Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Madalyn's 3rd Birthday Party in Blackville

We celebrated Madalyn's 3rd birthday today with Kevin's side of the family. So until next year, we are done with her birthday.  For the last 3 years, I have done two parties for Madalyn just because it's a distance for family to drive, but I think next year we will just have one party here. It's a lot to do two parties.  But I do it for my baby girl.  Yesterday, the weather was chilly and it rained all day. The weather channel was calling for rain and thunderstorms all day today. So I changed my mind a few times about the location of  her party.  At noon, we had sunny skies and 75 degree weather, so I decided to keep the party at the orinigal location the horse barn.  My sweet husband and father-in-law did a quick clean up of the barn an hour before the party.  God bless us with beautiful weather and it turned out to be a great party.
Birthday Girl
 Miss Hollywood riding a horse
Madalyn and Pop riding the horse
Geoffery (cousin)
Kayla (cousin)
Uncle Nick and Carleigh
Make a Wish!
Bubbles everywhere!
Meme, Madalyn and Pop
Madalyn's presents....plus she got some money too :0)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Madalyn!

Today is my baby girl's 3rd birthday. We celebrated by the 3 of us going to eat at Logan's tonight, where 3 years ago my water broke. Then we went to the mall.  Madalyn had gotten a Build-A-Bear gift card for her birthday, so Madalyn made a new friend tonight.  Our last stop before coming home was a special treat.....some ice cream from McDonalds. 
 Happy Birthay to our...
Pink loving and Pink wearing.....Sweet and Happy....Animal Loving....Likes to Party in the Dark.....Go Fast....Princess Mermaid Playing....Smiley....Independent.....Dancing Queen....Fun loving...Our little Rae of Sunshine...
Madalyn Rae McCormick!
Presents...Pink Minnie Mouse Pj's, Pink Unicorn, Pink Princess, and Pink Vet Kit
Madalyn's New Friend...Tinkerbell Panda Bear
I LOVE Ice Cream!
A Look Back....




Thursday, March 20, 2014

Madalyn Funnies

Here's a few "Madalyn Funnies" for this week...
1. Tuesday, I get a text from my mother-in-law telling me that Madalyn might be a hair dresser when she grows up.  I ask what did she do. She cut her teacher's hair at preschool! Her class was watching a movie and her teacher was working on an art project.  She put the scissors in her lap.  Madalyn slipped them away and stood up. Her teacher didn't realize she had the scissors. Then she heard "snip,snip", and Madalyn had cut a lock of her hair. Oh my goodness! I felt so bad. I was glad though that she didn't cut another child's hair.  Her teacher said she did put her in time out but they all have been laughing about it at preschool.
2. Today, I picked Madalyn up from preschool and on the way home, we passed some trees.  Madalyn said, "Look Mommy, popcorn trees".  So the rest of the way home we both looked for some more "popcorn trees".
A Popcorn Tree
3. I baked some pink chocolate cookies for Madalyn to take to her friends at preschool today to celebrate her birthday, which is actually tomorrow, but she doesn't have preschool on Friday.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Papa's 90th Birthday

Saturday, March 15th, was my Papa's 90th birthday. So while we celebrated Madalyn's birthday, we also celebrated his.  He still drives, shops, and runs errands, cooks, and takes care of himself. To be 90 he's amazing; which he's a very special person to me no matter what his age is.
Nana, Papa, &; Madalyn
Papa's cake was a homemade pound cake made by my cousin Beth, who we all think makes the best pound cake.
Papa and his 3 granddaughters
Little Rae and Big Ray
So, we tried to get a group family picture, during this process Madalyn sneezed on Kevin's arm, snot was everywhere. It was so funny, so I just had to share this picture. However, I don't have a good one yet to share; got to do some photo shopping first. ;0)

Madalyn's 3rd Birthday Party in Greer

This weekend, we went to my parent's house to celebrate with my side of the family, Madalyn's 3rd birthday.  Madalyn was very excited about her birthday this year. I think she is understanding what birthdays are about......cake, ice cream, and presents!  Here are some pictures from our fun-filled day!
The Birthday Girl
The theme for Madalyn's birthday this year was "Cowgirl/Horse Party"
I asked everyone that came to the party to sign this book for Madalyn as a way to remember who came to her party.
One of my mom's neighbors, made Madalyn's cake.
Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing...YUMMY!
Mommy, Madalyn, & Daddy
G-Dad, Madalyn, & Nana
Mommy, Madalyn, & Papa
4 Generations
 Cousin Coy & Madalyn
It's hard to believe that Madalyn was her size 3 years ago.
Time for Cake
Madalyn  got a little taste...delicious!
 Make a Wish
Let's open presents!
So many nice gifts
Nana & G-Dad gave Madalyn a Minnie Mouse Big Wheel.
I got a strawberry shortcake one for my 3rd birthday.
Cousin Emily & Madalyn
Sunday morning: Nana & G-Dad made Madalyn a special birthday breakfast: Minnie Mouse ears pancakes. Yummy!