Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lake Weekend

We had our first lake weekend with Alexis this weekend. We had family come down Saturday and spent the day enjoying being with them.

Madalyn got to feed some geese.

Madalyn and her cousin Emily being silly.

G-Dad with Madalyn and Alexis

Alexis driving the boat...I think she had rather chew on it instead.

First time on the boat

First time in the lake

A Look Back at Madalyn's First Lake Trip

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy 7 Years

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary...Happy Anniversary! I will say that it was not near this hot 7 years ago. :0) And we both wish we were getting on a plane and headed to Jamaica tomorrow for a week of some R&R, but instead we will sweat it out in Blackville along with everyone else this week. :0)

Here's to many, many more anniversaries and years together to come.
I love you!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my hubby, Kevin, my dad, my father-in-law, my grandpa, and all the other dads out there. Thank you for all that you do.

Happy Father's Day
My girls sure love their Daddy.
This is Kevin's first father's day as a Daddy of two. :0)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Fun

Since I was sickly feeling all last summer due to pregnancy :0), this summer I'm trying to make up for with Madalyn. We have been to the Library and she has her own Library card to check out books. We have drawn chalk pictures and played with bubbles (in the early morning), gone swimming in Meme's pool, and some inside crafts. This afternoon we made Play Doh. I found this recipe on pinterest and we made two different colors today.

We made strawberry (red) and mixed berry (blue) today.

Kool Aid Play Doh Recipe

1 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 tbs. cooking oil
1 c. water
1 packet of Kool Aid

Mix together in a large sauce pan over medium-low heat. Stir until well blended and stir until the mixture looks like Play Doh. Take off the heat, put on a plate to cool before using.

Alexis has learned to bounce. And seems to enjoy it as much as Madalyn did.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alexis 5 Months

Alexis was 5 months old on June 6th.

Alexis at 5 Months

If you lay her on her back, she will flip over in a few seconds.
She can roll across the room.
She can also put her head down and knees up and scoot across the room too.
She has 3 teeth. We noticed them coming in while we were at the beach. The front two on the bottom are through and there's one on the side on the bottom that is through too. You can't see them too well yet, but you can feel those sharp points.
She is becoming more and more vocal. She wakes up in the morning "talking", never crying.
She also likes to "sing". I say she might be an opera singer.
She is the happiest baby; always smiling.
If she sees you drinking water from a bottle or soda, she thinks it's suppose to before her. At the beach she took Kevin's Pepsi one day, and got and tried to drink it. Thankfully it had the top on it.
She's doing good eating her vegetables. She really likes carrots and sweet potatoes. However, at any given time, she prefers her bottle.
She sucks her two fingers when shes sleepy or hungry.
She can sit up on her own with some assistance.
She reaches for you to hold her.
She likes to bounce in her jumpy sit.
Madalyn really seems to love her little sister (most of time :0), Alexis sure loves her Madalyn.

Here's some other random pictures that I've taken of Alexis over the last few weeks.

She likes her carrots.

First time swimming in Meme's pool. Her legs kicked the whole time.

Sometimes you can fall asleep anywhere.

Every night, her hands are behind her head. She sleeps this way all night long.

Family Vacation at Surfside Beach

I got out of school on Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th, we loaded up and headed to the beach for a week with my parents. We had a wonderful time, probably one of the best vacations we had been on in awhile. We had perfect weather, it wasn't too hot. When we first got there Saturday afternoon, it was raining, but not storming, so Kevin, Madalyn, and my dad went to the beach. The only other time we had rain was Tuesday afternoon, we had a thunderstorm, but that was ok too because it gave everyone a chance to rest. This was the third time we have visited Surfside and we just really like it, it's not too far to go, it's a nice wide beach and clean, it's a family beach, so you don't have to put up with some stuff that you would other places, there's plenty to do and places to go eat.

The view from our condo. We were right on the ocean.

Saturday afternoon...Madalyn couldn't wait to get to the beach. So as soon as we were unloaded, she headed to the beach.

 After playing on the beach, that  night we walked to the pier and got the messiest ice cream ever!

Madalyn's ice cream...and this is only 1 scoop

The ice cream was melting so fast and the wind was blowing it all over her. Kevin and I laughed and laughed. This was the funniest thing ever. Poor Mad. 

We took her to a public bathroom and wiped her down before walking back. And just for the record, I couldn't get the chocolate stains out of her shirt.

I have some cousins who moved back to the beach in the last few months, so we got to see them and see their new house.

Their new house...it's only a short drive to the beach for them.

Playing on the beach

First trip to the beach

She tasted the sand.

Toes in the water

Alexis spent most of her time under the tent.

She had a nap everyday on the beach.


Madalyn had found her a friend to play with. The little girl was 5 and her name was Ellison. They played really well together.

Playing with her mermaid in the tide pools.

We went out to eat at our favorite place..Dockside in Calabash, NC

Nana and Madalyn

Madalyn and G-Dad

At Dockside


We went in search that night for a souvenir for Madalyn. She loves stuffed animals so we ended up going to the Stuffed Animal Store at  Barefoot Landing. We also found some rides for her to ride.

Her chosen souvenir was a snow leopard and Alexis chose a little one.

Riding some rides

This was Madalyn's favorite, the bungee trampoline

We just enjoyed being at the beach. We had a great week!