Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Family to Meet

This past week and weekend, Madalyn has meet many more family and friends. Our pretty, big, pink bow that Mrs. Katie had on the street sign when we came home from the hospital.

This was the bow and sign on the hospital door; now hanging on our front door.

I found this garden flag the last time I was in Greer. This is in our front yard by the front porch.

Nana, Grand Dad, and Madalyn

Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Dan and Madalyn: They came to visit on Friday.

Thursday, March 31st was Mr. Tim's birthday. We told Pop, that this year his birthday present was Madalyn. So he had to come by that night to see and hold his birthday present.

Aunt Katelyn, Cousin Hunter, Uncle Ryan, and Madalyn

Great Grandma Thelma and Madalyn

Great Grandma Kitty and Madalyn

Mandy, (Noah-who will be making his appearance into the world very soon: May 15th), and Madalyn. Mandy, Brandon, and Nathan came by to visit on Saturday. They brought me this beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses.

Madalyn and her crazy Daddy! Kevin found a new way to use the boppy pillow.

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Brantley and Richard said...

Sweet. And I love the flowers! Mandy is so great about delivering the most beautiful flowers! :)