Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Madalyn: Little Things She Saids

I can't believe that my baby will be 3 in two months!  She's growing up so fast.  She is changing all the time and she does and saids some of the funniest things.

-This morning we walked out of the house to go to church and we could smell the chickens. When it's really cold outside you can smell them, but not in the heat of the summer, weird  huh? Anyway, Madalyn said," it smells, it's stinky. Daddy poop-pooped in the potty". I started laughing. No it wasn't Daddy, it's the chickens' poop-poop.

-Yesterday, my phone was ringing and Madalyn said, "Mommy, your phone is talking to you."

-She loves to "party in the dark", especially having a tea party in the dark. We go in her room and she closes the door and turns her big light off. Then she turns on her night light and uses her flash light and we have a tea party in the dark.  The other night I went in her room and Kevin and her had sleeping bags out with her stuffed animals and I asked her what she was doing. They were camping out.

Her little imagination has really taken off. It's fun just watch and listen to her play.

We were at Wal-Mart the other day, grocery shopping and I went down this one aisle that had a good many people in it. Madalyn started saying rather loud, "Move out of the way, move out of the way, Mommy they are in our way, move out of the way". Yeah, I left that aisle quickly and then came back. Sometimes the funny things they say can also be very embarrassing to you as the parent.

However, the sweetest thing that melts your heart is when it's time for bed and she says "Loves you Mommy, good-night."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update Baby Coy #2

Baby Coy is doing good and breathing on her own.  After speaking with my Aunt, we learned that Amanda was pregnant with twins and lost one early on.  The doctors say that instead of two placentas developing, only one did and that one was split between the two babies.  That Coy wouldn't have gotten any bigger than she was and it was a miracle she was here.  Also, on Thursday, Amanda wasn't scheduled to have an ultrasound done, but she kept telling her doctor that she didn't feel good and felt like something wasn't right. So thankfully, he agreed to her having one done and they found out that Coy was in stress and found out what was going on and that they needed to get her out.  Praise God for giving Amanda her mother's intuition that something wasn't right and for intervening with getting her doctor to agree to an ultrasound.  But as of right now, Amanda will come home Monday and depending on how Coy does with her eating, will depend on when she comes home, but we are guessing she will be in the hospital for a month.  Please continue to pray for them and praise God for this little miracle.

Amanda (mom) and Coy
You can see good here how little she is.
Coy and Mommy

Friday, January 24, 2014

Update on Baby Coy

Baby Coy is here! Her name is "Coy" Grace Boothe.  She weighs 3 lbs and 2.9oz, so she was a little bigger than they thought.  She is 16 inches long and doing fine. As far as I know, Amanda is good too. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to remember this little one in your prayers. (I'm sure I'll have more pictures and updates later.)

"Coy" Grace Boothe

Updates and Prayer Requests

A lot has gone on since the last time I posted.....

The most urgent prayer request I have is for my cousin Tim and his wife Amanda and their baby girl, Coy. Coy was due to come February 25th, but will be coming today via emergency C- section at 35 weeks. Coy is only 2 pounds 11 oz. They went to the doctor yesterday for a regular check up, but noticed some things weren't right. So they came to a specialist doctor they had been seeing in Greenville today (they live in Anderson) and said the Coy is in stress because the placenta isn't doing it's job on getting her what she needs.  They are running tests on Coy to rule out anything else going on with her. Her heart and lungs are good and she's doing fine. The parents are doing okay. The C-section is schedule for 7:30 tonight. Please keep Coy and her parents in your  prayers.

Kevin went to the cardiologist today for his 3 month check up. They did a really extensive echo cardiogram on him and he doesn't have to come back for a year.  They will do the same text in a year, and if that's good, he won't have to go back until he's 40. However, the sad thing that I realized is that by that time, 40 won't be that far away. But we are so excited about his good news.

My mom had her knee replacement surgery January 13th. The surgery itself went great. The recovery process has been difficult, extremely painful, and challenging.  My mom was in the hospital for 4 days and instead of coming home, she went to a rehabilitation place. She has had so much swelling in her knee that they have done two scans on her looking for blood clots, but both scans have turned up negative. She may get to come home February 2nd, which will be just in time for her birthday on the 6th. Please continue to remember her in prayer as she continues on this long road to recovery.

Madalyn finished her first round of antibiotics. We were in Greer for Amanda's baby shower on  Saturday, Jan. 11th and when I came home, I noticed Madalyn felt warm and she had a fever. So that Monday, since I was at the hospital with my mom, Kevin's mom took Madalyn to the doctor. And not only was the right ear still infected but the left ear was now too. So more medicine, but we went to the doctor yesterday and both ears are clear, for now.

So....thank you for keeping us in your prayers. I'll post updates about baby Coy as soon as I know them.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Sick Little Girl

Well, this is Madalyn's third Christmas, and so far each Christmas, she ends up sick the week after with fever, an ear infection, cough and congestion.  I had posted earlier that it began Monday night with a fever of 103. Tuesday, it came back that evening and has stayed until today. She has kept a fever of 101 or 102, but so far, we have been fever free for almost 24 hours.  I took Madalyn to the doctor Thursday morning and her right ear was infected. So she started on an antibiotic (I'm praying that she doesn't break out in hives). She has been a sick little girl. Madalyn is very active and this week she has played some but our evenings have been her curled up on the couch with me sitting at her feet.  And I haven't in any way told her to rest, she has just felt that bad. I am glad that I have been home this week to be with her.  However, she has the best attitude when she's sick. She is still her easy going self, but needs needs to me to hold her a little more. Which I gladly do, because it's rare she slows down long enough for you to just hold her anymore. Which is one thing I miss about her being a baby, is that you can just sit and hold her for as long as you like. The other thing I miss is when she was a baby, you could put her down and she would stay where you put her. ;0) However, I wouldn't want her to stay a baby forever. Each stage I enjoy the new changes, but miss some of the old; and to think in three months she will be 3 years old. Where does the time go?

This has been my baby girl all week.

Poor baby girl! :0(

However...this morning, with a fever free night and morning she had perked up some.

By this afternoon...she was still fever free and getting cabin fever..
We have played with all the new Christmas toys, puzzles, colored, watched TV, we couldn't go outside ...so I pulled out her finger painting set she got for Christmas to give her something new to do.

It was a big hit! So glad my baby girl is feeling better! :0)