Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meet William Sumter Scott

My cousin, Drew and his wife Heather welcomed their first born into the world early this morning at 3:12 am.  Heather was 39 weeks and her water broke at 5:30 pm yesterday afternoon. (Drew and Heather are currently building a house, so they have been staying with Drew's grandpa which is my Uncle Bobby til their house is ready. Her water broke standing in his driveway! What a story they have to share. :) It was a quick labor and Sumter was born early this morning. Everyone is doing great! I am very happy and excited for them.

Sumter Scott
7 lbs. 10 oz. and 20 in. long

The proud parents with their baby boy.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tiger Town

Today, we had a family reunion to go to at Lake Keowee. So the girls and myself, went with my parents and Papa. Kevin is a HUGE Carolina Gamecock fan and I am a Clemson fan. Madalyn says she likes Clemson and likes to be on my team. It tears Kevin up, which is part of the fun. So on the way home from the reunion, we road through the campus and Madalyn was so excited to see all the tiger paws and tigers everywhere.  I'm telling you, it was like Christmas morning for her; she was so excited.  When she saw the tigers, she wanted to have her picture made with them. So we made a few pictures.

Can you see her excitement?!

Tigers are #1

Alexis stayed in the car, but here's my sweet pea at the reunion

Kevin had to work so he couldn't come. Eating our lunch at the reunion.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 6th was my birthday....so this weekend we went to the lake to celebrate with family. My parents had gotten me a birthday cake that was made by the same lady who made my wedding cake. It was Delicious! This lady makes one of the BEST cakes I have ever eaten. :0) By the way her bakery is called Tasteful Elegance.

White chocolate cake with strawberry creme filling....Yum, Yum !

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Here's my two firecrackers... :0)

Never could get a really good picture of the two together...

I love Alexis's expression in this picture.

Alexis, was like, I don't think so...no pictures today Mom!

Here's a look back at Madalyn and Alexis

I didn't realize that I had dressed them in a very similar outfit...:0)

Here's a few more 4th of July pictures that I took of just Alexis

Friday, July 1, 2016

Huntington Beach State Park Vacation

Sunday, June 26th, the four of us left for our family vacation. This year we went to Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach.  We borrowed Kevin's grandma's camper.  We had never stayed at this state park before, but had always wanted to. Kevin had the idea back in April to take the girls camping and we lucked out with a spot open. We had a wonderful time, just our family of 4. Both girls LOVED the water and sand. We ate dinner with my cousins Mark and Beth, who live just a few miles down from where we stayed. We had a raining evening Tuesday, but good weather the rest of the time. We came home yesterday afternoon and all really enjoyed our time.

Sunday Afternoon
we played for a little while on the beach before heading to Mark and Beth's for dinner. 

Our fist night in the camper :)

Eating breakfast; bacon and eggs that Kevin cooked for us...yummy!

This was our walk to the beach each day. It wasn't bad at all.
Part 1: The forest-once you entered the forest, you could hear the ocean.

Part 2: The boardwalk over the swamp

Part 3: The bridge over the swamp/marsh

Part 4: The sand dunes

The girls were waiting patiently on us to get the tent set up so they could go play.

Madalyn love playing in the waves. You can't get her our of the water. 

This was our tent...the next family might be 10 feet away or 20 feet away. We had the beach to ourselves. 

Lunch Time :)

That evening we went down to the causeway, which is near the entrance you cross over the marsh, to see the alligators.

Monday night, Kevin built a campfire and we make S'mores...yum, yum

 we had a beautiful morning. That afternoon we had a light rain, then a big storm Tuesday night.  We went out to eat that night and to get ice cream since it was stormy and you couldn't go on the beach.

Alexis got to where she liked to lay down in the water and kick her feet. When a wave came, she would open her mouth, stick her tongue out and lick up the water. Haha!

Not sure what prompted her to do this, but Madalyn use to do this all the time, however, never in the sand.

It took some scrubbing to get all that sand out of her hair. :)

Off to the water

My beach pedicure...starfish

Tuesday afternoon, it we had a light rain before our storm. So while Alexis took her nap at the camper, I took Madalyn to the Nature Center they had on campus and the gift shop.

Here's some pictures of the exhibits they had there. They had probably 20 or more different things to look at.

Baby alligator

There was a touch tank with a stingray and horseshoe crab.

It was overcast most of the day. We stayed on the beach all day, ate lunch on the beach, and Alexis even took her nap on the beach.

Madalyn and I went looking for shells and we found some neat ones. One thing we found that I had never found before was a sea urchin. We actually found two!

We found two turtle nests.

The crabs were everywhere running around. I threw this one part of an oatmeal cream pie that Alexis had dropped on the ground. He pounced on it and took it into his hole.

Now back to playing on the beach and in the water

Me and my girls

Kevin and his girls

Our Family

Alexis kept wanting to go out as deep as Madalyn. Madalyn would take off into the ocean and Alexis was right behind her..no fear. (She's laughing in this picture, not crying:0)

Alexis took her nap on the beach this afternoon. 

The sun came out Wednesday evening and it turned off very nice. So our trip wouldn't be complete without a few nice beach pictures.

I took a few individual pictures of the girls too.

Alexis had some "beach" hair going on in these pictures...haha! Not much I could do with it. 

Blowing kisses

like it in black and white too


She kept sticking her toe in the crab holes, I just knew a crab was going to get her.

And this was the last few pictures I took of her that evening...I was asking her to smile and this was the reaction I got...LOL!

And she even turned around and stuck her nose up in the air....haha! So, ok, she was done with pictures.


Time to pack up and go home. Madalyn and I went out to the beach early that morning to go shell hunting one more time.

Here's our campsite before we packed up

The girls and I went to the marsh boardwalk while Kevin was getting things packed up the camper to keep them busy for a few minutes.