Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Babies, Babies, and more Babies

You know how like once you have something, or do something it seems like everyone is. Well, that's not the case here. I know about 20 people that have just had a baby or are pregnant and will be having one in the next 6 months. Crazy right?! Well, just so you believe me, I came up with my list. I think that for most of these people they are around my age and it's just that time. Like when I graduated college, it was weddings every time you turned around. However, there wasn't but one other wedding that I remember that went on at the time I was getting married, most of my friends had already married or where not even close to that yet. OH, and I have to add, looking at my baby ticker....only 100 days left!!! I know that may seem like a lot, but it's not. We have to go to school for 180, so from day 1, we start our count down. And once you make it to that 100th day, we celebrate, because there are only 80 days left and they go by so fast. Our last day of 2010 we were at 83 days, so by the end of January or before then we will reach the 100th day. Madalyn is going to be here in 100 days...3 short little months....there is so much after the first of the year that we have to get started on to prepare for her arrival. She will be here before we know it.

Okay, here's my list:

1. Me! (of course have to put me first (1st baby) Due in April
2. Lindsey (my best friend from high school; 1st baby) Due in May
3. Mandy (my suite mate from college and cousin by marriage, pregnant with her 2nd) Due in May
4. Kristen ( a 3rd grade teacher I work with); 1st baby) Due in June
5. Emily ( a NP that my mom works with at her office; 1st baby) Due in June
6. Katelyn (sister-in-law; had Hunter in September; 1st baby)
7. Roxanne (Sunday School-had her baby last Sunday; 2nd baby)
8. Bayne (Sunday School-is due to have her baby next week; 2nd baby)
9. Casey (Sunday School-is due to have her baby sometime this summer; 2nd baby)
10. Laura (Sunday School-had her baby in September; 2nd baby)
11. Summer (cousin; 2nd baby) Due in February
12. Bonnie Lynn (cousin-Summer's sister-2nd baby) Due in April
13. Jan (childhood friend; 1st baby) Due in June
14. Kindergarten Teacher's daughter (at school is due sometime soon)
15. Noelle's sister-in-law (1st baby) Due this summer
16. Noelle's niece (1st baby) Due this summer
17. Jeffery's Wife ( a guy that does some trucking for Kevin; 1st baby) Due in January
18. Travis's Wife ( Kevin's current service man; 1st baby) Due this summer or early Fall
19. Cal's Wife (Kevin's old service man; 1st baby) Due this summer or early Fall
20. A customer of Katelyn's -Grey-(this is her 4th baby) Due in March

And let's not forget to add those adopting:
21. Katie (friend from college) adopted her little boy in August
22. Brantley (Kevin's cousin) waiting to get a call about their precious one

And speaking of babies; to see few pictures of my nephew, Hunter, from his photo session with Brantley. (to see more photos to go her website: http://www.alldressedupphotography.com/blog/, click on Client Galleries, password: 11weeks)

See I'm not crazy! I don't know what it is, but like it's not just a few people that I know that are pregnant. It's a lot of people from all over that are. Half are expecting their first and the other half their second.

Who do you know that is pregnant that can be added to this list?

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