Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barnwell Baby Shower & Nursery

Saturday, March 5th, I had my baby shower for Kevin's side of the family in Barnwell. The shower was at my sister-in-law, Heather's house. Even though it was raining off and on, we had a nice turn out and Madalyn got so many nice gifts. It was a very nice shower and I greatly appreciate all that my sister-in-laws did to help and anyone else that helped with the shower. We had another car load full to bring home. My nephew, Geoffery, was disappointed in the shower. Heather said that he was so excited about the shower. He thought that Madalyn was actually going to be there (as in, not inside my belly). Heather told him that no, Madalyn was still in Aunt Jill's belly right now. He said, "you mean her big ole' belly?" Then Geoffery thought that having the shower meant, that he would actually get to give Madalyn a bath (with soap and water). And after I wasn't opening the presents fast enough for him, he gave up and went to play with some of the other kids that were there. We did tell Geoffery that once Madalyn did get here, that sometime he could help give her an actual bath.

36 Weeks: Saturday, March 5th

So much delicious food! Heather made the cute diaper cake. She put a lot of time into preparing for this shower.

Here's a few pictues from the shower:

This gift was actually from Abby! Mrs. Katie took her "shopping" one day and Abby got a pack of diapers and an activity mat for her and Madalyn to play on the floor.

Tori, Katelyn, Lynn (my mom), Me, Mrs. Katie, and Heather

Madalyn's gifts

Madalyn's Nursery: This weekend my parents came down to help us get things ready for Madalyn and of course my mom was coming to go to the shower. Saturday, we did things like getting curtains hung up in the den and Madalyn's room, getting things organized in the drawers (after the shower). Then Sunday, we finished getting things hung on the wall. We all worked Saturday and Sunday to get things together. We washed some of Madalyn's clothes. My mom got Madalyn's bag packed for the hopsital and did a lot to get things organized. I had to sit down with my poor swollen feet in a chair in the middle of the nursery, while she worked. There are still a few small things left to be done to add to the nursery, but we were all so pleased how cute it turned out and now Madalyn's room is ready and waiting on her to arrive.

The dresser was in my nursery when I was born and I used it until I was 17 years old in my room at home. The bookcase, as I had mentioned before, was in my nursery and room as well. And the shelf over the bookcase use to be in my room too.

As you can see, Abby had to make her presence known by getting in the picture. She was in the room with us last night while we were organzining everything. She was walking around and sniffing at everything. Which is fine, because she needs to get use to the way a baby will smell and use to these toys and things. She didn't even try to bother anything. The only thing that did get her attention was a pink rubber duck that Madalyn got at the shower yesterday and when my mom made it squeak, she wanted it. But other than that, she was fine.

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