Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day at Edisto Beach

Some of Kevin's family is at the beach this week. Monday, I went down to the beach for the day with my sister-in-law, Katelyn. Tori, Jared, Lily Kate, and Mrs. Katie were down there with us. They had gone Saturday and some of the family wasn't able to stay the whole time so they have been going back and forth. We got there at 9, just in time for breakfast. Katelyn wanted to make sure she didn't miss breakfast. Which I have to be honest, Mrs. Katie's grits are the best. So, after breakfast we all headed to the beach. We had a tent to sit under which made it nicer, even though it wasn't too hot of a day. After awhile of sitting, I played in the water with Lily Kate. She wasn't afraid of the waves, she would just drive right into them. After lunch, I got back in the water with Lily Kate and Jared. It was high tide, so the water was rougher this time. However, that didn't stop these two, they would take the biggest wave with ease. If it was a really big wave, Lily Kate would grab my hand or I would reach for hers, just in case. We headed back home about 5:30 that afternoon. We traveled the whole way home in rain, but thankfully we didn't run into a storm, because it was storming all around us. And also thankfully, we had had a very nice sunny day at the beach.

Jared and Lily Kate building a sandcastle.

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