Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

It has been a busy past two weeks for us. Two weeks ago, I was busy with doing home visits on all my kids. We had to go out and visit the homes and bring each child their report card. So that tied up all my free time after school. Then, last weekend we went to the mountains. Which we greatly enjoyed. This week, even though it was a 4 day week, it was busy. This coming week will be a busy week for Kevin. The first set of two chicken houses will go out of chickens tomorrow night, and the fun clean-out process will begin. It will be six weeks before chickens go back into those houses. The other two houses will be pulled closer to Thanksgiving time. This weekend, my parents came down on Saturday. My mom worked very hard in my house cleaning and cooking. She cooked two great meals with left-overs, my favorite! But she really did a lot of cleaning, I can't use cleaning products due to the strong smells, and so things had not gotten done since the last time they were here. I can straighten up things and clean some, but not a whole lot. My dad also did his part in cleaning too. Kevin and I both really appreciated all there help. We asked them to come back next weekend, but we know they can't. My mom said that she would love to help more, but with living 3 hours away, that is hard to do. However, we are so grateful for the help we got. Now,hopefully we can keep things clean since they are now clean. Katelyn brought Hunter by today to see my mom and dad. He is now a month old. Today was his first day wearing some "big" boy clothes. He is starting to out grow some of his newborn clothes. Now that it's almost evening, the house is all clean, meals cooked, school work done, it's time to enjoy what little hours are left before bed time. So, let the weekend finally begin. We do have this Tuesday off due to Election Day, so that will be nice to just work tomorrow, have a day off, and then work 3 days and be off again. My plan is to go out and do some more Christmas shopping Tuesday morning and then take the kitten to the vet Tuesday afternoon. Last Monday, I was able to get Christmas presents for all my nieces and nephews so that was a lot to mark off my list. Hopefully, I will have success again this Tuesday. I was 18 weeks as of yesterday and I am beginning my 5th month. I am starting to show a little bit, at least that's what people at school and family tell me. I can't wait until Nov. 11th when we get to go back to the doctor and find out what it will be. I can't believe it is already the last day of October. When I wake up tomorrow it will be November 1st. Time has gone by so fast this school year. But I am so glad. Its been tough lately at school. But it's getting exciting as it gets closer towards the holiday season. I just love the cooler weather, getting to snuggle up by a fire, wearing warm sweaters, the smells in the air and around places, the holiday music ( and yes I admit, I have already been listening to Christmas music-it just makes me smile and feel at peace and happy). I am so tired of this hot and muggy weather and this back and forth buisness. I want it to stay cold and I so want to see snow again this coming year. I don't know if that will happen, but it was a blast and so pretty last year. Even if we don't get as much, maybe we will get a little. That is always my Christmas wish. Well, I'll post again Tuesday, once I know if our kitten will stay a girl or become a boy, it's so hard to tell on cats.

Hunter and his "favorite" Aunt Jill.

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