Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Alexis 11 Months

Alexis was 11 months old on Sunday. We have all been under the weather lately, well us girls have. I've been sick since the week of Thanksgiving. Both girls started with bad colds on Thursday. Saturday night Alexis was running fever of 102. So, Sunday I took her to the doctor (their doctor's office opens during the weekend for a 2 hour period for sick visits only). Said everything was clear, just a bad cold and viral maybe. Then Monday night, it was after midnight before Madalyn fell asleep. She was crying and complaining of her right ear hurting her. I took the day off Tuesday to take her to the doctor. She has an ear infection and her ear drum ruptured. It's draining yucky stuff. I think they are both feeling better with their colds, hopefully. I've had a terrible sore throat for going on 3 weeks now. I go to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully get something to help. I was on an antibiotic, and finished that but it hasn't helped.

Alexis at 11 months
-She has gone from walking to running now. And she gets faster when you start after her.
-She can get into something or some place in a heart beat.
-I am trying to introduce her to some table food, which she's not crazy about. She does like Ritz crackers and strawberry yogurt.
-She also likes to drink water from her sippy cup.

Here's a few funnies!

I think she was actually reaching for either me or the toy I was holding. But I don't remember.

Her big sister is so silly sometimes!

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