Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Wedding Weekend

Well, I finally did it! I finally figured out how to get a video of my pictures to upload to my blog. So here's a video of the bridal lucheon, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and our wedding day. Professional pictures and honeymoon pictures will be coming soon! I am so very proud of myself!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clemson vs. Carolina

Clemson 31 Carolina 14

I know, I know, I know, if you are a Carolina fan you are saying, "just wait til next year!". You know we hear that every year, maybe one year it will happen for you. But in all fairness to the Carolina fans, including my husband who is a huge Carolina fan, I do agree that Spuirer should have of taken Smelley out of the game. Smelley helped us win that game. (Thank you!).

Yaba Dabo Doo!
GOOOOOOOOO Tigers!!!!!! C-L-E-M-S-OOO-N!

check out the new Dabo Song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WshOJXEWqQ

Lake Hartwell-Drought

My parents have a place at Lake Hartwell. It has been in our family since 1964 when my granfather bought it. Since I was a baby I have gone to the lake. I have grown up there and I hope that one day my children will come to love the lake as I do. I have such great memories there with my family and now Kevin. This summer the lake, however, has been going through a drought. Every year after the 4th of July, they start to pull the lake and the water level drops. But this year, they starting pulling and the rain hasn't come since then. Friday, my parents and Kevin and I went down to the lake to see what it looked like. We couldn't belive our eyes! There were some parts where we were able to walk on the bottom of the lake, you know, it's normally covered in water. We could walk out to some islands even. The lake is 23 feet down so far. We are praying that God will send rain to that area. Not just for us to have water to float a boat and play, but for the animals sake and just in general. It looks so bad. Here are a few pictures from our trip yesterday:

I am standing in a camp ground swimming area. This pole is normally underwater and the water level is at least up to 11 feet deep. So I would normally be underwater.

This buoy is normally in the middle of the lake that Kevin and I are standing by.

These tree stumps are on a little island. They are normally underwater and you can't even see the tops of them.

This is how far down the water is.

My dad took this picture at the water's edge looking back at our dock. My mom, Kevin, and I are sitting on the dock. The dock is away from the edge of the bank. About 275 feet from the water's edge.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Katelyn and Ryan's Wedding

Saturday, November 22nd, Kevin's youngest sister, Katelyn got married. It was a beatuiful day, but a little on the chilly side. The wedding was very nice. There were some minor behind the scene issues, but the end result was going to be the same no matter what, they would be Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Delk. After the cermony they celebrate by dancing and fellowshiping with their family and friends. They ran through a shower of bird seed to get on a fire truck and rode off into the night. I will have to say that so far, they have first place with the loudest and brightest exit a bride and groom has made at a wedding I have attened. I am sure they are having a great time on their honeymoon in Piegon Forge, TN.

You can view the professional pictues at this address: http://www.alldressedupphotography.com/

Click on view blog, go to the end of the page, to client galleries, password: mccormick

Here are a few snapshots from the wedding:

Katelyn waiting for the cermony to start.
Mr. Tim and Kayla before the wedding.

Lily Kate & Kayla: Flower Girls

Kevin & I after the wedding.

This is the fire truck that Kateyln & Ryan left on.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Delk

Sunday, November 23, 2008

SUV Pics

Okay, I promised some suv pictures and here they are.

I love my new car! In the morning, since it's so cold, I get in and push this magic little button and soon my backside is all nice an toasty! I have enjoyed it so much!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got a new car!

This Friday, I got a new car! It's a '09 Mercury Mariner. It's red, has leather seats, and all the bells and whistles you could think of. Kevin and I have been looking for me a new car, and Tuesday since I had the day off from school, after we voted, we took off to Columbia to look for a car. Kevin made me go and look at everything I had looked at before. We really didn't expect to find anything, but our last stop (which I was ready to head home by then) we found it. We got just such a great deal and everything worked out so great, that we figured this was the one that God wanted me to have, because it worked out fast. So, we got it Friday. My dad had the title to my other car, so we had to wait until we all could meet up. I am so excited and I am enjoying it. I will post some pictures of it soon! Vrooooommm, Vroooommmm!!!!

Family Weekend

This weekend my parents, Papa, Keith, Felicia, and Emily came down to spend some time with Kevin and I. They came down Friday night and left late Saturday afternoon. We had a good time. We had every room in our house filled, plus people on the couch, and blowup matteress in the kitchen. I love to have our house full like that. It's just Kevin, Abby, and myself most of the time, and it's fun to have other people come and stay. Its hard to visit with someone when they can just come for the day. Keith and Emily had a great time riding the 4-wheeler. Kevin and I took everyone to see the baby sheep. Which we had two more baby boy sheep on Thursday night. We have one more mama sheep that looks like she might burst any minute now. Kevin hopes that she will have girls. We will just have to wait and see. Here's a few pictures.

Emily and one of the baby sheep. It took Kevin, Emily, and myself to run him down and Emily was the one that caught him.

Keith, Felicia, and Emily with the lamb.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The babies are here!

Finally, we have some baby sheep! Sometime during the night on Monday or wee early hours on Tuesday morning, two mama sheep had a baby boy sheep each, so we think. It could be that this one mama had twins. They have had twins before. This is the only mama that will let the babies feed from, so that's why we think they both belong to her. So we have 2 of the cutest little baby boy sheep ever! They are so precious!

Kevin had to chase the baby down, but he caught one for me to hold. This little one is different from all the other sheep. The tips of his ears are tan, around his eyes are tan, and around his nose and mouth are tan. I think he's very cute.

Here's a closer look at him.

Here is the other baby sheep. He is white all over.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

VOTE! 2008 Presidental Election

VOTE! Yes, if you are of the legal age to vote, you should! Why? Because this nation needs your support and help. I remember the first time I was able to vote. I was able to vote in the last election. How important I felt, but at the same time, what a responsibility too. I believe that this is one of the biggest and most important elections that our country has seen in a while. Why? Our country is going through an extremely difficult time. The person that wins, will change the direction and future of this nation. The candidates running.....that's a very difficult decision. Kevin and I have talked about it a lot. We have also prayed about it a lot. I believe that many people are going to vote based on the color of the candidates skin and their skin. Either they will vote for that person because they are a certain color, or not vote for that person because they are a certain color. But that's a very petty issue. At the state that the country and economy is currently in, we need someone in office with a relationship with Christ and a faith in God. Someone who will look to God for answers on how to run this country. Someone who won't be afraid to fall on their knees and ask God for guidance. At this current moment, neither Kevin nor myself know who we are going to vote for. But Tuesday morning, we will be at the polls ready to vote. Why vote? Why not have a say in who will run our country? Even if your pick doesn't win, you still need to vote. If you vote and your person doesn't win, then you can complain about it, but if you don't vote, then you don't have the right to complain about who wins and the poor job they are doing. Please go out and vote and please PRAY about who to vote for and pray through out the day about whoever is elected into office, that they will turn to God. However, no matter what the outcome will be, God is still on His throne, and will always be in charge and He knows the outcome already and He will be there no matter what to guide us and protect us in the next coming days and future. He will never be overturned or His time as the one in charge will never run out. What a comfort that is during something like this, to know that God is the one in charge over us.

You can check out this website and get all the information you need on both candidates.