Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Madalyn's 1st Birthday Party #1

Saturday, March 17th, Madalyn celebrated her first birthday at her Nana and Grand Dad's house in Greer. We had invited family and friends to join in on the celebration. It turned out to be a very nice day and we had a good turn out. Madalyn was sleepy and wasn't in the best mood until it came time for presents. She had a nap earlier but was ready for another one as soon as it was time for her party. After everyone left, she did go down for a 2 hour nap...she was worn out from all the excitement. She had a great first birthday and we are so thankful for everyone who came and gave her a gift. Happy 1st Birthday, Madalyn! (Thank you Grand Dad and Amanda for taking pictures!)

March Birthdays (Papa-88 and Madalyn-1)

Madalyn and her Daddy

Happy 1st Birthday to our Baby Girl! No smiles for her though...she wanted to run around the yard, not have her picture taken.

Madalyn gets to celebrate her 1st birthday in my high chair, where I celebrated my 1st birthday 30 years ago.

Madalyn's cakes were created by Tasteful Elegance, which is the same lady that did our wedding cake. White chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling...one word... Out of this world delicious! Oh, yummy cake!

I LOVED her cake! I found this idea for the cake on Pinterest.

This sure is good stuff!

Ok, I'm tired of my cake and ready for....PRESENTS! or a NAP!

Opening presents is so much fun!

A farm sippy cup with sheep and cows!

I love my Minnie Mouse!

Hummm...I wonder what this is?

Thanks Nana and Grand Dad!

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