Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Lil' Fish

Madalyn has always loved the water.  She has really gotten brave this summer. She is now swimming all the pool and never wants to get out.  This summer at least 3 or more times during the week, when Kevin gets home from work, we head over to the pool for about an hour or so. It's a great way for her to burn off some energy too. The blue things in her ears are earplugs; which she has to wear every time she gets in water; no matter if it's the pool, lake, or bathtub. A dry ear is a healthy ear, so they tell us.

Lake Vacation

Sunday, July 6th was my birthday. Since we were leaving to go on vacation Sunday after church, Kevin, Madalyn, and I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. Kevin grilled out hamburgers and it was such a pleasant evening that we spread a blanket on the ground and ate our dinner in the backyard.  After church, we loaded up and headed to the lake for a week with my parents.   We had a great week. The weather was great; we had one day where the lake looked like the ocean and it was too rough for Madalyn to be in the water and we had one afternoon rain shower, but other than that it was great. Some of my family came down to see us throughout our time there. It was a nice time. I also got caught up on some sleep :0)  Madalyn had a blast playing in the water. She loves it so much and isn't scared at all. The hard part is getting her out of the water. She also played in the sand and we had many boat rides.  We all went fishing and had some luck too. One day we all went to Helen, GA and went tubing in the river which was a new experience for all of us. Madalyn really liked when we went over the rapids.  It was a fun week.

Going swimming

Swimming is so much fun! She's a little fish in the water.

Going for a boat ride. I'll drive!

Kevin skiing

Wednesday, we went to Helen, GA for the day.
We ate lunch on the river in Helen, GA

Going tubing on the Chattahoochee River

We had an hour ride and it was fun. The water was cold.

After we went tubing we took Madalyn to a playground they had there. Her favorite thing is the slide.

Flashback: Madalyn summer 2011, 4 months old
We went to the lake for our week vacation and went to Helen, GA.

We had a fun day in Helen, GA!

Going Fishing.....

Look what I caught !

 Look what Daddy caught !

Look what Mommy caught !

It was so much fun.  The only thing was that all week long Madalyn wanted to go home to see her kitty Bella. And when we did get home, they both were happy to see each other.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all the men and women who fought to make our country free and those that are still fighting.  We take so much this country offers us for granted every day and never think about the sacrifice that so many people have made.  I hope you have a fabulous day celebrating with family and friends. Don't forget to take time out and thank God for all He has given you and for all He has done for this country even though time after time we turn our backs to Him, He has still continued to bless us.  God Bless America, and may we turn back to HIM.

This was our first attempt at a picture this morning. That expression looks like she's about to get into trouble. And she's normally not too far from it. :0)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby #2 Update: 12 Weeks

Each Tuesday is when I change to a new week in my pregnancy, so this Tuesday I was 12 weeks. This Wednesday, I went to the doctor for my 12 week appointment. All was good, we heard a good strong heartbeat.  I have been comparing this pregnancy to my first and some things, so far, are similar and others have been different. For example: I have had more aches and pains this go round. Like if I am sitting and I get up, I will feel pulling on either side, sometimes it feels like cramps, etc. My doctor says it's just the ligaments stretching out again, and it's normal. Which it has gotten a lot better and I'm not complaining but just concerned and wanted to make sure things were normal.  With Madalyn, I started "morning sickness" at week 7 and it ended at week 10. Which is was more like afternoon-evening sickness is when I would be bothered by it. And I was more nausea, than anything, I never actually threw-up (not that you wanted to know that).  With this pregnancy, as the same with Madalyn, the "afternoon" sickness started at week 7 and has still continued.  I am great in the mornings, but by 2 or 3 every afternoon the "queasy" starts and stays until like 6 or 7 that evening. Sometimes it may hit later like 5 or 6 and stay until I go to bed. I feel better when I eat something, but it changes each day as far as what tastes good to me. But I can eat pretty much whatever, like pizza or Mexican doesn't bother me. But like one day saltines help with the yucky feeling and the next day just thought of eating saltines makes me feel sicker.  Ginger Ale has been my friend and any kind of salty snack except potato chips ( they make me feel sicker).  I haven't had any food cravings yet (I didn't have any with Madalyn either.)  I am not sleeping that great. Some nights I might sleep from 10:00 to 4:00 before waking up for the first time; other nights I wake up like every hour or two. Most of the time when I wake up, it's not to get up to go to the bathroom, I just can't get comfortable. However, we have said for some time now that we need to get a new mattress, so that could be some of it. As far as being tired, some days I get very sleepy in the afternoons and other days I'm fine.  So far, I'm still in my regular clothes and I haven't really started showing yet.  I am not complaining about my pregnancy symptoms, just comparing notes to the first.  I am so grateful for this baby and this pregnancy that feeling yucky each day for a few hours is worth it. Also, the not sleeping that great part I know is just preparing me for the newborn to come.  :0)

Madalyn knows that there's a baby in my tummy.  She thinks by looking at my tummy that she can see it. Her Sunday School teachers asked Madalyn about her new baby cousin that was coming in December (my sister-in-law, Katelyn is pregnant too and due Christmas.  We are two weeks apart.) Madalyn said she wasn't having a baby cousin, she was having a baby sister.  So she "spilled the beans" before we had a chance to tell them. However, we don't know yet if it's a sister or brother, but Madalyn says it's a sister.  We will find out the end of August what the baby is.

I love pictures! I took belly pictures each month when I was pregnant with Madalyn and I am doing the same with this baby also.  I like going back and looking at them and how my belly changed each month.  I haven't posted any yet, so these pics will catch me up to date.  I go back for my 16 week check up the end of July, so I'll post another baby update then.  :0)

5 weeks
Mother's Day weekend; just found out I was expecting baby #2!

8 weeks
We saw our little "gummy bear" for the first time!

12 weeks
The first trimester is almost done!