Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Girls

It's been great this week being off with my girls even though I've been sick so far the whole time. I am starting to feel better....having this time off makes me very ready for summer break.  I took some pictures this week of my two girls who are both growing up so fast. They both are two amazing girls!

Madalyn 5 Years Old

Alexis who will be 15 months in 1 week

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! Our Easter day ended up being a foggy, cloudy, humid, and then very rainy day, but that didn't matter. The reason we celebrate today isn't clouded by the weather.... but this is the day that the LORD has made to celebrate that our Lord Jesus Christ is ALIVE and will forever BE!!!

Happy Easter! I actually made these pictures Friday morning because I knew what the out look for the weather was going to be. I also learned when Madalyn was a baby to make holiday pictures days before the actual day because you won't get good pictures on that day. Haha! :)

Madalyn 5 years

Alexis 14 months

Alexis was very excited about something.


I'm not sure what they were both looking at??

Saturday morning we went to Grandma Kitty's house to dye eggs with all the cousins.  Then that afternoon we went to church for the "inside" egg hunt (due to rain) and crafts.

Today...the Easter Bunny came this morning

These books are part of a series called the "Princess Parables". They are stories about five different princesses that are sisters and their stories are a retelling of some of the parables from the Bible. I got Madalyn a book a few years ago and then she got some more for her birthday and these two this morning. A Christian book store or Amazon is the place to find them.

My Easter Dirt Dessert I made for Easter lunch today...it was very yummy! :0)
Madalyn told me that she wasn't going to eat dirt...haha!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Madalyn's Birthday Continued

This evening we celebrated Madalyn's birthday with just the four of us. Madalyn has had a very BIG birthday this year! Turning 5 is a big deal. As I have mentioned before, Madalyn LOVES horses so Kevin and I gave her a horse barn and a few other horses for her birthday.

Alexis wanted everything that Madalyn had of course. She had to watch from the pack 'n play once Madalyn opened her barn so Madalyn could enjoy her birthday present in peace for a few minutes.

I couldn't find a horse barn that was painted that I liked. So I ordered this wooden one and painted Madalyn's favorite colors. She was very excited; however when she first pulled the paper off she was like, a box? I don't want a box. We told her to wait and see what was inside the box.

Madalyn's Party at School

Today is Madalyn's birthday and she took some cupcakes to preschool to share with her friends. 

Happy 5th Birthday Madalyn!

My oldest baby girl is 5 today!!! WOW!!! Can't believe she's 5. We celebrated with family and friends yesterday. Madalyn wanted her birthday to be at her house this year and she wanted a bouncy house. So that's what we did. The party theme was unicorns and rainbows. I will say that Madalyn had a wonderful birthday party.

The Birthday Girl

Madalyn and her best friend Charlee

Time for presents

Bouncy House Fun

Kayla, Lily Kate, Madalyn, and Geoffery

Alexis and Kevin

Hunter and Carleigh

Madalyn and her cousin Harper

Charlee and Madalyn

After everyone left, Madalyn and I went out and jumped some more before the bouncy house had to leave.

Madalyn took my picture...she did a good job :)

What a fun day we had!