Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This afternoon, Kevin and I went over to visit our new nephew, Hunter. We both got to hold him and see the completed nursery. He was awake at first, but then fell asleep. He has changed from when we saw him in the hospital. He is still as cute as can be. He is doing very well and so is mom and dad. So far, he has been sleeping great through the night and has been a great baby. I know Katelyn and Ryan feel they have been very blessed with a very precious gift.

Here are a few pictures from today.

Hunter and his "Super" Uncle Kevin. There's no point in trying to fight Kevin on who will hold the baby first. He always wins. He got to hold him twice and really didn't like sharing with me.

Kevin couldn't even let me and Hunter have a picture just the two of us.

Hunter's room has a firefighting theme as you can tell. Ryan is a firefighter and works in Charleston and then volunteers around here. So once they found out it was a boy, there was no more deciding on how the nursery would be decorated. I only hope he likes firefighting just like his dad!

This little guy has so many clothes!

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