Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Valentines' Day

Madalyn decided that it was time for her to start wearing her Valentine PJ's tonight. This baby girl has walked and walked and walked all weekend. She is walking all the time and everywhere now. I went to get her bath water ready and turned around and she had followed me into the bathroom. I go to the kitchen to do something, and she's following me in there. We have created a closed circle in our den floor to block her from getting out and to block her from getting to the fireplace, and TV. She knows how to turn the TV on and off now, and she can crawl up onto the fireplace ledge. When she is heading in a direction we don't want her to go in, we can show her the TV remote or our cell phone and most of the time she will come back. If she doesn't, then we have to get up and go after her because she gets faster and squeals with delight when she knows you are coming after her. She's keeping us on our toes!

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thesandifers said...

She is SOOOO pretty!!