Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the first week of school went great, much better than I had expected it to be, thanks to all the prayers that were lifted up for me.  Now I just have 174 more days to go.....My parents came down this weekend, which was good to see them; it had been a month since I saw them last and it had been since the middle of May that they were last at my house.  Madalyn started coming down with a bad cold Wednesday night.  This is only her second time of being sick and poor thing she has not felt well at all.  But she has seemed much better this evening so I hope she is turning the corner.  Kevin is now sick, he came home Saturday from work and I guess has what Madalyn has.  He actually feels so bad, he's going to the doctor tomorrow; so hopefully she can give him something to get to feeling better. So with both of them sick, school work and house work to do, it was so nice to have two extra sets of hands.  I am hoping and praying for another good week. So highlights for this week: August will be gone, and due to next Monday being Labor Day Holiday, no school! So, please remember Madalyn and Kevin in your prayers for them to get well soon and for me to have another good week at school.  Thank you! (I know I haven't posted any pics lately of Madalyn and I haven't taken her 17 months pics yet, but with school starting and this weekend of her not feeling well, it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe this coming weekend we can get some pics done. She's growing and ever changing; a sweet, sweet girl. Oh, and she loves preschool!)

Oh, and an update on baby Harper: she is over 2 pounds now. She is doing well all in all.  Tara, the mom, has her blood pressure under control and is off her medicine now. So praise to God, He is taking good care of this precious family.  Thank you for your continued prayers for them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

I know I said that my posts wouldn't be close together, but I had a quick minute to update you on the first day of school. Well, yesterday was a busy day for all of us. We went to church (it was pouring rain when we got out), grab some fried chicken for lunch via Hardee's, (sometimes fast food is nice when you can get it, just so you don't have to clean the kitchen), then Kevin left and went to work. When Madalyn took a nap, I had to take one too; I was so tired.) Then once she woke up, we went to Wal-Mart for some things I needed for school today and for a few grocery items. I learned a lesson, don't go shopping anywhere that sells school supplies the night before school starts! Come on people, you have known the date of when school would start since school got out for the summer, and you've had the school supply list all summer, don't wait until the last minute. Then after Madalyn went to bed, I spent a few hours on the computer. By the time I got in bed, Kevin had only been a sleep for about 30 minutes, when he had to leave to go to the chicken houses. He got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night, so  needlessly to say, I sent him to bed at 8:30 because he was asleep on the couch.  First day of school: I dropped Madalyn off with Mrs. Katie at 6:00 (which this evening I found out both of them got back in bed and went back to sleep, lucky them! ;0), and headed to school. Why so early you ask? Well, at 3 minutes to 7:00, I had my first student in my classroom. so I had about 45 minutes this morning to finish getting things ready for the day before this little guy came in.  If all of the kids on my roll show up, I have 23 students.  I have three kids that I haven't seen yet, however, new students to the school just keep coming and coming. We will be full this year I can tell you that.  It was a good first day despite the rain this morning...so 179 more days to. I have to go 190 as a teacher, but I only count the days with students that require teaching.  If you had a first day of school today whether you were a teacher, a student, or your children went to school, I hope the year started off right.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School

So, I started going "back to school" about 2 weeks ago. I have already blogged about going a week for mentor training. This past week, I started the week off with sitting in on interviewing a new 2nd grade teacher. Then I have been busy, busy, busy, etc. with getting ready for the upcoming school year. Thursday, we had our registration day and "Meet" the teacher day from 1:00 pm-7:00pm. By the time I got home, Madalyn got her bath and went to bed. So that wasn't any fun that night not getting to spend any time with her.  She has been so worn out with going and playing at preschool, plus neither she or I are use to getting up so early and going every morning.  And she has not been taking a good nap either in the afternoons.  Mrs. Katie is remodeling her kitchen and house so there's lots going on there and she doesn't want to miss anything. So many things left to be done to be prepared for Monday....right now and all this week I have been allowing the "negative" thoughts creep into my head and stay there about this school year.  Please pray for them to go away but without saying much, please pray for this school year, so many changes and challenges.  Some of the changes are good, some I will just have to work through them.  To add to the challenges that I will face next week, Kevin will have all 4 chicken houses go out this Sunday night. This has never been done before. When 2 go out, it's an all night process and now 4...oh my goodness! He's going to be a ghost around our house for the next three to four weeks and me starting back to school on top of it.  Poor Mad, is going to think we have left her. So, just keep our little family in your prayers.  My blog post may or may not depending on everything stop for a little while. I'm so tired and just exhausted already....but there's no time to sleep for the busy teacher.  We all might be walking zombies by this same time next week.

Here's a picture of what our past two weeks have been like around the McCormick household and how it has affected Madalyn.

Yes, I am aware that her clothes don't match, she has one sock on, and her feet are hanging out of the crib.  It's been a whirlwind the past two weeks.

Kevin found her like this and I just had to get a picture. And we did move her legs back inside the crib.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Preschool

So besides the minor emergencies last week, Madalyn also had her first trip to preschool.  My mother-in-law, Mrs. Katie is going to be the Music Teacher at the CDC for our church this year.  When she goes to church, Madalyn, of course, will go with her. They will go Tuesday-Thursday mornings for an hour or so.  I know that Madalyn is ready to go and be around other children and I know she will learn so much. Just after going for three days and being around Hunter again, she was saying two new words. When any car or truck drives by she goes "beep, beep" and does her hands up and down.  She is also not just waving bye, but saying it as well.  She jabbers all the time, so I know it's just a matter of time before we are understanding what she is saying, then look out world! :0)  Mrs. Katie said that after a few minutes of warming up, that Madalyn is off playing and doing well, which I'm so thankful she is having a good time.  One of the things you need for school is a bookbag, so my mom got Madalyn her first bookbag. Which she will use it for a smaller diaper bag, but I think it turned out so cute! I love it! I found it on this website: http://www.thecrazydazy.com/.  They have really cute bookbags, lunchboxes, bags, etc. for girls and boys, and any of their items can be personalized. It did take about two weeks to get it, but I figured they were busy with school starting back.

1st Dentist Visit

So, last weekend, on Saturday, we had our first ER trip with Madalyn. She is doing perfectly fine since then and is going at full speed (which leads to our next minor emergency). (This past week I had to go to some training for how to help mentor new teachers, so Kevin's mom, Mrs. Katie kept Madalyn Tuesday-Friday.) Thursday I text Mrs. Katie on my lunch break to see how Madalyn was doing.  She was fine. The next thing I know, Mrs. Katie is calling me to tell me that Madalyn was running in the house and hit the piano bench with her mouth and has chipped off part of her front two top teeth. I was very shocked to hear that because it was just like a few minutes after the text of everything is fine. Things happen so fast. Kevin was there with her and she was fine and wasn't bleeding much at all. They got an appointment with a pediatrician dentist in Aiken, and Kevin and Madalyn came to pick me up at school.  As soon as I saw Madalyn, and saw exactly what damage had been done I was fine. (Kevin and Mrs. Katie on the other hand, took a lot longer to calm down than me. I guess it's because I wasn't there when the accident happended.) It's really not bad at all and I don't think unless you know to look for it, most people won't notice it. We were both pleased with the dentist.  He said that as of right now, there's nothing we can do. When she gets to be 4 years old, if she still has these two teeth, he can file them down and put a cap on them. We have to go back in 8 weeks for a check up. He said the teeth could be fine, they could turn dark and stay dark, (which means the inside of the tooth is hemorrhaging, they could turn dark and then turn back white, they could have to be pulled early, they could fall out early on their own, etc. there were a lot of "IF's" that could happen. The good thing is that the nerves are not exposed so she doesn't have any sensitivity and they are just her baby teeth. Of course, after knowing Madalyn was fine, the first thought in my head was pictures and her being made fun of due to the teeth, but that was before I saw that it wasn't that bad. It hasn't slowed her down one bit, but the rest of us are trying to slow her down some and really be careful of her mouth.  Thankfully, it wasn't any worse. So, in 5 days we had two minor emergencies, (our first minor emergencies too, so I think we did good to make it to 16 1/2 months old) but I told Madalyn she was allowed no more. We can only pray and hope she listens. :0)

Madalyn's first pictures since her "tooth" accident.

Such a happy girl! Nothing gets her down for long.

It's weird how they broke in the same place on each tooth. But I think that makes them look better, not as noticeable.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation to North Myrtle Beach

Two weeks ago, Kevin decided that he wanted to take a long weekend vacation just the 3 of us because we haven't done that before.  So I started looking to where we could go and let me tell you trying to find a place at the beach for a few days, the week before you are planning to go, it's easy. But I finally found a place called Beach Cove Resort in North Myrtle Beach.  We left last Thursday after lunch and came home yesterday afternoon.  We had a great time. The place was very nice and Madalyn really enjoyed the beach and the pools.  Taking a vacation with just the 3 of us, you don't have many opportunities to get pictures, due to the business of Madalyn, haha, but I did get a few.

Saturday: I do have to tell you about our Saturday, it began at 3:00am. Madalyn was up and didn't go back to sleep until 3:00pm (and yes Kevin and I were in a daze but she was going strong all that time.) We tried everything we could think of to get her back to sleep, including trying to tire her out on the beach and in the pool several times.  Saturday night, we were coming off the beach around 8:00pm, and Madalyn didn't want to go, and she was crying and we had our hands full of stuff.  She continued to cry all the way to the room and once we got in the room to get her bath she was screaming very loudly.  We both thought she was hungry and tired. So we got her bathe, dressed and gave her a snack.  Then I began to notice that she wasn't using her right arm at all and when she did move it, she would cry.  I sent Kevin to find something for pain for her and while he was gone I decided to call Madalyn's doctor.  She told me that Madalyn had a pulled bone in her arm and it needed to be set back in place and the sooner we got it done the better for Madalyn. So at about 9:20 pm we head to the Myrtle Beach ER with Madalyn.  We were in and out within an hours time, so that was pretty good for the ER on a Saturday night. As soon as the doctor set her arm she forgot that it had hurt and she was moving it around and was fine. Due to us pulling her by her wrist to get her to come on with us and her pulling back not wanting to go, we had caused this to happen.  They call it nurse's elbow, and it's very common to happen in children from age 1-5 years.  They said it could easily happen again and showed us how to set it if it does.  The doctor also said to make sure not to swing her by her hands or pull her up by her hands or wrist, to grab above the elbow or under her arms.  Kevin and I felt so bad about it, but we were thankful it wasn't anything more than that. So our first ER experience with Madalyn wasn't so bad (not that you ever want to have to take your child to the ER ).

We were on the 8th floor

We had an end room, so we had a wrap around balcony

The view from our room

The view from our room in the other direction

There were 6 pools and a lazy river

Friday night we drove to Calabash, NC for dinner

Madalyn and Me

You think she smiling because she's in the water...she's smiling because a dog just walked by.

The moon was so big and orange Friday night, maybe that's why Madalyn didn't sleep.

Each night someone was shooting fireworks on the beach

Sunrise Saturday morning

Sunday morning: Our last time on the beach before we leave