Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Character Trait Award

Thursday was the end of the 2nd nine weeks and we had Awards Day at school. Madalyn got the Character Trait Award for showing Compassion. We are very proud of her!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Alexis 2 Year Pictures

So, since it snowed on Alexis's birthday, I thought what would be better than to take her 2 year old pictures in the snow? So, that's what I did. :0) Who knows when we will get that chance again that it snows on her birthday. However, it did snow the day of my baby shower when I was pregnant with her. I was at my parent's house and it was November 1st...so she might be my little snow baby.  She had her 2 yr. check today and she was 35.5 inches long and 28.2 pounds. The doctor said all was good with her. :0)

Blooper :0)

She was fussing at me about something, saying "no no"

Alexis Snow Sleding 1/7/17

Madalyn Snow Sleding 1/7/17

Snow Much Fun!

Friday night, Jan.6th at 9:00 pm it started snowing at my parent's house in Greer. We had come up for the weekend for Alexis's 2nd birthday.  We had a party planned for Saturday but we ended up canceling that. We got 5 inches of pure snow, no ice at all.  The girls had the best time Saturday playing in the snow. Last year, we got a dusting of snow and it was melted in about 2 hours.  Madalyn of course had remembered snow, so she knew what to expect. It was a new experience for Alexis and she loved it! And the fact that is snowed on her birthday, what better present and memory could you ask for?

My mom and dad's front yard Saturday morning.

The orange sled the girls are on was my sled when I was Madalyn's age. My parents had kept it all this time.

Kevin was trying to get a good ride for Madalyn down the driveway and in the process he slipped.

My parents have a lot behind them and we found a small hill for the girls to slide down. It was the perfect size for Alexis and it was enough for Madalyn too.

Alexis would say, "snow...yay!"

What a FUN day we had! I'm so glad we were there to play in the snow. Lots of memories.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Alexis's Birthday Parties

We celebrated Alexis's 2nd birthday on New Year's Eve at Kevin's parents' house.  The theme for her birthday this year was ladybugs...not reason other than I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was cute and different.

Her cute ladybug cupcake cake came from Kroger. It was delicious and I think they did an awesome job!

Alexis was unsure about everyone singing "happy birthday" to her...in fact she even started crying.

She enjoyed her cake as you can see :0)

Time for presents!

Having a tea party with cousins

Thursday, Jan. 5th, we let Alexis open her presents from us because we were leaving Friday right after school to go to Greer to see my parents. We had her birthday party planned for Saturday in Greer.

She couldn't get this gift out of the bag, so she turned it over and started shaking the bag..haha..inside was Goldie and Bear from the Disney Jr. show "Goldie and Bear" which is her favorite.

Due to the snow, we ended up kindof canceling her birthday party. We still had her part Saturday, but because of the weather and bad roads, we thought it was best for everyone to stay indoors to avoid any trouble on the roads getting to and from the party.

My mom's neighbor made this precious and yummy cake.  So, I walked up the street in the snow to pick up her cake. :0) But it was worth it.

Make a wish baby girl! 

Enjoying her strawberry and cream cheese birthday cake!

Time for presents! It had actually worked out that everyone had sent their gift on ahead of time due to the weather that was coming.

My mom and dad gave Alexis this book that they had recorded themselves reading to the story to her. They gave Madalyn one for her preschool graduation. I think it's a really neat and special gift to have.

I love her expression when she heard her Nana and G-Dad reading the book to her. She was surprised!

Playing with her toys