Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet Roxy

Last week, Mrs. Katie (Kevin's mom) had a mama cat that had 4 kittens under her back porch. My niece Kayla got one kitten and last Monday, I brought home the other kitten. We have had a trial week seeing how Abby and the kitten would get along. The first day I brought it home, Abby licked it to death and tried to pick it up and carry it around, but I wouldn't allow her to do that. For the most part, Abby and the kitten are getting along fine, so we decided to keep it. We think the kitten is a girl, so her name is Roxy. I am taking the kitten to the vet this coming Tuesday and if Roxy turns out to be a boy, then his name will be Rocky. (I will let you know). The kitten is use to it's new home and loves to run and play in the den and kitchen. We keep the doors shut to the other rooms. It has taken over Abby's cage (which I know Abby is glad of that) and sleeps in there during the night and stays in their on our porch during the day. The kitten is just precious and we all have gotten attached to it. It will hide and try to jump out at Abby and wants to play with her. Sometimes Abby will pay it attention and sometimes she gets a little too rough. However, there are still some things that Abby is willing to share with her, like her toys (which I don't blame her) and she doesn't like it when we hold the kitten. All and all I have been very proud of Abby for her adjusting to this little one. Kevin and I thought this might give Abby someone to play with and a chance for her to get use to "someone" new coming into her house. After all, in a few months, she will have another change.

This was the first day the kitten came home.

As you can see, the kitten looks wet and it is...due to Abby constantly licking it.

It had a lot of fun playing on Kevin's sleeping bag.

I found a piece of ribbon for it to play with.

Then the kitten got sleepy.

It likes to curl up on the couch in the pillows and take a nap.

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Wanda said...

I am so glad it is working out so good for Abby to have a playmate! You two have such a cute little family and I can't wait to hear what the new addition will be!

Love - Aunt Wanda