Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekly Update

Here's just a few pictures from some events from this past week. Just one more week of school for me and then it's off to the beach we go!!! :0)

Watching Tinkerbell

Our Garden is growing...can't wait to pick some vegetables.

Our Future Track Star
Madalyn has been going to the garden with her Daddy to check on it in the evenings. Then she races him back...Kevin's driving the golf cart and Madalyn's running beside...or out in front. :0) She loves to run and have races. 

Monday, May 25, 2015


Here's some random pictures of what else has been going on around our house the past week.

Friday night, May 22nd, my oldest nephew, Houston, graduated from high school.
The Family-however we are actually missing another set of family members.

Kevin and Houston
When Kevin and I started dating, Houston was 6 years old. 

Our Garden

She like her cereal now.

She has an actual bow in her hair. She has enough to hold a small bow.

Our Lil' Ladybug

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zoo Trip

We have been promising Madalyn since her birthday that we would take her to the Riverbanks Zoo but we haven't been able to. But since the weather was so nice yesterday and Kevin was all caught up at work, we decided to take the girls to the zoo yesterday. The last time Madalyn went to the zoo she was 1. She had a blast! It was a fun morning for all of us. Alexis did great riding in her stroller and was a trooper. Madalyn wanted to go back to the zoo today. :0) Here are some highlights from our trip.

The penguins were one of the few animals that was Alexis' level to see.

Madalyn loved the giraffes. We didn't feed them because the line for food was way too long, but she did get to pet them. 

Her first trip to the zoo wore her out. :0)

Madalyn's favorite animal of the day was the giraffe. 

So while we were taking this picture, behind us Madalyn spotted the gorilla. She got very excited.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Madalyn's End of the Year Preschool Program

Saturday morning Madalyn had her end of the year preschool program. I didn't get to go to her Christmas program because I was on bed rest with Alexis. Madalyn did such a great job! She knew all three songs, we had been practicing them over and over at home. Her class had to choose to dress up as either a cowboy/cowgirl, farmer, or teacher....of course Madalyn chose cowgirl.  Madalyn has had a wonderful year in K3 and we have been so impressed with what all she has learned and done this year. She has one more week and then preschool will be over. Madalyn loves going to school but she's been telling me that she just wants to stay home and play for awhile. (Thankfully school is almost over for me too and we can do that.)

My little cowgirl and her class (she has 10 students in her class)
And she loves her two teachers: Mrs. Renea and Mrs. Rachel

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A White Dress Tradition

I took some more pictures this evening of Alexis in her white dress. Madalyn had a white dress like this when she was 6 months old and I had one too, and so did my mom. So, here's some pictures of my 4 month old baby girl in her white dress.

A look back at Madalyn in here white dress at 6 months.