Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grandparents' Day Lunch

Our grandparents' day lunch at school was postponed a few weeks because they were redoing the gym floors. Today, Kevin's mom, came to school to eat lunch with Madalyn. Then Madalyn got an extra special treat, she got to leave with her Meme! :0) Kevin's dad was at home sick in bed and my parents had been on a tour of New England and got home very late last night and couldn't make a 3 hour ride this morning to come eat lunch. So, it was Madalyn and Meme today.

I didn't have a class at this time, so I got to sneak into lunch for a little bit to check on Madalyn and Meme.

This was Madalyn's hallway display for grandparents' day.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Madalyn's 2nd Lost Tooth

Back in August, I noticed that Madalyn was developing a space between her front two bottom teeth. A week or so after that, I saw the surface of a permanent tooth come up. The tooth came up behind the baby tooth. So for the last month, that baby tooth has been hanging on. It was wiggly but not to the point it would come out.  Madalyn was also starting to complain about the tooth hurting and it being hard to chew.  So this past Friday, Kevin took Madalyn to the dentist to get the tooth pulled. It didn't take much to get the tooth out and Madalyn said it only hurt a little. They just had to use some numbing cream, and nothing else, which I was glad. I was the child that had all but 2 of my baby teeth pulled because all of my teeth came in behind my baby teeth and none of them were wiggly. She was very brave and did a super job at the dentist. When Madalyn woke up Saturday morning at 5:45am!! She discovered that the tooth fairy had come to visit her and left her a two dollar bill for her tooth.

Leaving the dentist office...Kevin sent me this picture. :0)

You can see the permanent tooth in this picture and how it came in behind the others.

Since Madalyn's tooth had to be wiggled out by the dentist, the tooth fairy thought this tooth was worth $2 instead of the usual dollar. :0)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Alexis 20 Months Old

Alexis is 20 months old today! She is such pure joy and a sweetheart. However, when she gets tired these days, I think we are starting to enter into the world of the "terrible twos".  She loves to give hugs, blow kisses, and loves to play with her big sister, Madalyn.  She is becoming a picky eater, so it's been challenging trying to give her a variety of things to eat.  She still takes an afternoon nap, most days and sleeps all night long. She wakes up happy and ready to go.

And she's done with pictures! Ha ha! :0)