Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break

Yesterday, at 11:15 am was the beginning of my Christmas break. We had a pretty good, short day. The first graders performed a play called "Melton, The Warm-Hearted Snowman". It was about this snowman that this good little girl gave him her heart so he would be kind. Melton's parents were concerned about a snowman having a warm heart that he would melt soon. At the end of the play, Melton ends up giving his warm heart away to a little girl who is mean and she becomes nice. It was a cute play and they did a great job. When they would sing, Madalyn would start moving around. Being in the gym the music was loud and she probably could feel the vibrations. Then by the time the play was done I just had the kids for about an hour and a half. We had our class Christmas party and cleaned up and they left. Then I headed off to get my hair cut and some low lights put in. I had not gotten my hair cut since June or had anything at all done to it in a long time. So, I thought it was time to do something. My major job today is to start wrapping presents, I have only wrapped the ones that I have already given away. It's rainy and cold, so it's the perfect day to stay in and not do a whole lot. We got chickens back this past Wednesday and Thursday. They are doing well, so things are almost back to normal with the farm.

25 Weeks:
Madalyn is moving around more and more. Kevin was able to feel her first for the first time last week. He made me hold my breath because he couldn't tell if it was her moving or me breathing. He thought that was the coolest thing. We are trying to read to her each night before we go to bed. I have this Precious Moments Bible Story Book from when I was a little girl and I read a story each night and Kevin talks to her. That night he felt her move for the first time, after he was talking to her he said "and Madalyn, I love you." I thought that was so sweet. We are ready to meet her, but don't want her to come anytime soon;that would not be a good thing. We pray that she is growing healthy and strong. However, at times her movements are getting stronger.

I'm feeling pretty good, no major complaints. I think my biggest challenge over Christmas break will be to watch what I eat. With the goodies that I got yesterday at school and the candy...it is very hard to resist without adding being pregnant on top of it.

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