Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alexis 7 months Standing

Alexis 7 months Crawling

Back to a Routine

Some people are probably very excited school is back in and they can get back to a routine. However, I love NOT being on a school routine. We had such a great summer and the last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. My school routine starts with the alarm going off at 5:30 am and I have to be leaving the house by 7, no later or I will be late for work. It's challenging in the morning getting everything together plus both girls ready. It takes Madalyn a long time to get out of bed, but we are to get back into the swing of things slowly.

Madalyn has started taking gymnastic lessons. She talked playing soccer for the longest time,but then got on this gymnastics kick, and we told her to decide which one. She chose gymnastics and loves it. Yesterday, we went to meet her to meet her teacher for preschool; that starts in another week. Madalyn is ready for school to start back; she's getting bored now.

Alexis is crawling and getting into EVERYTHING...she's also pulling up everywhere too. She's now learn to say "ma-ma". She's getting too big too quick. The last 2 months she's made some big changes. She will be 8 months old in another week.

Our Lil' Gymnast

These pictures aren't the best, I took them with my phone through the glass, but you get the idea.

Open House: Going to meet her teacher

Pulls up on everything

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lindsey's Baby Shower

August 8th, we had a baby shower for my best friend from high school. She's pregnant with baby #2 and it's a little girl this time. She's due October 12th. She has a boy who is 2 months younger than Madalyn, named Mason. They are going to call her "Morgan" Ann.

An evening before the shower, we meet Lindsey and Mason for some ice cream.

Alexis 7 Months

Alexis was 7 months on Aug. 6th. Here lately, every day she's doing something new. 

Alexis at 7 months old

-She's crawling everywhere and starting to get into things. :0)
-She's saying "hey", "hey there", "da-da"
-She sometimes will wave to you.
-She has pulled up, let go and stood for a few seconds.
-She still just has the 2 bottom front teeth.
-She just smiles at everything and is happy.
-She sure loves her  Mommy the BEST!! :0)

Sometimes with outdoor pictures, Alexis' eye color doesn't show up, but she has really deep blue eyes. Madalyn did too, however, her eyes have changed to green down.