Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 31, 2009

McCormick Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you an update as to what is going on in our lives. Yes, I know that I blog weekly, but I haven't mentioned what is going on most recently with us.

Family and Friend News:
1. My aunt, Ann, found out a few days before they came to visit us that her cancer was back and she has to start taking treatments again. She has lymphoma, and went 2 years with her treatments and she also had surgery. The spot is in her stomach.

Pray: that her treatments will go well, that she will feel good and strong, and that her treatments will be successful and she could get another good 2 years or longer before the cancer returns. Also pray that she doesn't have to have surgery this time, that the treatments will cause the cancer to go away.

2. Bryson is one of Kevin's weekend helpers. He is 17 years old. About 4 weeks ago, he drank so much that he got alcohol poisoning and had to go to the ER to have his stomach pumped. Tuesday, his parents tried to wake him up for school and found out that he had over dosed on pain pills. He took 2 different kinds. He was air lifted to Augusta. Tuesday, and Wednesday til noon, he was in a coma and on life support. At noon, they took him off life support and he was breathing 90% on his own. By that night, he was awake and talking and they sent him home.

Pray: that he will get some help, that his family will realize he has a serious problem, and next time he may not be so lucky to come out of it. Pray that this will be a wake up call to him and that he will get his life together.

3. Aunt Arie- on our way back from the beach, as soon as we go to Blackville we found out that Kevin's aunt Arie had had a mayor stroke. She was air lifted to Augusta. They are going to do surgery on her tonight (its 10:40 pm right now) They said she has 3 hours. If they can do the surgery she may come out of it, but even with the surgery she could be in the nursing home for the rest of her life. Or she may not make it. She is 82 years old. **I will keep you update on her condition.**

Pray: for aunt Arie, her husband uncle Buck, and family as they are dealing with this difficult situation. Pray for the doctors that they will know what to do. Pray for God's will to be done. It's hard when someone has lived such an enriched and full life as she has and at 82 yrs. old to know what is best, only God knows. But pray for peace and comfort for Arie and all family and friends.

4. Kevin- summer is here and this is his busiest time of the year. This weekend was such a wonderful thing for Kevin to unwind and distress, but now that we are back, the stress is coming back and of course it's upsetting with the news of his aunt.

Pray: that Kevin will be able to not get stressed out and be able to get his work done in a reasonable time and not have to work until late in the evening way after dark.

5. Jill- June 3rd is my last day with kids and June 4th is my last day at school for this year! I am so excited and ready for a break! It has been a really good year. My best yet. I have my roll for next year and I am starting to pray for the coming school year.

Pray: that I am able to work on things for school throughout the summer, that I don't waste my days away sitting in front of the TV, which is so easy to do. Pray that I am productive around the house and are able to do things that will lighten Kevin's load.

So, that's the quick and shorten version of what is the newest NEWS of what is going on with us.

Hill Billy Clan No.82

Okay, never, ever seen anything like this in my life! It was like something you would see on Hee-Haw. I don't know if any of you remember that show, but I use to watch it as a little girl. But Saturday morning at the beach, we were all awoken to music and noise. My mom got up first and then woke the rest of us up. Across the street was the Hill Billy Clan No. 82 annual meeting. The Low country Shine Club were dressed up as Hill Billies and apparently they do this every year. They get together on the last Saturday in May at Myrtle Beach and have a parade to raise money. It was the neatest, yet funniest thing. We didn't go to the parade because we got to watch, from our front porch, all the cars and people arrive. I hope they raise a lot of money. There is a Shriner's hospital in Greenville, SC and the next closest one is in Texas. They are wanting or will have to close down the one in Greenville because they are running out of funds. But those that don't know the Shriner's help children with physical disabilities get help with treatments or surgeries and the families don't have to pay. My mom worked as a nurse for summer at the one in Greenville. They do a super job and I know this side of the country will be lost if it has to close.

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Myrtle Beach

This past Thursday evening Kevin and I headed off to Myrtle Beach to the Beach Box. My aunt and uncle, Bob and Ann, own the Beach Box. My parents had headed down Tuesday afternoon and we were on our way to join them. We finally made it there about 9:30-10:00 at night. Friday-we got up and went down to the beach. We stayed until lunch time, then got run off the beach due to rain, thunder, and lightning. After lunch it was still raining, so we decided to take a nap. We went out to eat at Kevin's favorite place, well we all enjoy it. (Before we got there we had to stop at Kevin's favorite store, Bass Pro Shop.) It's in Calabash, NC-Dockside. I don't eat shrimp, or any seafood for that matter, but my dad and Kevin say it's the best there is! My favorite part is afterwards when we stop to shop at my favorite beach store Callahan's. It's a huge store with all kinds of stuff in it, but my favorite part is the Christmas section. They always have the neatest ornaments there. Then when we got back we drove down to the pavilion. Kevin had never been to the Myrtle Beach pavilion before. His favorite thing was the rack track. I did drive the first time, but Kevin and my dad lapped me. Saturday-We were all awoken by this loud music. Come to find out the Hill Billy Clan was in town. I will explain more in my next entry. my mom and I did some quick shopping. Found a new bathing suit, which is a miracle, I hate shopping for clothes, because you can never find what you are looking for and I do not like trying on bathing suits, but I found one. Then we stayed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. To which I ended up taking a 2 hour nap on the beach. (I am not sunburned!) After eating we went to check out Huntington Beach State Park (Kevin and I were interested in seeing it in case we wanted to go camping there). It was so nice and had a very pretty and nice beach. I think we are going to try it out sometime. Then we ended the night with a close game of Put-Put. My dad won-39, I came in 2nd-40, Kevin 3rd-41, and my mom 4th-43. We had lots of fun! Sunday-this was out hottest day yet, but very nice. We spent the morning on the beach then came up for lunch and did the awful thing of packing up to leave. But it was such a relaxing and restful couple of days. It feels like we were gone for a very long time. Thanks Bob and Ann for letting us use your Beach Box!

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Garden Update

Our garden is growing....well some of it. Last week Kevin put this stuff on it to help it grow and ended up putting too much, so some of our plants are competely dead now, but then others are doing well.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend

This weekend Kevin and I are playing host to family and friends. Today my parents came down with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Bobby. Ann came down before Kevin and I got married and Bobby hasn't been down before. They got here about 10:30 this morning and we had a great time visiting with each other. They saw the chickens, compost, and sheep. They brought down a tasty lunch of chicken strips, deviled eggs, deviled egg sandwiches, potato salad, and brownies and Bobby's famous sweet tea. We took them to visit the great big town of Barnwell. They wanted to see where we went to church and some of the town. Which it just took us 30 minutes to see everything. We spent a lot of time sitting on either the back or porch just talking. And of course, Miss Abby was the entertainment. Tomorrow my high school best friend Lindsey and her husband Tim is coming to visit. They have been at the beach all week and are going to stop by on their way home. They are going to spend Sunday night with us. I am looking forward to it.

Kevin had been working all day, and Abby wouldn't get down.

Monday-Lindsey and Tim got here about 1:30-2:00 on Sunday afternoon. It was raining when they got here. It finally stopped raining about 5:00 and we got out the 4-wheeler and golf cart. Kevin and Tim rode the golf cart and Lindsey and I rode the 4-wheeler and went to the creek. Lindsey had never ridden a 4-wheeler before, which I had not either until Kevin and I started dating. When we were coming back to the house Kevin said that the golf cart was going to soon run out of steam. Well, we left them and later found out that after we left, it died and they had to push it back to Kevin's grandmother's house. Oops! :0) We grilled out and then after supper took them to Williston to see the cows and my school. Kevin had to work today so I took them to see Barnwell this morning. Which is about a 30 min. round trip. Then they headed back home. We had a fun visit. Abby found a new friend in Tim. He threw the ball a lot with her. It was fun to have people come and stay with us.

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to those that gave their time and lives for us to celebrate this day. Thank you to those that are still serving. We will never know the sacrifice that you have made for us.

Riverbanks Zoo Field Trip

Yesterday, the 3rd grade from Kelly Edwards went to the Riverbanks Zoo on a field trip. We had a wonderful time. Some most of the kids had never been to the zoo before. It was fun to watch the look at the animals. I divided my kids up with a chaperone and they went around in small groups. So I ended up with a group of 4 girls. We had a great time! We went into the gift shop and three of my girls had money and bought a stuffed animal. I felt sorry for the one that didn't, so I told her to pick out something and I would get it for her. She picked out a stuff monkey and she was the happiest kid in the world to have that little monkey. It could Velcro around your neck and she wore it for the rest of the day. I made a slide show of a few pictures.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Landscaping Job

Okay, I had promised some pictures of the landscaping job that we did a couple of weekends ago. This week Kevin and I got the mulch down. We finished it yesterday. We went to Lowe's and Home Depot last night and got some more flowers. We have a few more things to get, but we are almost done. It really looks so good! The flowers made a big difference but then when we added the mulch, wow! what a transformation. It looks like a home now. We are both very pleased and excited about our new yard.

I added some new pictures.
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Uncle Buck's Car Show

After we ate lunch on Mother's Day we went over to Kevin's Uncle Buck and Aunt Arie's house to see his cars. I had never seen them before and my dad was interested in seeing them. Uncle Buck has made it a very good hobby to restore old cars. He did all the work himself. His cars have been in many parades and have won several awards. When the Blackville History Museum is completed, some of his cars will be on displayed there. It was impressive and it is something he enjoys sharing with people.

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Happy Mother's Day!

"Because I am a woman does not make me a different Christian, but because I am a Christian, that makes me a different woman."
~Elisabeth Elliot~

Yes, I realize that I am a week late, but I still wanted to mention Mother's Day. My parents came down for the weekend and we had Mother's Day lunch at Mrs. Kitty's cookhouse. I also got my first mother's day card from Abby. I just wanted to say thank you to all the "Mothers" that have had an influence on me and my life. I have meet and have had the chance to have so many wonderful, Christian women to be my mentors. There are so many women in my family that are so very special to me that I just wanted to say "thank you". Thank you for giving of your time, your prayers, your encouragement and your support. However, I do have to single one particular woman out, and that would be my mom. My mom is one of the most special people to me. She is my best friend and she has always been there supporting me and encouraging me to reach for my dreams. She is a voice of reason that I constantly hear in my head. She has always given of herself to help me with everything. She is what true unconditional love is all about. She is an incredible, loving, caring, and beautiful person. I have been so blessed for the past 27 years to have her in my life. I pray that one day when I have children I can be the kind of mom that she has been to me. It is hard at times to be so far away from her, but she gave me wings to fly and roots to grow and stand on. Thank goodness for phones and computers, so we can stand in touch. I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. You have the most precious and influential job there is...(next to teachers :0) Can't tell you how many times a day I get mistakenly called "mom".) I hope on Mother's Day you were told how much you are appreciated and were blessed to be surrounded by those that have the privilege to call you "mom".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Scotts

When we got home from church today, my mom and I were making food to take to Mother's Day lunch at Grandma Kitty's house, and my dad decided to lay down and rest before time to go. He was cold, so Kevin covered him up with a USC blanket and had a fit to get a picture of it for the Scotts. (Those that don't know, my dad and I are the only Clemson fans in our family on all sides.) So this is especially for you Bobby, Chris, Stan, and Mark.

Bet you never thought you would see this!

And here is another surprise for the Scotts: Bet you never thought you would see not only my dad under an USC blanket and a dog in his lap too!
But let me tell you a secret: He likes his granddog.

Kitchen Table

Finally, Kevin and I have a kitchen table. Over spring break when we went up to Greer for Easter, Kevin and I found a kitchen table. We had just been either eating at the bar or with tv trays. The table came in last weekend and my parents went to pick it up. Then brought it down to us yesterday. I was so excited last night when I got to set the table and we ate our first meal on our new table. It looks so funny to see the table there. There was table there for a short while when Kevin had his friend Eric as a roomate, but there hasn't been one there in almost 2 years or so. But the table fits our space nicely and looks great in the kitchen!

The place mats that you see are just something to put on the table for right now.

These are my kitchen curtains. We are trying to find the fabric to make
some place mats and napkins out of.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

It's a bird, no it's a plane, no, it's, it's.....a Blimp! Yep, a blimp! Tonight I was over at Mrs. Katie and Mr. Tim's house. Mrs. Katie and I were outside and Mrs. Katie, was like, is that a blimp? And sure enough. It came right over my house and their house. I drove home to get my camera. It's not every day that you see a blimp. In fact the only other blimp that I can remember seeing in person was at a Carolina football game. And no, this wasn't the Good Year Blimp it was a MetLife Blimp. Don't know where it came from or where it was headed, but it passed through Blackville tonight.

Garden Update

I checked our garden today and we have some okra and corn that have decided to pop up. We also have 2 little tomatoes too!

Okra Plants


Our 2 little tomatoes

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Camping at Edisto Beach

This weekend, Kevin, Abby, and I went camping at Edisto Beach. We stayed in the Live Oak Camp Ground. Kevin's grandmother, Mrs. Kitty, has a camper. She let Kevin and I borrow it for the weekend. Growing up, Kevin and his family went camping a lot. I have been tent camping but never in a camper. We had the best weekend! It was our first mini-vacation since we got back from our honeymoon. It was so nice to be away from school and doing school work and I know Kevin was so glad to get away from the farm. We just really enjoyed spending time together without any other distractions, including the tv. So what did we do at night? We played Uno! And last night I beat Kevin 4 times in a row. Yep, sure did! Friday was a teacher workday, so as soon as I could leave, we headed to the beach. After we got camp set up, we went to the beach and as soon as I stepped onto that sand, all my cares and worries washed away like the sand. Abby didn't like the waves. She would run from them just like a child when they would get near her. She also thought that she could run and chase any sea gull no matter how high up it was. It was a fun time. We plan to go again sometime. We have some other State Parks and beaches that we want to try out.

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