Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Here's just some random pictures that have been taken over the last two weeks.

Having fun in the doctor's office...trying to past the waiting time along.

Madalyn loves unicorns and LOVES stuffed animals...I told her she could get her picture made with it but it couldn't come home with us.

Kevin was putting together a car that we gave Alexis for her birthday. The girls had lots of fun playing with the box. 

Having fun and enjoying our day off from school on Monday. 

Madalyn LOVES to stay in her pajamas. 

Our hats that Aunt Wanda made for us. 

Bundling up for some outside fun. 

Sound asleep

Madalyn has always moved a lot in her sleep ever since she could roll over. She hasn't stopped yet. You can go in her room at any time during the night and she will be in a different position.  You also hear her hit the wall during the time a few times, it's either her head or foot hitting the wall. If she didn't have a rail, she would end up in the floor every night I know. But when you go to wake her up in the morning, she will be back in the correct position. 

I don't see how she sleeps this way. It can't be comfortable but she sleeps this way most nights. 

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