Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dr. Seuss Carnival and Oobleck Fun

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Today we had a Dr. Seuss Carnival. Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2nd. My school has been celebrating Dr. Seuss all month long with different activites. When you play the slidshow my kids faces are painted like a cat- The Cat in the Hat. This was done at the carnival. Also, we finished our unit in Science on Matter. I read the book Barthomelow and the Oobleck. So today we had some fun with Oobleck. It was very, very messy, but the kids loved! And they got to take their Oobleck home. It was a crazy, but good Friday. There is some music to the slideshow so turn it up loud and dance along!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Chickens and sheep are not the only animals that we have. We also have cows. We have about 35 mama cows, 1 bull, and 8 girl cows and several calves. I went with Kevin yesterday to visit the cows. I haven't been to see them since this summer sometime. Which is funny because the cows are right down the street about a mile from where I work in Williston. I like seeing the cows. Abby went with us and she was a little unsure of those big animals; she didn't bark at all. Some day Kevin would like to move the cows closer, but right now there's not any land to put them on.

This is the bull. Kevin says that you can walk right up to him and pat his head. I wasn't brave enough to try it. Mean and bad to the bone looking, isn't he? Would you go up and pat his head?

There are black and red cows. Some have white faces, others don't. Kevin wants to have all red cows, because they can stand the hot summer heat better. That's why we have a red bull.

Mom and baby cows.

Spring Flowers

For Christmas I got a new camera. I am still learning how to use all the settings on it. The other day I bought some flowers to plant in the yard and I was playing around with the different settings on my camera and took a few pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

As I had mentioned earlier that I was going to start painting the master bathroom.....that didn't happen yet. I have ended up with a sinus infection and didn't feel like doing much of anything this weekend. I am starting to feel better. We did go to the anniversary party. They had a big turn out. Something that I didn't mention earlier is Mr. Sam and Mrs. Mary are from Pennsylvania. They were Amish and raised Amish. They left the Amish culture, became Christians, or as they are called "meninites". They moved to South Carolina. They had a 3 layer, small, wedding cake last night. Since they were married Amish, they didn't have a wedding cake. So they got to cut the cake and fed each other last night. It was very sweet. I did, however, decide to change my classroom around. After the party I sweet-talked Kevin into helping me. He wanted to go to school last night, instead of today. We spent about 30 minutes finishing moving everything around and cleaning up. Monday, is a teacher work day. Which means, no students! However, I do have some parent conferences and we are giving out 3rd nine weeks reports. I can not believe we are on our last nine weeks for the school year! So, Monday shouldn't be too stressful, but I always find things to do. I also started another project, but it's not yet completed. I will share what the project is and share it with you hopefully by the end of the week or sooner.

Friday, March 20, 2009

McCormick Update

Well, last week and weekend were very busy. This week has been a little slower. I had a good week at school. Nothing major went on, no major behavior issues, even though I did find out that we might have our school day extended by 30 minutes next year! :( That means our hours will be 7:35-3:45 for teachers and 7:45-3:15 for students. Kevin had to go to class. This was the first time he has been the "student" in a long time. He got a letter from Piedmont Tech. in Newberry, saying he had to attend this class on the proper and correct way to dispose of chicken litter. He thought he could get out of it, but nope! So, Wednesday at 5:15 am, Jason picked Kevin up and the two of them headed to Newberry. Praise the Lord they made it there in one piece! (Jason was driving). They were served breakfast, the morning class Kevin said was pretty interesting. They had a very nice BBQ lunch. But he said the afternoon class was boring. At the end of the class, they had to take a test which Kevin said was very hard. But they were allowed to use their 2 inch notebook to help them. He will get his results in about 2 weeks. So about 8:15 or so Kevin arrived back home. The cost for a day learning about chicken litter....$150. Tomorrow I am starting one of my other projects on my To-Do list...paint the master bathroom. I was going to save this for spring break, but I decided to go ahead and start on it. It will take 2 coats of Kliz, then I will be able to add color. The winning color will be in the sage green family. Not light green or dark green, but somewhere in the middle. The color is found in our bedspread which is also in the curtains in our bathroom. Tomorrow night, we have a surprise 50th wedding anniversary to go to for our "across the street, down the road" neighbors. They have always been so good to Kevin and I. Before we married, she would cook and bring Kevin a plate. They still bring stuff over. They are from PA, and Kevin will take care of their animals and things when they go up North. So, other than painting and partying it will be a pretty calm weekend. Hopefully, Abby and I can stay out of the paint this time. She and I both still have traces of white paint in our hair from the rocking chairs. I'll post some before and after pictures of the bathroom when I finish.

A Good Night Kiss

When it's time for bed, Kevin takes Abby outside to use the bathroom, then we do the usual routine of brushing teeth and stuff to get ready for bed. Then we read the Bible together and after that we say our prayers together. Who ever was reading, then will turn off the light by their bed. After our prayers, we always kiss each other good night. Well, Kevin turned off the lights and leaned over to kiss me, when all of a sudden I got this wet, sloppy, slobbery lick on my lips, instead of a nice sweet kiss. Abby, I guess decided that she didn't want to be left out. But she got right in the middle and since it was dark and she is black, and I couldn't see her. I screamed " Eww, Abby!" and Kevin started laughing. Then I started and we both laughed so hard and so long that we had tears coming down our face and our sides were hurting. Kevin even told me tonight that he has been laughing all day about Abby kissing me. (which this wasn't the first time that Abby had gotten me, but this one was a surprise attack.) But she does have this habit of coming in between Kevin and I. She always wants to be in the middle. She even sleeps in the middle of us. But we love her to death! We think she has the cutest personality and she is a very loving dog to have come from an abusive situation. But all we can say it "That's our Abby!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My mom pointed out to me the other day, that I didn't have anything on my blog about my cat, Evie. Evie stayed with my parents. She is 6 years old and it wouldn't be fair to her or my mom for her to have of moved with us. Plus, now we have Abby. But Evie came to me on New Years Eve in 2003. (which is where she got her name.) My aunt Susan, brought her to me from Anderson. Evie was a stray and she had been abused and was in bad shape when we got her. She was just about a year old. I have had 3 other cats before Evie, and I think that Evie is the prettiest one we have had. However, she is probably the most temper mental one we have had too. But Evie was my buddy. She would sleep on my bed and watch me do homework or grade papers, etc. It's so funny when I go home and pick her up, she is so much softer and lighter than Abby. I do miss my kitty, but I don't miss the attitude she can get sometimes. Her nickname is "Evie Lou".

This is Evie's spot on the couch.

This is the reaction I get when
I come home.

Evie wanted to join the birthday party.

Birthday Weekend

Today is my grandfather's birthday! He is 85 years old today! Yesterday, we had a birthday drop in for him. We had 28 people including everyone to show up. He had a great time seeing and talking with family and friends. I tried to focus on the highlights for the smilebox slideshow. I took so many pictures, there wasn't enough room for them all. I tried to make sure I got most everyone. Below are a few more. *Note: the music that plays with the slideshow is called "Orangeblossom Special", it is my grandfather's favorite.

Kevin, Jill, & Papa

Emily and Kevin

Karen Shaw and Maddison

Happy 85th Birthday, Papa!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Has Come!

Finally, we can break out our flip-flops, shorts, and short-sleeve shirts. But then we scream in horrid because our toes are in a desperate need of a pedicure, our arms and legs are so white-we glow, and those extra pounds that we gained over winter, are now showing, in a not-so-nice way. Well, those were at least my thoughts. Friday night, I put on my rainbow flip-flops for the first time, and my feet were shouting "I'm Freeeeee!!!", they were very excited. It was such an enjoyable weekend and today was no different. When I left school my car said it was 84 degrees. It was way too pretty to stay inside for the afternoon. Since I was in the comfort of my own backyard, I was brave and put on some shorts and sleeveless shirt, to get some sun, and starting painting a rocking chair. For a wedding present, Kevin and I got a pair of rocking chairs. They were just natural wood, but instead of staining them, I wanted to paint them white. I thought they would show up better on our front porch. So I got one chair done with two coats of primer. I will have to get some white paint tomorrow to finish it. I don't know how long this weather will last. I am sure that it will get cold again. It normally is cold for Easter. But I plan to enjoy it as long as it will last.

Spring-my favorite part about spring and changing the time, is that the sunlight stays longer. I don't like that when you leave in the morning it is so dark and that you lose an hour of sleep. My favorite part about spring and summer-now this may sound crazy to some of you, but I love to sleep and enjoy sleeping. I am not one that likes to get up with an alarm clock, which is why my alarm clock will go off for like an hour before I get. I am a very slow waker. Anyway, I love when you wake up, and dawn is just breaking, and it's cool in the house because of the AC and you can just snuggle on down under the covers. That is my favorite part of the morning. Plus it's even better when you know you don't have a certain time to get up.

My newest addiction is to a sweet-summer treat. "White Cran Peach" Ocean Spray. Mrs. Katie (my mother-in-law) had some at her house. Kevin didn't like it too much, but I did. So I got some of those little packets that you can mix in with your water. If you love peach, you gotta try it. It tastes like a peach jolly rancher to me. And it's sugar free and only 5 calories!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Creek

This afternoon, it was so pretty! It was too pleasant to be inside all day. Kevin and I went up to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Kitty for awhile. Then we borrowed her golf cart and went riding around the farm. Of course, we had Abby with us. She loves to ride! We went down to the creek, which is actually across the road from Kevin's parents' house and back in the woods about a mile. But Kevin and his family own part of the land that the creek is on. We had a fun afternoon.

Here is part of the creek

Kevin and Abby

Look closer: Can you see the

This was the only flower I
saw blooming.

Understanding Your Wife's Deepest Needs

Secrets of a Satisfying Marriage Part 4

This morning the sermon focused on Husbands and how to understand their wife and their wife's needs. Next week, it will focus on the Wife and how to understand their husband's needs.

1 Cor.7:3 "A man should fulfill his duty as a husband and a woman should fulfill her duty as a wife, and each should satisfy the other's needs."

1 Peter 3:7 "Husbands, in the same way BE CONSIDERATE as you LIVE WITH your wives, and treat them with RESPECT as the weaker partner, and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers."

Your husband cannot meet all your needs. Only Jesus Christ can. When I was in college, I did this Bible study called "Falling in Love with Jesus" by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli. This book looked at your life as Jesus being your "husband" and falling in love with him. Dee is married, but Kathy was a 40 year old that had never married. Both ladies wrote this book, so you get both perspectives. It is an awesome book, if you have never read it, you need to!

The information for this sermon today, came from a book "His Needs/Her Needs" by Dr. Willard Harley.

1. My Wife Needs My Affection (Eph.5:28, Col.3:19)
Husbands-your wife needs to know she is cared for, loved, protected, and that you are proud of her. One key thing that Steve said this morning that I thought was interesting was the husbands need to not only affirm their wives in the home, but in public as well, in front of friends and family. He also said that affection is sepperate from sex. A woman nees to be touched in a loveing way that has nothing to do with sex or wanting something in return.
Four Ways to Show Affection:
1.) Show affection by words-verbally cararess your wife
2.) Show affection by your actions-acts of kindess, a card or flowers, or nice meal just because
3.) Show affection by the way you touch your wife-holding hands, put your arm around her
4.) Show affection by the way you focus your attention on her-look her in the eyes.

Steve gave reference to the Song of Solomon. Before Kevin and I got engaged, we went to a Song of Solomon conference that my church was having. It went through the whole book and explained it. Kevin even bought the CD's. The speaker was great and funny, but it was a different way of looking at love and how the Bible views it. If you ever have a chance to go through a conference or Bible study about the Song of Solomon, I highly recommend that you and your spouse do. http://www.songofsolomon.com/index.asp This is the website telling about the conference that we went to.

Eph. 5:29 "No man ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and carefully protects and cherishes it, as Christ does the church."

Her greatest need is to feel CHERISHED -the feeling that she is IMPORTANT to you than anyone or anything else!

2. My Wife Needs Conversation With Me (Ph.2:2, Pr.13:17, Phill.2:4)
Husbands- your wife wants to talk with you, not just at you! Just because it isn't in your nature to converse, doesn't mean you don't need to do it or at least give it a good try. Why? It's in her nature. Husbands can be away from their wife or even just away for the day and still feel very connected to you. Wives, however, if we haven't talked to our husband at least once during the day before we get home, we feel disconnected somehow. It's just the way we are.

3. My Wife Needs My Honesty and Openness (Pr.26:23,28, Pr.12:22)
Husbands, if you are not open with your wife, she will begin to think you are hiding something and then the distrust will set in. No marriage can survive dishonesty. No relationship can survive dishonesty.

4. My Wife Needs Finanical Security (1 Tim. 5:8, Pr.12:9, Pr.21:20)
Husbands- your wife needs to feel secure at home. Your wife needs to know that you are going to provide for her and take care of her. Bibically a husband is suppose to provide for his family. Not saying that us wives can't help, but we look to our husbands for guidance and for support. Not saying either that we expect you to make a lot of money and be rich, or to break your back working-which this also goes with providing our needs, not our wants or our "I really would like to have...."

5. My Wife Needs My Commitment to the Family
How can you show this?
1.)Be faithful to your wife (Pr.5:15, Pr.6,32)
2.)Share the parenting responsibilities (Eph.6:4)-take and pick up the kids, spend time with them- give your wife a night out or afternoon out without the kids.
3.)Take the initiative in home repair (Eccl.10:18) -even if you don't which way to correctly hold the hammer, at least try!
4.)Be the spiritual leader of your home (Eph.5:26)-even if you are not that comfortable in this area, be the one to ask the blessing over meals, be the first one to suggest reading the Bible together or praying about something.

Husbands-everything you need to know about how to love and care for your wife can be found in the Bible. The Bible is God's guidelines for us, our How-to manual. If you still are not sure, then ask your wife. Yes, you may not like her answer, or may be stuck listening for awhile, but who knows better what your wife wants and needs than your wife?

Challenge: find some way this week to surprise your wife and let her know that you appreciate her.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Update

Well, I don't have anything major to blog about. Here's just an update as to what has been going on this week with us. After the disappointment of snow, it got very cold down here. But then on Friday, it turned spring again! It was 79 degrees today! It was so pleasant outside. I am started to get spring fever. Kevin has been working hard, as usual. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the chickens come back in the other two houses. So, things at the farm will soon be back to normal. School has been busy. In two weeks, 3rd nine weeks report cards will be coming out. I can't believe that we are almost to the last nine weeks of school! It has been a fast year. This coming week is a very important week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will take the PASS Writing test, which is the state writing test. We have really been practicing and drilling since we got back from Christmas break. I know that my students are capable of doing a great job and can pass, but it makes me nervous that they won't. So, please say a little prayer for me and my students next week, that they will be able to follow directions, and think clearly and do the best that they can. Next weekend we are heading up to Greer. March 15th, My grandfather (Papa) will turn 85 years old! So next Saturday we are having a birthday drop in party for him. Also, my high school best friend, Lindsey's birthday is March 18th, so we hope to get together with her and her husband for a little bit. I haven't been to Greer since Christmas. My parents have been coming down here. I am looking forward to it and seeing my family. Kevin is looking forward to it too! He is so ready for a break from the farm. Things have been very busy for him the past month. And that is what's been going on at the McCormick house.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It Snowed!

Well, it didn't snow in Blackville, but it did in Greer! However, on my way to school this morning I did see a few flakes falling. They were shinning in my lights on my car. The temperature was right, but the ground was so wet, just like last time, that it probably wouldn't have of stuck anyway. My parents said they got 4 inches of snow. So of course, Greenville County schools were closed today and they are closed tomorrow. That is one thing that I do miss about the Upstate, no snow or snow days here! The last time we got snow I mentioned snow days and I got the strangest looks. The other thing that upsets me is that this looks like one of our best good snows we have had in a long time. My dad sent me some pictures of the snow.

Here's the snow falling Sunday night. How pretty it is.
I always like to think of myself in a snowglobe.
I love to watch it fall. This is the backyard.


Back yard

This shows you how much snow.

Front yard looking across the
street to the left.

My dad made a special snowman,
just for me! I think he is so cute!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will It Snow???

Will it snow tonight??? Probably not. At least not here. But they are calling for possible snow tonight. I do know that I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt yesterday and Friday and today I needed my winter clothes back. My parents came down to visit for the weekend. I haven't seen them in 6 weeks. We had a good visit. This was the first weekend that we haven't had anything major going on and we could just enjoy spending time together. They left this afternoon to head back home. They called about 40 minutes ago to say they were home. They said that they drove in SNOW since Newberry and that in Simpsonville the roads were covered in snow and ice. But as soon as they got to Greer, nothing! And I know that all over Georgia is getting snow too. However, it looks like its going to miss us. I am so sad! I wanted to see snow so bad since this was my first winter down here, but it looks like its going to miss us. I do remember that when I was in either elementary school or middle school. One of my good friends' birthday was March 8th and she had a slumber party. It snowed that night and that was one of the lastest snows that we ever got in Greer. Oh well. If it snows where you are, make a snowman for me!

How to Get Your Spouse to Listen

Having a satisfyling marriage part 3:

Proverbs 15:2 "When wise people speak, they make knowledge attractive."

There are seven key things to do to get your spouse or anyone else to listen to you.

1.) Choose the right time. (Eccl.8:6)

-when someone first comes home, don't start an argument or having a heavy, important discussion. Most arguments start before dinner time. Wait until you both have had something to eat and some pleasant conversation before you begin your important discussion.

2.)Plan your presentation. (Prov. 16:23)

-think about what you are going to say, use specific examples and lots of details. Be careful to make sure your conversation isn't filled with judgement. Be careful of your introduction. (two suggested books to read are: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and The Language of Love by Gary Smalley ).

3.)Begin with his or her needs first. (Eph.4:29)

-ask about your spouse's day or needs before you start with yours. There are 3 things that will get your spouse's attention: (1) if it is something that THREATENS them, (2) if it is something that is of VALUE to them, and (3) if it is something that is UNIQUE.

4.) Listen first! (Prov.18:13 and James 1:19)

-be ready to listen to them first. Don't make assumptions about how your spouse will respond or what they will say.

5.) Say it positively. (Prov.16:21)

-don't always been the bearer of bad news. Be positive, even about the bad things. Show faith and trust in God and in your spouse that together with God's help you can get through the hard times. You will never be persuasive if you are being negative by yelling, shouting, name calling, or nagging.

-No one is Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Focus on the 70 % that attracted you to your spouse 100% of the time, not the 30% that drives you crazy!

6.) Clarify your conclusions. (Phill. 4:2b)

-summarize what you said or what your goal was for the conversation. Agree with each other in the Lord, doesn't mean you will always agree with one another. Be specific when you talk and don't just drop hints.

7.) End with an encouraging word. (Prov.12:25)

-you are an adult-there should be no reason for you to scream and yell at your spouse for something they did or didn't do, or if the don't see things your way.

Here are 3 things that you can do to affirm your spouse:
1.) Your commitment to each other (things may not be the best right now, but let them know you are not going anywhere.)

2.)Your love for your spouse (love is an everyday choice, not a feeling.)

3.) Your optimism that God will help you make progress (talk about what is going on and really listen and hear what the other one has to say.)

"The prize of a good marriage is worth the price."