Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tybee Island, Georgia

July 24th-31st; Kevin and I went with my parents to Tybee Island, GA to spend a week. Kevin and I visited Tybee last year on our 1 year anniversary when we went to Savannah. We thought that it was a nice beach, so we decided to go there this summer. We had a good trip, however, it was very hot and Kevin and I both decided that next year and the years after, we would not be going to the beach the last week of July; it's just way too hot. But other than the temperature, it was a great week. My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary while we were there. I think they enjoyed their anniversary trip and dinners. We were not sure of this place at first because we were or I should say I was mislead to believe it was right on the Atlantic Ocean, but we really liked it and we all said we would stay there again. While I was there, I read the book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, the movie was all filmed last year in August on Tybee Island and in Savannah. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to, to see if I can recognize any places we went to. By the way, it's a really good book, yet sad, but it does have a happy ending. I would recomend it.

We stayed at the Savannah Tennis and Raquet Club. It's located on the bay; with a view of the Atlantic Ocean and Savannah River. We were in the middle on the top floor. The condo was super nice and clean.

All week long, we watched the shrimp boats go in and out. When they would come in for the night, they would throw something over to the dolphins. I had never seen so many dolphins as I did on this trip. The dolphin tours would come right in front of our place. The dolphins would follow and jump in the waves. It was so neat!

Not every night was a sunset filled night, we had lots of storms at night, but we had a few beautiful sunsets.

Since were were on the bay, we would drive up to the beach and park for awhile to be on the acutal Atlantic Ocean. It was so neat and different to be able to see a lighthouse on the beach.

On Tuesday, we went to Savannah for the day. My dad had never been. We ate lunch on River Street and walked around. We also made a shop at the Peanut Shop before we left. They have this awesome chocolate covered peanut brittle. So, of course, I had to get a can. (And which I am proud to say, it has been 3 weeks since we got it and I still have half the can.)

We went inside this cathrdel, I have never been inside one before, and it was stunning!

We had to make a stop here, for Kevin.

One night we walked along the beach at the pier (that's where the crowds were) and saw several people doing this I guess it's some form of wind surfing.

On Wednesday, we went back to the beach. The YMCA, for the summer, has a surfing camp. They bring the kids to the beach every day and teach them how to surf. We had a good time watching them. The smaller the kid, the faster they could get up on the board.

However, Wednesday, Kevin and I were in the water, cooling off...(we knew the jellyfish were really bad. We had watched the kids come out like every 10 minutes because they were getting stung.) So, we were making our way out of the ocean, when this wave came and crashed into the back of my right knee and must have of slammed the jellyfish into me, because it wasn't long before I realized I had been stung. Oh, it hurt. It was the second time I had been stung. I think I was like 10 or 11 the last time. And of course, it was all swollen and red. By Friday, it was just about gone, but it got me good.
Kevin and my dad went fishing a few times during the week. One night we went to the pier for them to fish. Kevin caught a sand shark, my dad also caught one and 2 other little fish. The craziest thing was this guy had his rod in the water and he was messing with another one, when he caught something and it took the rod over the railing. About 10 minutes later, this other guy caught the rod and once he got it up he starting rilling it in and realized that the fish was still on it! It was a stingray. However, the guy that it belonged to had already left. But I mean, in a million tries the odds of him catching the other guy's rod and the fish too?

That same night, the lifeguards got a call that a child was missing and they thought he was in the water. It was about 9:00 so it was dark. They called the CostGuard and they were all searching in the water. Thankfully, they found the child; he had gone back to the hotel room without mom and dad knowing and he was okay. However, it was scarey watching them search through that water at night.

We ate out 2 different nights; had great seafood as far as Kevin was concerned. I don't eat seafood, so my chicken and veggies was just fine with me.

I wanted Kevin to catch something each time he went fishing, but that didn't happen. However, our last night he did catch a stingray.

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