Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mountain Getaway

This weekend, Kevin and I were able to spend some time together in the mountains, just the two of us. We left for Greer after I got out of school Thursday. I took Friday off. My parents kept Madalyn all weekend. Kevin and I got up Friday morning and headed to Maggie Valley, NC. (My dad was kept Madalyn Friday by himself, my mom had to work). Our main goal, besides getting to spend some time together, was to go snow skiing. We went to Cataloochee Ski Resort. I had gotten the address off the computer and somehow got the wrong address to the ski resort. We ended up on this winding mountain road (that once we reached the top, realized we were on the wrong road.) Well, Kevin watches this show called "Moonshiners" and it comes on the History channel. There is a moonshiner, he's no longer alive, but his name is Popcorn Sutton. We saw his birth place on that mountain road. Kevin was so excited about that. We did find the right road to the ski resort. However, we only had man-made snow since it has not snowed this year. After we got all of our stuff, we headed to the ski lift. We got on and when it was our time to get off, Kevin got off and just as I started to stand up, I couldn't reach the ground and the lift was going up. I got stuck on the lift and had to ride it to the top, then back down. The top was for the most experience skiers, which I am not. The lift's name is called "Oh my gosh lift", and yes, I was praying for God to get me off that lift. I was scared. Kevin ended up getting off at the advanced ski path, and he had quite an adventure to getting down the mountain. We did find the beginner route, but it was very steep still. So, we skied for about an hour and then left. We had a wonderful dinner at this place called J. Arthurs. Saturday we decided to go to Cades Cove in Tennessee and go to Gatlinburg. We were about an hour and a half from there. We had a nice day for our drive. However, once we got to the top of the mountain there were some spots where there wasn't anything protecting you from going off the side of the mountain. I was very nervous during that part. But we had a good time. Then we ate Saturday in Maggie Valley again, at this place called Hurley's which was also very good. We got up this morning and headed back to Greer. We ate lunch with my parents and Papa. Then I went over to visit my great aunt Ann. (she starts chemo treatments again tomorrow,and she's been very sick lately and in a lot of pain). When I got back, we headed home. It was nice to get away from the stress of our jobs and spend some time just us. We both missed our baby girl and were glad to see her today. Below are some pictures from our adventure on Saturday.

We saw this heard of Elk as we were leaving Cherokee.

A mama Elk and baby.

He's a pretty animal isn't he.

My favorite picture of the Elk.

We saw lots of waterfalls along the way.

The Great Smokey Mountains...beautiful view!

The road to Cades Cove.

Entering Cades Cove...would love to see this out my front door every morning!

We saw a good many deer along our way.

He seemed use to getting his picture taken.

Yes, it was cold! It was in the 30's.

A beautiful view but a long way to the bottom!

It has rained earlier as we were crossing the mountain. On our way back, it had turned to ice on the trees. I thought this was so pretty!

We really enjoyed our weekend away!

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