Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin and I headed up to Greer on Wednesday morning to spend some time with my family for Thanksgiving. Wednesday I started Christmas shopping and Kevin helped my dad chop up a tree that he had cut down. That night we helped my mom prepare food for our Thanksgiving lunch at my aunt Ann's house. Every year, since I can remember, we have always had my mom's side of the family Thanksgiving at Ann and Bobby's house. Thursday, we started our traditional day by watching some of the parade while we finished preparing the food and getting ready. We spent the entire afternoon over at their house, as always. This year, though we were 8 people short for Thanksgiving. We had plenty of food left over for everyone to get a plate to carry home. Friday, my mom and I ventured to Khols' at about 8:00 am (neither one of use likes to get up early or shop). We were so pleased with how well we did. By 10:00 I had almost bought all my Christmas gifts and had saved about $200 worth! Friday night, we had Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family, Susan, Dan, Tim, and Amanda. This morning, my mom and I went out to finish up Christmas shopping. We were both amazed at the fact there was no traffic, lines, or people out shopping! After we finished shopping and came home, I helped decorate the tree while Kevin, Papa, and my Dad watched the Clemson/Carolina. I didn't watch one minute of the game! And yes, Kevin was very happy about the end result, but neither one of us has spoken to each other about the game. We left to come home after the game. Since we have been home, I have been busy putting away my fall stuff and now the house looks ready for Christmas. We are just missing our tree, which we will get sometime this coming week. Tomorrow, we have Thanksgiving with Kevin's side of the family, then it will be back to work or school mode I guess I should say.

Kevin and I are so blessed to both have such wonderful families! We are so blessed to have each other and just are truly thankful for all that God had blessed us with. We are both so thankful to have a God that loves us and is in control and that we can put our faith and trust in. He is good at all times. There is nothing that He cannot do!

*On a serious and tragic note, Friday night we were informed that our former preacher of Taylors First Baptist Church, Dr. Frank Page, his oldest of three daughters, committed suicide Friday afternoon. She had fought a hard battle with cancer about a year ago and had been cancer free for a year and a half. The cancer wasn't back, but she and her husband had been having marital problems. They had been married for about 3-4 years. They had either separated or thought about it and she shot herself in the chest in her bathroom. I'm posting this for you to keep the family in your prayers. I can't imagine what they are going through and what she had gone through that drove her to that point of seeing no other way out. So, please keep that family in your prayers.

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