Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 26, 2014

Chickens are Back...Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, we got chickens back in two of the houses. Next Saturday, the other two houses will have chickens. Madalyn and I went down to see them. They were flying all over the place. She would scream and then start laughing when one came towards us.

Madalyn & chickens

It's been a week tomorrow, that Madalyn had her tubes put in her ears. She's done good so far. However, the drops that I had to put in her ears to keep them clean, she screams and cries. They must really hurt her because she tells me they do and that she doesn't want any more drops in her ears.  She also told me that she didn't want any more "cotton candy" in her ears. Meaning cotton balls. :0)

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all the men and women who have served and who are still serving our country. We greatly appreciate you!

Kevin is working so it's just me and Mad at home hanging out today. It's been such nice weather all weekend, we have tried to stay outside as much as we can. 

This is my last week with kids. Next week the kids comes two days (which are half days) and two full days for teachers, and I'll be done next Thursday, June 5th for the summer. I'm so ready to be done and have a break from school. However, I'm not sure what Mad and I will do everyday, but we always find some kind of adventure to go on.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Madalyn....Tubes in her Ears

Our day began at 4:00 am this morning, or should I say 6:00 am Monday morning, because Kevin and I only got about an hour of sleep last night; we just couldn't sleep. We had to have Madalyn at the Surgery Center in Aiken at 6:15 am this morning to get tubes put in her ears. We actually got there at 5:50 and we had to wait for the place to open.  My parents came with us and helped us out today.

Madalyn couldn't understand why the houses that we passed didn't have their lights on. It wasn't too long before she was back asleep.

Madalyn watching TV before her surgery.

Madalyn's pretty bracelets, which she didn't like at all and wanted them off.

When it was time for her to go back, a nurse carried her. I was so proud of Madalyn; she went with that nurse without even a whimper and no tears. I was the one that teared up. (I always get emotional when I am with someone and they get taken back to surgery and especially this being my child.)  The procedure lasted about 15 minutes and she was only under for about 5 minutes. The procedure went well. Her left ear was not infected at this time, but her right ear was full of puss. The doctor said it was very inflamed so much that  her ear had started to bleed. So I am glad we got this done. The tubes have to stay in for at least 6 months to a year. If they come out before 6 months, she has to get them redone. So I hope and pray that doesn't happen and that this will help her ears to stay well.  She goes back in 4 weeks for a check up.

They kept telling us that from the anesthesia, when she woke up she would be screaming and crying. They said until she got woken up good and it got out of her system there wasn't much we could do for her. They were right, she cried and cried for about 40 minutes. I  just sat on the bed with her and held her. She didn't understand what was going on.

Madalyn's recovery room was decorated with Disney Fairies.

Back at home, watching TV and eating a Popsicle.

For the most part, after we got home Madalyn has been her normal self. She would have moments where she would just start crying and around lunch time she started crying and saying her right ear hurt. After some Tylenol and a nap she was doing better. Her right ear especially is draining. We have to put these drops in her ears 5 times a day and Madalyn hates those.  And she has to wear ear plugs when she gets in the bath tub or pool until the tubes are out or possibly longer.

I knew that one person or should I say one "kitty" that could help Madalyn feel better. So we went to see Bella at Meme's house this evening.

Bella; such a pretty kitty!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy Day Fun

Today, it has rained most of the morning and afternoon. It had started to stop at the time I was picking Madalyn up. It's very hard for her to resist playing in puddles, so I thought way not have some fun. So I grabbed my camera and got some pictures of her playing in the rain this afternoon. It was hard getting her to come inside because she was having a lot of fun.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I know I'm a day late, but Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother and mother-in-law. But I feel even more blessed to be a mom myself to a precious little girl, Madalyn. She now is what makes Mother's Day extra special. She woke me up Sunday morning...she climbed into bed and started singing "Happy Birthday" to me. (My birthday is in July) but it was a sweet way to wake up.

I love my little Energizer Bunny! 

Madalyn's End of the Year Preschool Program

Saturday morning, Madalyn had her end of the year preschool program at church. You never know how children will do when they have to stand in front of a crowd on stage, but she did good. I was proud of her. Her class sang two songs "My God is so Big" and "God is so Good".

Madalyn's Class

Madalyn's Teachers
Mrs. Krystal, Madalyn, and Mrs. Kim

Graduated the 2 year old class!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update on Us

The last three weeks have been so busy. Time always go by fast after Spring Break. All four chicken houses have been emptied out so Kevin is busy working before the sun comes up and after the sun goes down. This week is state testing for 3rd-8th graders. And explain to me why, we still go four more weeks after testing when books have all been collected and everything has been taught?  I have yet to understand that, either move the testing date later in May or let us get out earlier. Those last four weeks, the kids don't do anything, we are just baby-sitting.  They don't learn anything new and are not taught anything new; just busy work. But the people that make that decision don't ask classroom teachers their opinion on things like that. Things would be different if they did and we could have some say.

Madalyn went last week for her 3 year old check out and we found out her right ear was infected. So this afternoon we went to see the ENT. Madalyn is going to get tubes put in on May 20th. Madalyn's doctor didn't even put her on an antibiotic this time because they don't work and ends up being allergic to them. So I hope this will help her. She's been her normal self for the most part, but she's had days where she's been really whiny and you can tell she doesn't feel good. However, the ENT doctor also mentioned taking out her tonsils and adenoids.  Which was a surprise to me. Madalyn hasn't had any type of throat infections. But he asked if she snored or open-mouth breathed a lot. She normally doesn't snore, but she does open-mouth breathe during her sleep. She also has allergies so it seems she always had a stuffy or runny nose. I have to keep her on allergy medicine, especially right now. So, that surgery could be in our future, but we will do the tubes first. I can only handle one thing at a time unless it's an emergency or something that needs to be taken care of right away. Which the doctor didn't say that about either. So, we will just wait and see.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meet Bella

My mother-in-law has a mama cat that at least once a year sometimes twice has a set of kittens. She had her kittens a few weeks ago, but she finally brought them up to be seen this week. Madalyn has fallen in love with one of the kittens. In the litter of 5, there's only one girl. She's not old enough to come away from her mom yet, and if we could find Wingo a new home then she could come live with us, but we've been trying to find him a new home since the fall.  So for now Madalyn has to enjoy her and love on her at Meme's house. And trust me, this kitten is getting plenty  of L-O-V-E.
She's a very pretty cat with unusual markings, she's the biggest of all the kittens and the fluffiest. I was asking Madalyn what she wanted to name her and was giving her a list of names. She said no to all of them, but we she saw her again, she said "oh, there's Bella".  Madalyn doesn't like for anyone else to touch Bella including me, so we are working on sharing.
Madalyn & Bella
The pictures don't due her justice; she's so much prettier and cuter in person.
Mama Cat and her 5 kittens:
one black, two gray striped, one gray striped with white boots, and Bella.