Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sick Baby Girl

Last Thursday Madalyn woke up with a terrible cough. She continued to get worse with her coughing, running nose, and her chest rattling; which was causing her to have trouble breathing. I called the doctor on Friday and on Sunday. We did what we were told to....run the humidifier, suck out her nose, saltine drops, even ran white vinegar in her humidifier. She only got worse and worse. She never ran a fever, or was very fussy, and she was eating and drinking her bottles. Monday night at Christmas with Kevin's family, she was content to sit with either Kevin or me for like 4 hours, so we knew she was sick and didn't feel good, but the earliest we could get her to the doctor was yesterday morning.

Her results....both ears are infected and they gave her a breathing treatment in the office. Her oxygen level was 95 and they want it to stay between 95 and 100. After the treatment (which was a screaming, crying fit with me trying to hold her and give her the treatment all by myself) her oxygen level went up to 97. So she's on an antibiotic and we have to give her a breathing treatment every 4 hours for the next few days. This is the first time she has been sick. So I guess she's been lucky to be 9 months old and make it this far without being sick except for her hives. However, she is such a trooper and you wouldn't know she was sick looking at these pictures. I took these last night and as you can see she is feeling better.

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