Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 23, 2015


they talk alike, walk alike, and ....even sleep alike! There are many differences in my two girls, but a lot of similarities too. And here's one similarity...they sleep alike.

Every night, when Madalyn was a baby she slept this way and Alexis too. 

Water Fun

With all these Hot, Hot summer days, we are trying to stay cool. We have been to the pool and had a water play date this week.

Water Play Date with Kip

Kip's mom is a teaches with me at school. Kip got this really awesome water slide for his birthday. So this morning, Madalyn had fun playing on the slide.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Yesterday, we were on our way home from the lake. Both girls were asleep and we were making good time. We were somewhere between Greenwood and Edgefield when a deer came out in front of us and we hit it.  I saw the brown blur and it registered there was a deer in front of the car and at the same time we hit it. Both front air bags were deployed. When we got stopped, Kevin asked if I was ok. I asked if the girls were ok and if the car was on fire because it was smoking and smelled like something was burning. We got out and I got Alexis out, then I  Madalyn out. Obviously the impact and screams woke them up. Madalyn was upset but was holding back her tears. As we were getting the girls out, we saw the baby deer with spots cross the road. We had hit the mom. I called my mom and Kevin called his dad. A nice couple stopped right away to see what they could do to help. I was in shock and trying to wrap my head around what had happened. The air bag had burned my lips and they were swollen and on fire. It had also push my sunglasses up on my forehead and made two red indention and Kevin had a blood blister on his hand from the air bag, but that was all the damages we had, thankfully. About 7 cars stopped to see if they could help. They all saw Alexis and with the heat knew a little one couldn't take much. We were on the side of the road for 2 hours waiting on Kevin's parents, we weren't close to anything and my car was not drivable. They were able to get my car loaded on a trailer and Kevin's mom picked the girls and myself up. We hauled my car home, no one wanted to come get my car because of how far they would have to haul it. When we were about 10 miles from home, the trailer carrying my car, blew a tire, but thankfully we were able to make it home. More than likely they will total my car because both air bags were deployed, but we are waiting on the adjuster to come look at it to know for sure. I'm so thankful it was no more than what it was. I'm glad Kevin was the one driving. I hit a deer in college and at the speed we were going and the impact we had, I'm so thankful he was able to keep control of the car. God was watching out for us because we know lots of different things could have happened and things could have been much worse. It just goes to show you that you never know when something could happen, in the blink of an eye.

So blessed! My two girls were such troopers. Never once did Madalyn complain about the heat or say she was bored or whined about being on the side of the road for 2 hours. Alexis was as good as gold too. She was happy and not fussy about the heat either.

Another blessing was this shade tree. Since we were coming home from the lake we did have a few snacks and drinks. 

Lake Weekend

This past weekend we went to lake for my birthday weekend. My birthday was the 6th, but due to the 4th being so busy at the lake, we chose to go this weekend instead. We had a nice weekend.

Madalyn likes to drive the boat. She likes to go around and around in circles.

However, her favorite thing is going swimming.

We went exploring on a few islands.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Alexis 6 Months & Happy Birthday to Me

Today Alexis is 6 months old and it's also my birthday.

Alexis at 6 Months

-Still just as happy as can be and smiles all the time.
-She has 2 bottom teeth and still drools like crazy.
-She wakes up talking and happy.
-She is so easy to put to bed and still sleeps all night long.
-She likes to play on the floor and she can roll anywhere.
-She loves her sister and gets really excited when she sees Wingo and Bella.
-She still likes to suck on her two fingers.
-She is sitting up really well now, but will still tumble over at times.
-She is 28 inches long and weighs 16.2 pounds.

My birthday picture of me and my girls.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Love this one of her!

Here's her serious side (Kevin says she gets that from me :)

This was one of my favorite dresses that Madalyn had. I love the back. Here's Madalyn in the same dress and rocking chair. (Madalyn was about the same age as Alexis is wearing the dress.)

Poor Mad...she didn't have any hair and what she had was blonde so it didn't show up at all in pictures.

 We spent the afternoon and evening with Kevin's family, hanging out at pool.  

Madalyn had her first experience with sparklers.

And check out my festive Rice Krispie treats I made for the kids. I was proud how they turned out and they tasted yummy :0)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fishing with Daddy

Tonight, Kevin took Madalyn fishing. Alexis and I tagged along for a little bit, then we returned home and they continued to fish. Madalyn caught her first fish by her self, and actually caught 4 in all and Kevin caught 7. They caught a few that they had to throw back because they were too little. I think they both had a lot of fun.

As soon as the fish was on land, Madalyn dropped the pole and ran away. I had to convince her to get near it to get her picture made.

They kept 11 of them. 

Play Day

Yesterday, Madalyn had a special treat...her cousins came to play for the day. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and it turned out to be a nice day. They had fun playing, swimming, swinging, and playing in the sandbox.

Katherine Grace and Madalyn

Brantley, Annalise, Katherine Grace, Madalyn, Me, and Alexis