Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 27, 2009

What's Up with Us?

Things have been busy around the McCormick household. Kevin's been working hard and lots of long hours. We started working on finishing our back porch. This included, staining the deck (twice) the first I had Kevin's help, then I did the 2nd coat by myself, which took a long time. Then Kevin has screened the porch. We have to put the boards over where the screen meets together, cut the doors, and stain them, then I think it will be almost finished. I post pictures when we get to that point. Then, I was at school Monday-Thursday last week, working in my classroom, or should I say "painting" my classroom. Yes, they paint the rooms, but it's such an old school that most teachers paint themselves so they can paint it how they want to. My room is white with dark blue trim (school colors). So this week, I will be back at school working on getting the classroom ready and getting everything that you have to do for another year to start. It's sad that summer is over, but it's a bit exciting about a new school year starting. You have new ideas and a new bunch of kids. There's a certain thrill to being able to start over. It's hard to walk by the school supply aisle and not buy something. I love the smell of new books and school supplies. I think Meg Ryan said it best in the movie "You've Got Mail", "I love New York in the fall, I feel like someone should bring me a bouquet of sharpened pencils". I love that quote. You can start to feel fall in the air. It's coming, and that school bell is going to ring for the first time in 9 weeks on August 17th. So, I shouldn't waste any more time blogging about it and get busy. **Pray for a great school year!

Lake Weekend

This past weekend, Kevin and I went to the lake to meet up with my parents and my best friend from college, Noelle and her little girl, Elizabeth. We had a great time! Elizabeth loved the lake! Noelle was able to rest and relax. It was so cute, anytime someone either fell when skiing or tubing, Elizabeth would say "uh-oh, and are you okay?". Her and Kevin had a blast playing together. Kevin keep trying to get Noelle to "rent" Elizabeth to us. He wanted to take her home. She was so cute and was our entertainment for the weekend. It was great to get to spend some time together. It's not often that we are able to get together. But we all had a great weekend!

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Happy 34th Anniversary!

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. I think it is so important to recognized wedding anniversaries. More and more marriages are falling and to be able to celebrate another year together is amazing and yet alone to celebrate 34 years! Being an only child, I am very close to my parents and we have always had a very special little family. I am so blessed to have them as parents. They are the best! They have always gone out of their way for me and now are doing that with Kevin too! and let's don't forget Abby! It was great to spend the weekend with them at the lake. I hope they get to celebrate many, many more years together. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was waiting to blog about the most recent happenings until I knew what the ending was going to be. Thankfully it turned out to be a happy one and everyone was relieved when it was over. It all began this past Saturday morning at 10 am. My mom took Evie to get her yearly shots. We have always taken our cats to the Pet Mobiles to get shots, because it soooo much cheaper than taking them to the vet. The vet wanted to give Evie her shots in her hip. My mom told him that they always gave her the shots in her shoulder, but he insisted. So, my mom took Evie out, she got her shots, and as she was halfway into the cage, when the unthinkable happened...........the big, yellow lab behind my mom, accidentally bumped into her, but hard enough that she wobbled, the carrier wobbled, and Evie went flying off into the woods. The Pet Mobile was parked at Fairview Baptist Church which is about 5 minutes, 1-2 miles from home. Thankfully Evie headed into the woods and not the street. The street that runs in front of the church is super busy, she wouldn't have had a chance to make it across. So my mom goes running after Evie. She calls my dad to come help her. A few of the people in line start to help look for her. They finally found her, but she wouldn't come to them. She was traumatized by what had happened. (Plus she doesn't like getting shots, but who does?) Two hours later they still don't have Evie. The woods were so thick, that it was hard to get through them. My parents make their way back to the cars and discover that while they were looking for Evie, someone had stolen the cat carrier! Imagine, everyone saw the cat run away, know the owners are looking for her, know that she will need the carrier when the cat is found and they take it! They head home and in a few hours go back up there, still no Evie. My parents went up there 4 times on Saturday and came home empty handed. Evie was so scared and just wouldn't come to them. Sunday, same routine and still no Evie. They took food and water to her. She would come out, but not come to them. Monday morning, my dad goes by himself because my mom was a work. Evie comes right to him, gets in his lap, just as calm as she can be. My dad stands up and carries her out of the woods and is headed towards the truck. Then..............another cat goes across their path, Evie hisses, and her legs start going everywhere and off to the woods she goes again! (Now, I have been holding Evie before and she has gotten scared and there is just no way in this world you can hold on to her.) When my mom gets off work, they go up there again and still come home without Evie. Tuesday-today- at 10 til 7:00am my parents go up there. My dad takes Evie big cage that she sleeps in and waits at the end of the woods. My mom goes in by herself. Evie didn't come right away, but finally she came out. She starts to eat and my mom reaches down and grabs her. When she gets to my dad Evie is starting to try to get down, and my dad grabs her and puts her in the cage and they take her home. Finally, Evie is safe at home where she belongs. My mom says that next year, Evie will go to the regular vet where she will be enclosed in a room. Lesson Learned: Make sure you have a leash on your dog or cat and if you have to leave to chase your pet, don't leave anything behind.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 28th birthday! I cannot believe that in 2 years I will be 30! But I feel like I should be about 24 or 25. I don't realize I am that old. I got to celebrate my birthday with my family at the lake. For as long as I can remember we have always celebrated my birthday at the lake. Since it was so close to the 4th we were down there for the 4th and family would come down and I would get to celebrate my birthday too! I told Kevin that all I wanted for my birthday was to be able to go to the lake and see my family. Kevin had to work today, but after he gets off, we are going out to "eat Mexico" as my former roomie, Ashley, from college would say. My favorite thing to eat is Mexican food. There's a pretty good Mexican restaurant in Barnwell, that we like to go to. So, most of the day Abby and I will spend together.
This was my birthday cake. My cousin Beth made it for me. It's homemade. I love her chocolate cake! Delicious!

I just wanted to take the time to count my blessings for the past 28 years.

*I have been blessed to have the 2 best parents a girl could ask for. They have always been there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, giving me so many opportunities that most don't have, etc. Thank you!

*I have been blessed to have a wonderful family. I am very close to my family, always have been. I love when we get together. You can always count on them.

*I have been blessed to have such wonderful friends, whom are there when you need them.

*I have been blessed to have married into a wonderful, loving family. Family is so important to me and Kevin and God blessed me with Kevin's family.

*I have been blessed to have a job at the school that I work in. God truly blessed me when He opened the doors for me to work at Kelly Edwards.

*I have been blessed to have the cutest, smartest, sweetest black poodle in the world!
*I have been blessed to have the most wonderful, loving, caring, giving, Christian, husband in the world by Kevin! I love you! And Kevin would want me to add "manly". :0)

*I have been blessed by my health. Sure I have had problems, who doesn't, but God has seen me through those times and has healed me.

*Most importantly, I have been blessed to have a Lord and Savior that would die for me and loves me no matter how many times I mess up. Through the happy times and sad times, He has been there through it all. My favorite poem is the "Footprints" poem. We have walked many paths together in my short life, and He has been there to either hold my hand or carry me. Life is precious. Time goes by very fast. It's a comfort to know during my life journey and at the end of it, My God, is with me and will be waiting for me with open arms. My favorite verse in the Bible is this: " Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58.

If you haven't asked Christ Jesus into your heart, do not wait another day, another moment, do it now. It will be the most precious gift and most rewarding thing you every do!

The 4th at the Lake

Happy Birthday, America!
Kevin and I went to the lake this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of July and my birthday with my family. We left on Thursday and got back late yesterday evening.

Friday, July 3rd:
Friday, Keith, Felicia, Emily, and Papa came down for the day. We had lots of fun playing in the water, skiing, riding in the boat,and tubing. They didn't leave to go home until 11:00 that night. Here's some pictures of our fun!

Kevin Skiing

Keith Skiing (he hadn't skied in 14 yrs.!)

Emily Tubing

Kevin and Emily
Saturday, 4th of July:
On Saturday, Susan, Dan, Tim and Amanda came down for the day. Again, we had some more fun in the lake. Then that night, we got in the boat and rode over to a place in the lake where every year they shoot fireworks. I wanted to play with my camera and see if it could take some pictures of them. My dad said that I had a fireworks setting on my camera. I got some really neat pictures. I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I made a smilebox slide show to show them all.

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