do is to slide. We had been talking about getting her a swing set for her birthday. We wanted to get her a wooden swing set and we looked into Kevin building one. They are so expensive, but we were going to do a little along and along. However, a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law Katelyn, told us told us that one of her clients (she cuts her hair) was selling her wooden swing set because her children were too big for it. We saw a picture of it and the price was unbelieveable. So we said we would take it. Kevin has been busy the last month cleaning out the chicken houses, so he hasn't had a chance to go pick it up. He got it Friday evening and worked on it today with some help from two of our brother-in-laws. Madalyn is on cloud 9. She LOVES it! She keeps saying this is "perfect", this is "awesome". There were a few things Kevin had to fix and a few little things left to do, but Madalyn had a blast playing on it this evening. We can see many wonderful days and evenings to come with both girls enjoying this swing set. We were so blessed to have found this awesome deal and Madalyn is so excited.

Of course we had to get some pink swings.

One thing we have to fix is the rope, but we are looking for some pink rope and we couldn't find any today in the store.

Since uncle Nick helped Kevin put the swing set together today, he brought Carleigh back over to swing and play. Carleigh really liked the rope swing.