Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Time is Coming

I have 9 more full days and 1 1/2 left until Christmas break. All last week, it was crazy! It was a full moon everyday. The students were very talkative and excited. They were trying to calm down after their days off from Thanksgiving break and with Christmas just around the corner.....with 18 students.......yeah.....it's hard to keep things quiet. Friday, was actually the best day that I had all week. I guess by then they were tired; normally Fridays are pretty loud, because each day of the week, they get more and more worked up. We did have a little chat Friday morning about even though Christmas was coming and we had two more weeks of school before Christmas break, we had much to learn and we still needed to follow class and school rules. (I know what a mean teacher, but hey, I have to survive it too.) Last week, the students thought that they could just do whatever they wanted for some strange reason. Anyway...enough about school.

I am so thankfully for the weekends. I was able to sleep in this morning. Kevin came home at lunch and made me get up off the couch and work. :0) He helped me clean the house. After, he left I sat back down again to enjoy some more tv watching. Saturdays, watching tv, is my way of de-stressing from a hard week, and since we don't have any kids yet, it's very quiet and I can enjoy watching tv movies (I know one day that will change), just Abby and me. I did go to the store and do some school work, like grade papers. We both watched the SEC and ACC championship. I was so hoping that Florida would win, but let's face it, they just didn't play well at all this afternoon. I'm taking a break from the ACC game and I hope that Clemson pulls out a win. It's half time right now and they are 17-13 GA Tech. I also hope that Texas looses tonight too. It's been cold all this week and I'm glad. It finally seems like the holiday season that it is cold. My mom said that they were calling for snow in Greer, today, but they didn't get any. I so hope that this year when it snows, it will stick and I will get a day off from school to play. An item that has been on my Christmas list ever since I was a little girl was to see a white Christmas, to wake up Christmas morning and the ground to be covered with snow. But normally in the Greenville area, our snow comes in January-March. Our biggest snows normally come in March, crazy isn't it? Some areas out west and up north have already begun to get snow. Maybe this year we will get lucky with a good snow, you can always hope.

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