Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More 6 month Pics

Here are some more pictures that Brantley took of Madalyn for her 6 month pictures and our family house divided pictures.

How precious is that smile!

Love my baby girl in her yellow dress.

Looks like brown hair here! :0)

This rattle sure tastes good!

Caught in the middle!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Madalyn's Dedication

This morning we had Madalyn dedicated. My parents came down along with Papa. Mrs. Katie and Mr. Tim were there with Grandma Kitty, Chuck, Grandma Thelma, Heather, Michael, Kayla, and Geoffery. Madalyn did very well in church. Rev. Lee Clamp did the dedication. She did kick her feet so much that she kicked one of her shoes off when we were standing up there and she did grab the microphone but didn't make a sound. After her dedication I did take her down to the nursery just because I knew she wouldn't sit much longer being patient plus it's hard to focus on the preacher when you have to focus on her. (Sorry there's so much space between the words and pictures; I can't for anything figure out how to fix it.)

Getting ready to go to church; a few quick pics before.

Madalyn with her mom and dad; Meme and Pop; and Grand Dad and Nana

Madalyn with her Great Grands-Papa, Grandma Kitty, Grandma Thelma

Madalyn with Aunt Heather, Uncle Michael, and cousins Geoffery, Kayla, and Chuck

Rev. Lee Clamp -The first picture I think she has both shoes on, but I can't say that about the last two. :0)

Madalyn's special bib for today and her Bible that Lee gave her.

6 Month Update

Here is what Madalyn is up to these days:
-She has two teeth that came through on the bottom. She has two teeth on the top that are beginning to come through.
-She is loving to eat her veggies and fruit
-She is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.
-She is smiling all the time now. You can forget about getting a smiley picture outside though, there is too much for her to see.
-She is laughing at other people now not just Abby.

Mrs. Katie lets us bring home this Baby Einstein exercise jumper. It's Hunter's, but he's not using it now because he's up walking and climbing on everything. Madalyn loves, to jump. Even when she's not in the jumper, when you hold her she jumps.

Two night this week Madalyn ended up sleeping on her stomach. Most nights this is how she sleeps. Her hands under her head and her legs sprawled out in a frog position. (I don't now how she sleeps this way).

I love her expressions! She is getting very good at sitting up on her own. She can still fall over if she reaches for something way out of her reach.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sneak Peek at Madalyn's 6 Months Photos

We went to Columbia this afternoon to have Madalyn's 6 months pictures made. She will be six months old on Wednesday of this week. Hard to believe she is already that old. We did a few pictures in the studio and then went to the Horseshoe downtown Columbia. Brantley took the pictures and I think they turned out great. And yes, I think we now know what color her hair will be and her daddy is so proud! Here's a sneak peek; there will be more to come!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Morning

This morning at church we had a guest speaker Dr. Ross. He has had 30 years in ministry and was the co founder of True Love Waits. I will be honest (and I don't mean this against anyone) but this was the first time in awhile that I have heard a preacher that really spoke with such passion for what they were sharing with us. His message this morning was very short and to the point. It was directed at us parents; bottom line "How will your 20 year old view Jesus? When they are ready to go off to college, how will they view him?" He said there were many topics that he could talk to us parents about but the most important was our influence in our child's life on how they would see Jesus. He said that God's design was for the mom and dad to have the biggest influence on their child and it's our job (yes the community and family help us) to make sure our child knows Jesus. He said that so many of us keep like a little Jesus in our back pocket and pull Him out when we need something. We need to realize that the Jesus we serve is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, He is the only One, the One who created the universe and us. We need to realize that He is a Great and Mighty God. He doesn't just sit and wait for our wish list each day. Yet, He loved us so much He died for us. He wants us to praise Him for the wonderful, amazing, forgiving, gracious, all powerful God that He is. Dr. Ross said this was the Jesus that our children needed to see in us and for us to teach them this Jesus because that is who He is. This message really struck me this morning. How many times am I guilty of focusing only on what I need from Him, or what I need Him to do to help others, instead of praising Him for all He is. How many times am I guilty of being too lazy to pray that way? Countless....I fall short, yet He continues to bless me...why I wonder? Madalyn is a blessing from God; a true joy. He has entrusted us to raise her with the knowledge of Him and to one day become a child of His. When we were trying to get pregnant; I was praying to get pregnant and I was praying for my child to be. I told God that this child He would bless us with would belong to Him and He would use this child to bring glory to Him. We are all His children if we have declared that His son Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose in 3 days. If we have asked Him into our heart and believe He is the one true God and the only way to salvation. Kevin and I pray that one day we will be able to rejoice in Madalyn's decision to follow Jesus and to be saved. Who wouldn't want that for their child? For them to know the one that made them and that loves them even more than we do. I challenge you as I am challenging myself to be in awe and respect yet to know intimately the creator of the universe, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the One who has always been and who will always be. Have that feeling of how great and worthy He is of our praise yet we are not worthy of Him, but He loves us just as we are. If you have children or are around children, pray for them to see that Jesus in you. Not just a Jesus that we bring out when we need our wish list met and then put away again until something else bad happens.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweet Moments

I picked Madalyn up this evening from her MeMe's house and we had some time together before Kevin came home. The last two chicken houses went out last night so he's got a busy week ahead of him cleaning out the houses and some late nights. Madalyn was in her walker and I was sitting in the chair and had the TV on. I was looking at the TV and then looked over at her and she was just smiling at me. My heart just melted; it almost brought me to tears thinking about how blessed I am to have this sweet baby girl in my life. Her smile can brighten any day and I look forward to her waking up in the morning just to see her smiling and to pick her up in the evenings to spend time with her. There is saying from one of my favorite movie series "The Love Saga" "that when you love someone so much the love just spills over and makes a baby and that babies are a testament to the love that you share with someone". I am so thankful for Kevin and that life that we share together. He is a super dad and loves his little girl (all his girls: his big girl, little girl, and hairy girl (which would be Abby). He works so hard to provide for our family and gives us his all in his work and when he gets home. I can honestly say that we are his world and the center of it. I am so thankful that Madalyn has such a special dad and gets to spend time with him. Kevin has said on many occasions that once 5:00 hits; it's hard for him to work late knowing that he has Madalyn to come home to. We both fall more and more in love with our baby girl each day and within that I find more and more things that I love about Kevin. God has truly blessed our family and we are doing our best to enjoy it to the fullest each day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Madalyn's Hives

On Thursday of last week I noticed that Madalyn was broken out on her back, chest, and stomach in a raised rash and big circles. I called the doctor and she said to stop her eating squash that she could be having a reaction to it or it could be a viral rash. So we stopped the squash and kept her off veggies for 3 days. It didn't go away and got worse when she got hot or had her bath. So, this Thursday was a week and she was still broken out. Saturday, my mom and I took her to the doctor and she has a viral rash and was broken out in hives. She has had a cold for awhile now and the doctor said it probably came from that. So we have to give her benadryl for a few days. If it doesn't clear up by the time we go back in a few weeks for her 6 month check up then she will have to see a dermatologist to see what is causing this out break of hives.

Madalyn had so much fun waiting on the doctor. She loved to tear the paper because it made a lot of noise and she could tear it easily. Oh, and she weighed 16.8 pounds!

Madalyn is 5 Months

Brantley came down on August 29th to take pictures of Hunter getting his first hair cut and got a few pictures made of Madalyn too.

At 5 months Madalyn is....
-squealing with delight and enjoying sitting up and playing with toys (she can't sit up yet by herself but with our support)
-She is rolling over and over when she's in the floor
-She is enjoying eating her veggies
-She is on a routine; she wakes up anywhere from 6 to 6:30 in the morning and goes to bed around 8-8:30

She is such a joy and at the end of the school day I can't wait to get my work done to get home to see her. She is growing and changing so fast.

Cousins sharing a secret.

Hunter 11 months