Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Hightlights

Here are some highlights of what has been happening with us lately:

*This weekend my parents and Papa got to come down for a weekend visit.

*The strawberry patch is officially open to the public.

*Even in the rain people came and picked strawberries, we did very well on Saturday.

*My mom and I went shopping for some plants for my yard. We got six azaleas, A Cuba shrub, and some bedding plants. (I'll have to post pictures later).

*We had some major storms last night, as I'm sure most of you did, no damage though, except for Kevin backing into my mom's trailblazer this morning when he was going to work. Ooops! (He hit the bumper and there is a scratch, but thankfully for Kevin's sake, nothing too major.)

*I have 5 weeks and 27 days left of school. (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can make it)I did sign my contract for next year....I know what you are thinking, What are you thinking? but what else am I suppose to do?

*My sister-in-law, Katelyn, found out she was having a boy and his name is going to be Hunter Phillip Delk (called "Hunter" and he is due October 10, 2010).

*Kevin's garden is growing, we will have some nice produce to sell and enjoy this summer.

*Abby is doing fine, just as spoiled as ever and as happy as ever when someone is throwing the tennis ball. Which she had lots of people to throw the ball with her this weekend.

*Wednesday night when I came home, I got out of the car and watched a female white-tailed deer cross my backyard.
*Our day wouldn't be complete without a homemade pound cake (made by me), some fresh organic strawberries, and to top it off with some whipped cream...yum, yum. Delicious fresh strawberry shortcake!

Here's some pictures of our strawberry picking from yesterday. We wanted my parents to carry some strawberries home for them, Papa, and some other family members we had promised some too.

My mom is holding the biggest strawberry that was picked yesterday.

They covered my kitchen table....

They covered my bar...

Both sides of the bar.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today for lunch we got together with Kevin's family. We also celebrated the April birthdays, Heather (18th), Geoffrey (19th), and Kevin (15th). Kayla loves, loves, loves strawberries. So, after lunch we went to pick strawberries. She picked 76 strawberries; actually she just stood and watched the rest of us help her pick. Kayla and Uncle Kevin went for a ride on the golf cart and she wanted to see Abby, so they brought her back to Kevin's parent's house. (Ryan, Katelyn's husband, was driving her car this week and ran off the side of the road. The body of the car was fine, but it caused one of the front wheels to be completely turned out). Geoffrey asked Ryan why did he break KK's car? He said that a few times today. It was so funny. As Kevin and I were leaving to come home, Kayla said that she wanted to come with us and she was determined that she was going too. When she got in the car, Geoffrey decided that he wanted to come. They only got to stay for a little bit. I told them that once I got out of school (7 more weeks, yippee!) that I would come get them one day and they could stay and play longer. They didn't want to leave. We took a little tour of our house and Geoffrey told me that we had a big bath tube and Kayla said that it was dirty. She also said that Uncle Kevin made a mess in his room. Geoffrey told me that I had pretty pictures in my house. (He was looking at a picture frame with a tractor on it and Kevin and I were sitting on the 4-wheeler). Geoffrey also asked me if I had any toys, and I told him only dog toys for Abby. Then we went back outside to play with Abby for a little bit.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

Today is my last week day of my spring break for this year. ( I know those of you that don't get a springbreak, don't feel sorry for me). When I begin school on Monday, I will have 7 weeks left. This week has made me wish for summer break even more, especially since it's been such nice weather. My spring break began last Friday, I headed up to Greer. Kevin had to work, so we drove separately and he was about an hour behind me. Saturday, we got together with Keith, Felicia, Emily, and Papa. We grilled out hamburgers, had homemade potato salad and homemade baked beans. It was delicious! And I made a homemade pound cake for desert (thanks to my cousin Beth for her delicious recipe). We were celebrating April birthdays: Keith (April 10th) Kevin & Emily both (April 15th). Emily turned 13 this year, so she is now officially a teenager, look out world! We gave her some zebra print with hot pink outline luggage (she is all into everything zebra and hot pink) and she said that she was ready to take a trip to Paris with her cool new luggage. Sunday, we went to church, I got to sit with Lindsey, Tim, and Lindsey's parents. It was nice to see them for a little bit. Then we headed to lunch at my aunt Ann's house. We have always had Easter lunch at her house. Kevin headed home that evening and I stayed until Tuesday, then came home. I had some errands to run (I had some birthday shopping to do.) Kevin's birthday is the 15th of this month and my sister-in-law, Heather's birthday is the 18th, and her son, my nephew, Geoffery's birthday is the 19th of this month....so April is a busy birthday month on both sides of the family. And if my grandmother was still alive, her birthday was April 1st. Monday night, my parents and I met my aunt Susan and uncle Dan for dinner. So I was able to see the whole family just about this past weekend. Wednesday, I went to Augusta with Mrs. Katie and Tori to do a little shopping and stuff. And no, I didn't see any pro golfers, we stayed away from that side of town. We have red strawberries now. Not on all the plants, but we do have a good many starting to come out. They are so sweet too! Soon, we will all have to be out their picking them.